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Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame
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Established November 1965; 57 years ago (1965-11)
Location 777 Columbia Street
New Westminster, British Columbia

The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame is a Canadian lacrosse hall of fame, located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. The Hall was chartered in 1965 by the Canadian Lacrosse Association, and inducted its first class of hall of famers in the following year.


Early in 1963, a group of lacrosse enthusiasts in New Westminster decided that, because of the Royal City's historical background in the National Sport, New Westminster would be an appropriate location for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. With the blessing of the City Council, the interested parties applied to the Canadian Lacrosse Association for a charter.

Their interest was rewarded after an aggressive campaign. The charter was awarded in November 1964, and the Hall of Fame made an application to be incorporated under the Societies Act in 1965. Selection committees were appointed in both the East and West to name the charter members. The committees met in Montreal on January 19, 1966, and 48 founding members were inducted.

On May 17, 1967, Tom Gordon, then President of the Canadian Lacrosse Association, officially opened the Hall of Fame premises, located in New Westminster's Centennial Community Centre. Prior the opening of the new premises in 1967, the hall's museum had been located at the New Westminster Museum & Archives on Royal Avenue. The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame was officially incorporated in November 1970. Since then, a steady flow of historical and championship pictures, famous lacrosse players' sticks, sweaters, plaques, medals, and trophies have been donated for display.

In the early weeks of January 1980, the hall fell victim to a series of museum break-ins that occurred in Vancouver and New Westminster. The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, the Irving House Museum, the New Westminster Museum & Archives, the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame, and some other locations, all suffered break-ins which resulted in the theft of around 20 irreplaceable and priceless gold-metal items from the hall premises. None of the items stolen in 1980 have ever been located or recovered - and most likely all were melted down for their gold content. However the thieves, obviously professionals based on their co-ordination and timing, nevertheless left the Mann Cup and Minto Cup unharmed during their break-in.

In the wake of the break-in, extensive alterations and additions were made to the Hall of Fame to allow for better security and presentation of the items on display and of Canada's National Sport. The museum is the home of both the Minto Cup and the Mann Cup, Canada's top lacrosse trophies.

In the spring of 2014, the museum was closed to the public in preparation for its relocation to the Anvil Centre complex in downtown New Westminster. On September 13, 2014, the new location - still under some construction - was opened to the public for the first time. Meanwhile, the old location at the community centre was vacated on October 4, 2014. The official opening of the new Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame location took place during the 2014 induction dinner on November 8, 2014.

Induction of new members is made on an annual basis. In 1965, three categories were inaugurated: Field Players, Box Players and Builders. A Veteran category was added in 1997 to preserve the memory of stars of yesteryear, and in 1988, an outstanding Team category was also added. Starting in 2016, the box player and field player categories were merged into the Player category with no distinction made between box and field versions of the sport.

List of Hall of Fame inductees

William George Beers, inducted in 1965.
E Lalonde
Newsy Lalonde, inducted in 1965.
Fred Wooster
Fred Wooster, inducted in 1987.
Harry George Woolley, inducted in 2004.
Stan cockerton
Stan Cockerton, inducted in 2003.
Gary gait crop
Gary Gait, inducted in 2014.
