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Charles Green may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • Charles Green (painter) (1840–1898), English painter and illustrator
  • Charles Green Shaw (1892–1974), American abstract artist and writer
  • Charlie Green (musician) (1893–1935), American jazz trombonist
  • Chuck Green (1919–1997), American tap dancer
  • Angry Grandpa or Charles Marvin Green Jr. (1950–2017), American YouTube personality
  • Charlie Green (singer) (born 1997), child singer


  • Sir Charles Green, 1st Baronet (1749–1831), British Army general
  • Charles D. B. Green (1897–1941), World War I flying ace
  • Charles Green (Australian soldier) (1919–1950)
  • Charles B. Green (born 1955), Surgeon General of the United States Air Force


  • Charles Green (cricketer) (1846–1916), English cricketer
  • Charlie Phil Rosenberg or Charles Green (1902–1976), American boxer, world champion bantamweight
  • Charles Green (bobsleigh) (1914–1999), British Olympic bobsledder
  • Charles Green (athlete) (1921–2009), Australian Olympian
  • Charlie Green (American football) (born 1943), Oakland Raiders quarterback in 1966


  • Charles Green (astronomer) (1734–1771), British astronomer, traveled with James Cook
  • Charles Green (balloonist) (1785–1870), England's most famous balloonist of the 19th century
  • Charles W. Green (1849–1926), first teacher of agriculture at Tuskegee Institute
  • Charles Green (bishop) (1864–1944), Archbishop of Wales
  • Charles C. Green (1873–1940), Republican politician in the U. S. State of Ohio
  • Charles Dymoke Green Sr. (1873–1954), British Scouting leader
  • Charles Green (cook) (1888–1974), British ship's cook on Shackleton's Endurance expedition
  • Charles Green (archaeologist) (1901–1972), English archaeologist
  • Charles Dymoke Green Jr. (1907–1988), British Scouting leader
  • Charles Green (businessman) (born 1953), British businessman with Rangers F.C. and Sheffield United F.C.
  • Charles Samuel Green State legislator in South Carolina.

See also

  • Charles Greene (disambiguation)
  • Charles Fiddian-Green (1898–1976), English cricketer
  • Charles Leedham-Green, Scottish group theorist
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