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Charles or Charlie Martin may refer to:


  • Charles Martin (American football) (1959–2005), American football player
  • Charles Martin (boxer) (born 1986), American heavyweight boxer
  • Charles Martin (English cricketer) (1836–1878), English cricketer
  • Charles Martin (South Australia cricketer) (1863-1954), Australian cricketer
  • Charles Martin (Tasmania cricketer) (1888–1951), Australian cricketer
  • Charles Martin (Queensland cricketer) (1867–1942), Australian cricketer
  • Charlie Martin (1913–1998), British racing driver
  • Charlie Martin (Australian footballer) (1883–1955), Australian rules football player
  • Charlie Christina Martin (born 1981), British racing car driver

Politics and government

  • Charles D. Martin (1829–1911), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Charles H. Martin (North Carolina politician) (1848–1931), U.S. Representative from North Carolina
  • Charles Martin (Canadian politician) (1881–1957), member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly
  • Charles Martin (Alabama politician) (1931–2012), American politician
  • Charles Martin (Illinois politician) (1856–1917), U. S. Representative from Illinois
  • Charles Wykeham Martin (1801–1870), English Liberal Party politician
  • Charles Martin (Oregon politician) (1863–1946), U.S. military officer, governor and Representative from Oregon
  • Workneh Eshete (1864-1952), Ethiopian doctor and diplomat who took the name Charles Martin

Arts and literature

  • Charles James Martin (artist) (1886–1955), American modernist artist and arts instructor
  • Charles Martin (1820–1906), British artist, son of John Martin
  • Charles Martin (artist) (1884–1934), French artist and illustrator
  • Charles Martin (director), British television director
  • Charles Martin (1562–1646), French painter of King Henry IV of France
  • Charles Martin (poet) (born 1942), American poet and educator
  • Charles Martin (author) (born 1969), American author
  • Charles Martin (actor)


  • Charles James Martin (physiologist) (1866–1955), British scientist
  • Charles R. Martin (born 1959), American professor of chemistry
  • Charlie Martin (scientist) (1926–1999), British scientist


  • Charles B. Martin (1924–2008), Australian philosopher
  • Charles Martin (educator) (1817–1888), Acting President of Hampden–Sydney College (1848–1849, 1856–1857)
  • Charles D. Martin (minister) (1873–1942), West Indian Moravian minister
  • Charles A. Martin, Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts of South Africa
  • Charles Martin, the adopted name of Hakim Workneh Eshete (1864–1952), Ethiopian physician, diplomat, and intellectual
  • Charles Charrington Martin (1854–1926), British actor and barrister
  • Charles Irving Martin (1871–1953), American military officer

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