Induction year Player Inducted as
1965 Fred C. Waghorne, Snr. (1866–1956) Builder
1965 Lionel "Big Train" Conacher (1900–1954) Field Player
1965 Édouard "Newsy" Lalonde (1887-1970) Field Player
1965 Bill Anthony (1913-1978) Box Player
1965 Henry "Hawkeye" Baker Box Player
1965 Dr. William George Beers (1843–1900) Builder
1965 Alban "Bun" Clark (1883-????) Field Player
1965 John "Dot" Crookall (1889-1965) Field Player
1965 Dr. W.A Dafoe Builder
1965 Alfred "Alfie" Davy Box Player
1965 Bill Dickinson Box Player
1965 E.J. "Gene" Dopp Builder
1965 Jim Douglas Box Player
1965 William J. "Billy" Fitzgerald (1888-1926) Field Player
1965 David Gibbons (1884–1966) Field Player
1965 James "Jimmy" Gifford (1886-1976) Field Player
1965 Rudolph Martin "Rudy" Grauer (1890-1972) Builder
1965 Norman Harshaw Field Player
1965 Henry Hoobin (1879–1921) Field Player
1965 Frederick (Fred) J. Hume (1892-1967) Builder
1965 Bill Isaacs (1914-1985) Box Player
1965 Con Jones (1869-1929) Builder
1965 George Kalls (1884-1958) Field Player
1965 M.E.F. "Mike" Kelley Builder
1965 Joe Lally (1863-1956) Builder
1965 Edward Longfellow Field Player
1965 Carl "Gus" Madsen (1915-1961) Box Player
1965 Pat Maitland Builder
1965 George Matheson (1879-1961) Field Player
1965 William "Bill" McArthur Field Player
1965 J.A. "Jim" McConaghy Builder
1965 Jack McDonald Builder
1965 Dan McKenzie Builder
1965 Bill Morphett Box player
1965 Jim Murphy Builder
1965 Ernie Murray Field Player
1965 Clarence "Biscuits" Peele (1874-1933) Field Player
1965 Harry Pickering (1881-????) Field Player
1965 Charles Querrie (1877–1950) Field Player
1965 Edward "Ted" Reeve (1902-1983) Field Player
1965 George Rennie (1883-1966) Field Player
1965 Clifford (Cliff) "Doughy" Spring (1888-1974) Field Player
1965 George Sproule Field Player
1965 Alex "Dad" Turnbull (1863-1956) Field Player
1965 Eric "Rusty" White Box Player
1965 Bill Wilkes Box Player
1965 Bill Wilson Box Player
1965 Lloyd "Moon" Wootton (1927-1989) Box Player
1966 Doug Favell (1924-1999) Box Player
1966 Angus Joseph "Bones" Allen (1881-1941) Field Player
1966 Ed Bayley Builder
1966 Patty "Paddy" Brennan (1877-1961) Field Player
1966 John Cavallin (1915-2002) Box Player
1966 Archie Dixon Box Player
1966 Ed Downey Box Player
1966 James "Pat" Feeney (1886-1948) Field Player
1966 Norm Gair Builder
1966 Tom "Sharkey" Gifford (1880-1966) Field Player
1966 Bob Lee Box player
1966 Ed McDermott Builder
1966 Merv McKenzie Builder
1966 John "Wandy" McMahon Box Player
1966 Harry S. "Sport" Murton Field Player
1966 Andy Paull (1892-1959) Builder
1966 Charles "Chuck" Rowan Builder
1966 Gordon "Grumpy" Spring (1889-1949) Builder
1966 Gord Thom Field Player
1967 Ambrose "Ray" Baker (1898-1983) Box player
1967 Erwin E. Barnes Builder
1967 Pete Barnett (1886-1965) Field player
1967 Stewart "Stew" Beatty Field player
1967 Albert "Ab" Brown Builder
1967 Joe Cheevers Box player
1967 Bill Coulter Field player
1967 John Dale Box player
1967 Charles "Chuck" Davidson Box player
1967 Fred Jacob Builder
1967 Russell T. Kelly Builder
1967 Bert Large Field player
1967 Walter "Walt" Lee Box player
1967 David "Buck" Marshall (1887-1975) Field player
1967 Lionel Edward 'Leo' Nicholson (1894-1947) Builder
1967 Edward Powers Snr. Field player
1967 Leonard "Len" Smith Builder
