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Carl Gustav refers to two Kings of Sweden:

Carl Gustav can also refer to:


Politicians and rulers

  • Charles X Gustav of Sweden (1622–1660), King of Sweden
  • Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (born 1946), King of Sweden
  • Karl Gustav Abramsson (born 1947), Swedish politician
  • Carl Gustaf Ekman (1872–1945), Swedish politician
  • Carl Gustaf Löwenhielm (1790–1858), Swedish diplomat
  • Carl Gustaf Nordin (1749–1812), Swedish statesman, historian and ecclesiastic
  • Carl Gustaf Tessin (1695–1770), Swedish politician
  • Karl Gustaf Westman (1876–1944), Swedish historian and politician


  • Carl Gustaf Lewenhaupt (1884–1935), Swedish horse rider
  • Karl Gustaf Vinqvist (1883–1967), Swedish gymnast


  • Carl Gustaf Hellqvist (1851–1890), Swedish painter
  • Carl Gustaf Pilo (1711–1793), Swedish painter
  • Carl Gustav Carus (1789–1869), German physiologist and painter


  • Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt (1921–1992), Swedish actor
  • Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt (1910–1985), Danish film actor


  • Carl Gustav Carus (1789–1869), German physiologist and painter
  • Karl Gustav Himly (1772–1837), German surgeon and optician
  • Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961), Swiss founder of analytical psychology

Military leaders

  • Carl Gustaf Armfeldt (1666–1736), Swedish military commander
  • Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1867– 1951), Finnish military commander and statesman
  • Carl Gustav Fleischer (1883–1942), Norwegian military commander
  • Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld (1651–1722), Swedish military commander
  • Carl Gustaf von Nieroth (died 1712), Swedish military commander
  • Carl Gustaf Wrangel (1613–1676), Swedish military commander
  • Karl Gustaf Brandberg (1905–1997), Swedish military commander
  • Karl Gustav von Löwenwolde (died 1735), Russian diplomat and military commander

Science and medicine

  • Carl Gustaf Mosander (1797–1858), Swedish chemist
  • Carl-Gustaf Rossby (1898–1957), Swedish-American meteorologist
  • Carl Gustaf Thomson (1824–1899), Swedish entomologist
  • Carl Gustaf von Mannerheim (1797–1854), Finnish entomologist
  • Carl Gustav Witt (1866–1946), German astronomer

Other persons

  • Carl Gustaf von Rosen (1909–1977), Swedish aviator
  • Carl Gustaf Wolff (1800–1868), Finnish shipowner and businessman
  • Karl Gustav Homeyer (1795–1874), German jurist
  • Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi (1804–1851), German mathematician


  • Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori, a Swedish armaments company
  • Carl Gustaf 8.4cm recoilless rifle, an anti-tank weapon
  • Carl Gustaf m/45, a submachine gun

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