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Charles or Charlie Brown may refer to:


Arts and entertainment


  • Charlie Brown (singer) (born 1986), British singer
  • Charlie Brown (born 1970), American rapper and member of Leaders of the New School
  • Charles Brown (musician) (1922–1999), blues singer

Other arts and entertainment

  • Charlie Brown (DJ)
  • Charles Brockden Brown (1771–1810), American novelist
  • Charles D. Brown (1887–1948), American stage and film actor
  • Charles Brown (actor) (1946–2004), with Negro Ensemble Company
  • Charles Hopel Brown (born 1964), Jamaican writer


  • Charlie Brown of the Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident, American World War II pilot
  • Charles Brown (Royal Navy officer) (c. 1678–1753), Royal Navy officer
  • Charles Brown (soldier) (1841–1919), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Charles Brown (Medal of Honor) (1849–?), American 1871 Korean Expedition sailor and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Charles Henry Brown (1872–1917), New Zealand Army officer who served during World War I
  • Charles R. Brown (1899–1983), United States Navy four-star admiral
  • Charles Q. Brown Jr. (born 1962), Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force


United States

  • Charlie Brown (Georgia politician) (1903–1995), Atlanta politician for whom the airport Charlie Brown Field is named
  • Charlie Brown (Indiana politician) (born 1938), Indiana State Representative
  • Charles Brown (congressman) (1797–1883), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  • Charles Brown (mayor) (1873–1943), mayor of Murray, Utah, 1906–1909
  • Charles Elwood Brown (1834–1904), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Charles Harrison Brown (1920–2003), U.S. Representative from Missouri
  • Charles Henry Brown (politician) (1904–1959), Vermont lawyer and politician

Other countries

  • Charles Brown (Australian politician) (1895–1970), Australian politician from Queensland
  • Charles Brown (Labour politician) (1884–1940), British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Mansfield, 1929–1940
  • Charles Brown (New Zealand politician) (1820–1901), from Taranaki
  • Charles Hunter Brown (1825–1898), New Zealand politician from Canterbury


  • Charles Arthur Brown (1919–1997), American Auxiliary Bishop of Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Charles E. Brown Jr. (1911–1996), Chief of Chaplains of the U.S. Army
  • Charles John Brown (born 1959), American Catholic Archbishop and Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland
  • Charles John Brown (moderator) (1806–1884), Scottish minister
  • Charles Oliver Brown (1848–1941), Congregational Minister and bugler in the American Civil War
  • Charles Reynolds Brown (1862–1950), American Congregational clergyman and educator
  • Charles Rufus Brown (1849–1914), American Baptist clergyman and Semitic scholar


American football

  • Charlie Brown (running back) (born 1945), National Football League player
  • Charlie Brown (wide receiver, born 1948) (born 1948), National Football League player
  • Charlie Brown (wide receiver, born 1958) (born 1958), National Football League player
  • Charles Brown (offensive lineman) (born 1987), American football player
  • Charles Edwin Brown (born 1936), American football offensive lineman

Association football

  • Charlie Brown (Australian footballer) (1896–1956), Australian rules footballer for Collingwood
  • Charlie Brown (footballer, born 1873) (1873–1941), Australian rules footballer for Carlton
  • Charlie Brown (footballer, born 1898) (1898–1979), English footballer with Southampton and Queens Park Rangers
  • Charlie Brown (footballer, born 1999) (born 1999), English footballer with Milton Keynes Dons
  • Charlie Brown (Scottish footballer) (born 1924), Scottish footballer who played for Queen of the South

Other sports

  • Charlie Brown (baseball) (1871–1938), American baseball player
  • Charlie Brown Jr. (basketball) (born 1997), American professional basketball player
  • Charlie Brown (basketball, born 1936), American college basketball player
  • Charles Brown (boxer) (born 1939), Olympic bronze medalist
  • Charlie Brown (boxer) (born 1958)
  • Charles Brown (cricketer, born 1815) (1815–1875), English cricketer
  • Charles Brown (cricketer, born 1854) (1854–1917), Australian-born English cricketer
  • Charles Brown (ice hockey) (born 1947), American
  • Charles Brown (roque player) (1867–1937), American Olympic bronze medalist
  • Charles Brown (rugby union, born 1887) (1887–1966), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Charlie Brown (rugby union, born 1878) (1878–1944), South African international rugby union player
  • Charles Brown (water polo), from New Zealand
  • Charles Brown (wrestler), British Olympic wrestler

Science and engineering

  • Charles Brown (British engineer) (1827–1905), British engineer
  • Charles Barrington Brown, British geologist and explorer
  • Charles D. Brown II, 21st century physicist
  • Charles Eugene Lancelot Brown (1863–1924), Swiss engineer and founder of railway companies


  • Charles Armitage Brown (1787–1842), friend of poet John Keats
  • Charles E. Brown (photographer) (1896–1982), commercial aviation photographer
  • Charles Harvey Brown (1875–1960), American librarian
  • Charles N. Brown (1937–2009), founder of magazine Locus
  • Charles Philip Brown (1798–1884), British official of the East India Company
  • Charles Stuart Brown (1918–1997), Wyoming Supreme Court judge


  • "Charlie Brown" (The Coasters song), a 1959 hit song written by Leiber and Stoller
  • "Charlie Brown", a 1974 song by Benito di Paula
  • "Charlie Brown" (Coldplay song), a 2011 song from Coldplay's album Mylo Xyloto
  • "Charlie Brown", a 2020 song from the album Fake It Flowers by Beabadoobee

Other uses

  • Charlie Brown, Peanuts comic strip character
  • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, the musical comedy based off of the Peanuts comic strip
  • Charlie Brown Jr., a Brazilian rock band (1993–2013)
  • Charles E. Brown Middle School, Newton, Massachusetts, United States

See also

  • Chuck Brown (disambiguation)
  • Charlie Brown's (disambiguation)
  • Charles Browne (disambiguation)
  • Carlos Brown (disambiguation)
  • Charles Wreford-Brown (1866–1951), British footballer
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