1967 Harold "Haddie" Stoddart (1900-1974) Field player
1967 Bill Whittaker Box player
1967 Jack Wood (d.1997) Field player
1968 Frank "Piper" Bain Field player
1968 Clayton "Blackie" Black Box player
1968 Brother Damien [Almer Cooney] Builder
1968 Ivan "Turk" Davis Builder
1968 Kelly DeGray Field player
1968 Doug Fletcher Builder
1968 Don Matheson (1920-1999) Box player
1968 Angus "Angie" McDonald (1897-1998) Field player
1968 Roy "Pung" Morton Box player
1968 Oscar Swanson Builder
1969 Gordon Gair (1916-2009) Box player
1969 Ross Powless (1926–2003) Box player
1969 Jim Bishop Builder
1969 Edward Stephen "Ed" Blair Builder
1969 George William Feeney (1895-1975) Field player
1969 Arnold "Fergie" Ferguson Box player
1969 Hugh Wilson Gifford (1892-1966) Field player
1969 Leslie "Les" Gilmore Builder
1969 Thomas F. "Tom" Gordon Builder
1969 Gerald "Gerry" Kendall Field player
1970 Roy "Fritzie" Cavallin (1919-2011) Box player
1970 Albert Grenville "Dutch" Davis Field player
1970 Mervin E. "Merv" Ferguson (ca.1909-2000) Builder
1970 William K. "Bill" Fitzgerald Box player
1970 Harry Godfrey (1880-1941) Field player
1970 Carl Leonard Grauer Builder
1970 Thomas Blain "Red" McDonald Box player
1970 James Cameron "Jim" MacLeod Builder
1970 Max "Porky" Peart Builder
1970 Fred Robert "Whitey" Severson (1928-2020) Box player
1971 Wilfred "Bucko" McDonald (1914–1991) Box player
1971 Blythe O. Brown Field player
1971 Archie Browning (1927-1989) Box player
1971 William George "Bill" Calder Builder
1971 Harry Carter Box player
1971 Fred K. Conradi Builder
1971 Robert Lester "Les" Dickinson Builder
1971 Rex Stimers Builder
1971 Thure Storme (1894-1975) Field player
1971 Edward Douglas "Ed" Sullivan Field player
1971 Walter George "Mush" Thompson Box player
1971 Leonard "Len" Turnbull (1889-1952) Field player
1971 John D. "Johnny" Vernon Field player
1971 Harry R. Wipper Box player
1972 Bradbury, Theodore "Ted" Box player
1972 Chisholm, Colin James Builder
1972 Felker, Neil Field player
1972 Friend, George Builder
1972 James Alexander "Jim" Gunn (1898-1987) Field player
1972 Isaac "Ike" Hildebrand (1927–2006) Box player
1972 Landon, Edwin Roland Builder
1972 Mulliss, William Roy "Bill" Box player
1972 Northup, Jack Edwin Box player
1972 Perrett, Dr. T.S. "Doc" Builder
1973 Anderson, Charles "Chick" Builder
1973 Bryant, Bert Box player
1973 Ewing, William "Buck" Field player
1973 Fitzgerald, Jerry "Fitz" Box player
1973 Gatecliff, Jack "Gate" Builder
1973 Gimple, Gordon Box player
1973 MacPhail, Don "Scotty" Box player
1973 Miller, Douglas "Doug" Builder
1973 Phillips, Reg "Pop" Builder
1973 Sepka, Cliff Box player
1974 Jack Bionda (1933–1999) Box player
1974 Allan, Bob Box player
1974 Ashbee, Don Box player
1974 Blanchard, Bernard "Coco" Builder
1974 Chisholm, Bill Box player
1974 Delmonico, Henry Norman "Del" Builder
1974 Gore, Roy Field player
1974 Hope, Bill Builder
1974 Pittendrigh, George Builder
1974 Worthy, Jack Field player
1975 Armstrong, E. Herbert "Herb" Builder
1975 Bradford, Bernard "Bo" Box player
1975 Jack Byford (d.1996) Box player
1975 Campbell, Charles Donald "Donny" Box player
1975 Connell, Charles Field player
1975 John Douglas (ca.1912-2000) Box player
1975 Moro, Lou Builder
1975 Murphy, Walter Joseph "Jumping Joe" Box player
