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Certificate of Origin (abbreviated as C/O or CO) is a document used in trade between countries. Certificate of Origin gives information about the manufacturing country and required by the Customs department of the importing country to clear the items upon arrival. It is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the exporting country.


  • To claim benefits of Free Trade agreements
  • To clear items from Customs in the importing country
  • To verify the authenticity of importing items


Preferential certificate of origin

Used when trade take place according to free trade agreements between countries. This is required to get the benefits according to the free trade agreement. The certificate will include the country of origin and the name of trade agreement.

Non-preferential certificate of origin

This is required to get the items cleared from the customs by proving the items are not from a country that is banned from importing. The certificate will include the country of origin but bot the name of the trade agreement.

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