1975 Roche, Val Builder
1975 Waghorne Jr., Fred "Wag" Builder
1976 Buchanan, Harry Box player
1976 Daoust, Arthur "Art" Builder
1976 Dixon, Ken Box player
1976 Johnson, Alexander "Buck" Field player
1976 Stan "Bunny" Joseph (1928-2001) Box player
1976 Madgett, Carl Builder
1976 Oliver, Robert "Bob" Builder
1976 Wilson Douglass "Willis" Patchell (1893-1973) Field player
1976 Jake Proctor (d.1997) Box player
1976 Rowland, Douglas Builder
1976 Scott, Tommy Box player
1976 Fred 'Cliss' Starling Field player
1977 Buckingham, Dick Field player
1977 Davis, Jake "Mr. Zero" Field player
1977 Dugan, Arnold "Arnie" Box player
1977 Ella, Gordon Field player
1977 Mike Gates (d.1999) Box player
1977 Hammond, Gord "Pud" Builder
1977 Holzberg, Norman Box player
1977 Lubbock, Jack Builder
1977 Meehan, Pete Box player
1977 Shillington, Stan Builder
1977 Smith, Arnold "Onions" Box player
1977 Teather, Thomas "Tank" Box player
1978 Kells, Morley Builder
1978 Anthony, Pete Box player
1978 Barclay, Jack (1934-2013) Box player
1978 Davis, William "Bill" Field player
1978 Gibson, Harold "Mooney" Field player
1978 Harris, Bill Box player
1978 Johnston, Geordie Box player
1978 McKinnon, Jack Builder
1978 Smart, Walter Builder
1978 Urquhart, George Box player
1979 Anderson, James D. "Jim" Box player
1979 Bartlett, Dr. Wilbert W. "Bert" Builder
1979 Coutie, Alexander Edmund "Al" Field player
1979 Delmonico, Frederick Irwin "Herby" Box player
1979 Evans, E. William "Bill" Builder
1979 Gair, Jack Box player
1979 Henderson, Wally Builder
1979 Kowalyk, Norm Builder
1979 Mulliss, Charles James "Jim" Box player
1979 Usselman, Fred Box player
1980 Baker, Pat Box player
1980 Crema, Mario Box player
1980 Jack Crosby (1941-2008) Builder
1980 Masters, George "Sailor" Box player
1980 Naylor, W.A. "Bert" Builder
1980 Parnell, Paul Box player
1981 Black, Peter James Box player
1981 Fulton Sr., Jack Builder
1981 Hatton, Frederick "Fred" Box player
1981 Jones, Mel Box player
1981 Lomore, Vincent James "Jim" Builder
1981 McPherson, Alexander Field player
1982 Cervi, John Raphael Box player
1982 Ellison, William "Bill" Builder
1982 Fulla, Fred Andrew Box player
1982 Mason, John Elliot "Curly" Box player
1982 Millar, Daniel William "Dan" Builder
1982 Smith, Doug "Smitty" Box player
1983 Joe Comeau (1940-1999) Box player
1983 Douglas, Ralph Builder
1983 Gillespie, Doug Box player
1983 Gordon, Clyde Field player
1983 Hamson, Wilfred "Wilf" Box player
1983 Sinclair, Robert J. "Bob" Builder
1984 Barron, Charles Field player
1984 Budden, Douglas Ashby "Doug" Builder
1984 Bullen, Glen Field player
1984 Davis, John Box player
1984 Dillon, Ranjit Box player
1984 Dobbie, Robert "Bob" Box player
1984 Fraser, Bill "Red" Field player
1984 Frederickson, Gord Box player
1984 Hawkins, Frank Field player
1984 Mackie, Charles "Charlie" Builder
1985 Armstrong, Bill Builder
1985 Barbour, Bill Box player
1985 Cy Coombes (1938-1999) Box player
1985 Goudie, Hank Field player
1985 Gregory, Leo Field player
1985 Coridon Ashton "Cory" Hess (1880-1948) Field player
1985 Kavanagh, "Big" Jim Field player
1985 Lemon, Cy Builder
1985 MacKay, Skip Box player
1985 McNulty, Jim Box player
1986 DeMars, William George "Bill" Builder
1986 Ferri, Nick Box player
1986 Goss, Wayne Box player
1986 McNeill, Hector Builder
1986 Thompson, Ivan Box player
1986 Thorpe, Robert "Bob" Box player
1987 Fred Wooster (1938–1993) Builder
1987 Bradley, Bill Box player
1987 Caruso, Enrico "Ricco" Builder
1987 Howe, Ted Box player
1987 Harry Kazarian (1925–1990) Box player
1987 Salt, Bob Box player
1988 Allen, John Box player
1988 Babcock, Bob Box player
1988 Baragar, Boyd Builder
1988 Dorney, Jack Box player
1988 McGregor, Jake Builder
1988 Nelson, Robert William "Ham" Box player
1989 Everett "Ev" Coates, Snr. (1919-2011) Builder
1989 Cove, Doug Box player
1989 Donaldson, Wally Builder
1989 Ferguson, Larry Box player
1989 Leslie D. "Les" Norman (1939-2010) Box player
1989 Warick, Sid Box player
1990 Gaylord Powless (1946–2001) Box player
1990 Hamilton, Don Box player
1990 Higgs, Jim Box player
1990 McRory, Doug Box player
1990 Meslo, Mickey Builder
1990 Naish, James G.A. "Jim" Builder
1991 Alexander, Kevin Box player
1991 Crawford, Ken "Red" Box player
1991 d'Amico, Tony Box player
1991 Floyd, Ben Builder
1991 Lewthwaite, Al Box player
1991 Dorothy Robertson (d.1995) Builder
1992 Davis, Terry Box player
1992 Engemann, Joe & Rose Builders
1992 MacNeil, Ron Box player
1992 Marsh, Bob Box player
1992 Reid, Bob Builder
1992 Shuttleworth, Wayne Box player
1993 d'Easum, Steve Box player
1993 Mason, Mac Builder
1993 Parsons, Kevin Box player
1993 Harry Preston (1931-2004) Builder
1993 Smeltzer, Larry Box player
1993 Suggate, Paul Box player
1994 Doug Hayes (1950-2020) Box player
1994 Grant Heffernan Box player
1994 Annie McDonald Builder
1994 Lou Nickle Box player
1994 Bill Rawson Box player
1994 Mason Sheldrick (d.1999) Builder
1995 Barrie, Don Builder
1995 Coghill, Bill Box player
1995 Cox, Jim Builder
1995 Evans, Dave Box player
1995 Russell, Dave "Porky" Box player
1995 Winzoski, Ken Box player
1996 Aitchison, Jim Box player
1996 Benham, Harry Builder
1996 Dillon, Nirmal Box player
1996 Fetherston, Ken Builder
1996 Lotton, Glen "Shooter" Box player
1996 McKnight, Harry Builder
1996 Thompson, Brian Box player
1997 Derry Davies Box player
1997 Dave Durante Box player
1997 Brian Evans Box player
1997 Bob Hanna Builder
1997 Bob "Buff" McCready Box player
1997 Gary McIntosh Builder
1997 Harry "Tonto" Smith (Jay Silverheels) (1912–1980) Veteran player
1997 William "Whoopee" Arthurs Veteran player
1997 Judy "Punch" Garlow Veteran player
1997 George Gray Veteran player
1997 R.G. "Bertie" Houston Veteran player
1997 Harry Newman Veteran player
1997 Douglas "Dougie" Ross Veteran player
1997 George "Duke" Savage Veteran player
1997 William "Stu" Scott Veteran player
1997 Donn Sherry Veteran player
1998 Fred Aspin Builder
1998 Jim Brady Builder
1998 Donald "Nip" O'Hearn Box player
1998 Ron Pinder Box player
1998 Russ Slater Box player
1998 Earl Robert "Bob" Phelan (1918-1999) Veteran player
1998 Arthur Pruden Veteran player
1998 George Snowden Veteran player
1998 William "Duke" Harrison Veteran player
1998 Dave Tasker Box player
1998 Caughnawaga 1876-1883 Team
1999 Skip Chapman Box player
1999 Bill "Whitey" Frick Builder
1999 Jim "J.J." Johnston Box player
1999 Ted "Ginger" Hall Veteran player
1999 Alfie Wood Veteran player
1999 Bob Parry Builder
1999 Roger "Buck" Smith Box player
1999 Brian Tasker Box player
1999 Vancouver Carlings 1961-1967 Team
2000 Alex Carey Box player
2000 William "Casey" Cook Builder
2000 Kerry Gallagher Box player
2000 Robert "Bobby" Jamieson Box player
2000 Brian "Butch" Keegan Box player
2000 Walter "Scotty" Martin Veteran player
2000 Irwin "Spud" Morelli Veteran player
2000 Dean McLeod Builder
2000 Oshawa Green Gaels (Junior) 1963-1969 Team
2001 Mike French Field player
2001 Rod Banister Box player
2001 Oliver "Cap" Bomberry Builder
2001 Bob Burke Box player
2001 Eric "Eddie" Cowieson Box player
2001 Jim McMahon Box player
2001 Frank Madsen Veteran player
2001 James Bradshaw Veteran player
2001 John Van Os Builder
2001 Team Canada - Men's Field 1978 Team
2002 George Goodrich Builder
2002 Ben Hieltjes Box player
2002 Merv Schweitzer Box player
2002 Tom Succamore Builder
2002 Wayne Thompson Box player
2002 Bruce Wanless Box player
2002 Bill Jobb Veteran player
2002 Pat Smith Veteran player
2002 Peterborough Timbermen/Trailermen 1951-1956 Team
2003 Stan Cockerton Field player
2003 Ken Croft Box player
2003 Geordie Dean Box player
2003 Alf Brenner Veteran player
2003 Lance Isaacs (d.1937) Veteran player
2003 William Hutton Builder
2003 Mike Reelie Box player
2003 Gary Stevens Box player
2003 Bob Wasson Box player
2003 Jim Wasson Box player
2003 Les Wingrove (1944-2018) Builder
2003 Canada West (Coquitlam Adanacs) - Nations Cup 1980 Team
2004 Tim Barrie Box player
2004 Travis Cook Box player
2004 Bob Tasker Box player
2004 Bruce Turris Box player
2004 Lew Landess (1927-2012) Veteran player
2004 George "Scoop" Hayes Veteran player
2004 Bill "Whiz" Wallace Builder
2004 Herbert Martin Builder
2004 Harry George Woolley (1942–2009) Builder
2004 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1968-1972 Team
2005 Sohen Gill (1941-2019) Builder
2005 Ted Higgins Builder
2005 Ivan Stewart Box player
2005 James Meredith Box player
2005 Elmer Tran Box player
2005 Don Arthurs Box player
2005 Ernie Smith Veteran player
2005 Clinton "Mick" Magee Veteran player
2005 St. Catharines Athletics 1938 Team
2006 Rick Richards (1933-2020) Builder
2006 Peter Vipond Builder
2006 Charn Dhillon Box player
2006 Wayne Colley Box player
2006 Greg Thomas Box player
2006 George Kapasky Box player
2006 Mac Tyler (1943-2016) Veteran player
2006 George Hector "Hec" Mackenzie Veteran player
2006 Brooklin Redmen 1985-1991 Team
2007 Lee "Leeroy" Vitarelli Builder
2007 Jim "J.B." Burke Builder
2007 Paul "Evy" Evans Box player
2007 Ernie "Kaheranoron" Mitchell Box player
2007 Mike Smith Box player
2007 Art Webster Box player
2007 Elmer "Milkshake" Lee Veteran player
2007 Alex "Bucket" MacKay Veteran player
2007 Kerri Hardill Field player
2007 Team Canada - Men's Field 2006 Team
2008 Bill McBain Builder
2008 Robert Stuart "Ves" Vesey Builder
2008 Todd Lorenz Box player
2008 Larry Bell Box player
2008 John Grant, Snr. Box player
2008 Gary Moore Box player
2008 Ross N. McDonald Veteran player
2008 Alan "Al" Frick Veteran player
2008 Gail Cummings-Danson Field player
2008 Six Nations Chiefs 1994-1996 Team
2009 Edwin George "Ted" Fridge (1940-2005) Builder
2009 Jack Wilson Builder
2009 Rick Brown Box player
2009 Dan Perrault Box player
2009 Ken Ruttan Box player
2009 Darris Kilgour Box player
2009 Ken Oddy Veteran player
2009 John T. Hewitt Veteran player
2009 Johnny "Gypsy" Mouradian Field player
2009 Chris Sanderson (1974-2012) Field player
2009 Burnaby Cablevision (Junior) 1977-1979 Team
2010 Robert "Bob" Stewart (1935-2015) Builder
2010 Terry Lloyd Builder
2010 Tyson Leies Box player
2010 Ken Thomas Box player
2010 Barry "Paco" Maruk Box player
2010 John Fusco Box player
2010 Ken Webb Veteran player
2010 John "Gus" McCauley Veteran player
2010 Ted Sawicki Field player
2010 Peterborough PCOs (Junior) 1972-1975 Team
2011 Bill "Cass" Castator Veteran player
2011 Dr. Donald Hedges Builder
2011 John Herd Builder
2011 David Huntley (1957-2017) Field player
2011 Steve Mastine Box player
2011 Kenneth Albert Matheson Veteran player
2011 Chris Prat Box player
2011 Victoria Royal Waxmen/SeaSprays 1980-1998 Team
2011 Bram Wilfong Box player
2011 Dan Wilson Box player
2012 Brampton ABC Excelsiors (Junior) 1956-1959 Team
2012 Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Team 1928 Team
2012 R.G. "Bob" Curtis Veteran player
2012 Mike Gray Builder
2012 Ron Jay Veteran player
2012 Derek "Jammer" Keenan Box player
2012 Murray Lehman Builder
2012 Tom Marechek Box player
2012 Craig Stevenson Box player
2012 Tom "Slick" Wreggit Box player
2013 Bill Armour Veteran player
2013 Ron Crosato Builder
2013 Doug Deschner Field player
2013 Dallas Eliuk Box player
2013 Bill Gerrie Box player
2013 Larry Henry Veteran player
2013 Dwight Maetche Box player
2013 Keith "Mac" McLennan Field player
2013 Randy Mearns Box player
2013 John "Joey" Todd Veteran player
2013 Ron Winterbottom, Snr. Builder
2013 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1958-1959 & 1962 Team
2014 Gary Gait Box player
2014 Paul Gait Box player
2014 Gil Nieuwendyk Box player
2014 Andy Ogilvie Box player
2014 David General Builder
2014 Harry Nightingale Builder
2014 Reo Jerome (1924-2014) Veteran player
2014 Ron Roy (1936-2007) Veteran player
2014 BC Women's Selects Field Lacrosse 1983-1993 Team
2015 Chris Gill Box player
2015 Curt Malawsky Box player
2015 Tom Patrick Box player
2015 Jim Veltman Box player
2015 Jeff Gombar Field player
2015 Terry Sanderson (1952-2014) Builder
2015 Lindsay Sanderson Builder
2015 Chris Hall (1950-2014) Builder
2015 Ed Goss Veteran player
2015 Larry Lloyd Veteran player
2015 Peterborough James Gang (Junior) 1981-1983 Team
2016 Cam Devine Player
2016 Russ Heard Player
2016 Tom Phair, Jnr. Player
2016 Don Stinson (1948-2007) Player
2016 Dan Stroup Player
2016 Ziggy Musial Builder
2016 Ernie Truant Builder
2016 Zenon Lipinski Veteran player
2016 Jim McNeill Veteran player
2017 Ken Colley Player
2017 Pat Coyle Player
2017 Clinton "Jan" Magee (1952-2017) Player
2017 Rick Mang Player
2017 Jim Cain Builder
2017 Bob Clevely Builder
2017 Don Craggs (1933-2015) Veteran player
2017 Peterborough Maulers (Junior) 1986-1987 & 1989 Team
2018 Brian Hall Player
2018 Jim Lynch Player
2018 William Augustus "Bill" Squire Player
2018 Jason Wulder Player
2018 Ted Howe, Jnr. Builder
2018 Dan Mattinson Builder
2018 Jim Squires (1939-1971) Veteran player
2018 Burnaby Lakers (Junior) 1996-2007 Team
2019 Kevin Brunsch Player
2019 Duane Jacobs Player
2019 Dan Teat Player
2019 John Wilson Player
2019 George “Potsy” Burrows Builder
2019 Paul Dal Monte Builder
2019 Chuck Miller Builder
2019 Dave Wilfong Veteran player
2019 Whitby Warriors (Junior) 1984-1985 Team

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