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Charles or Charlie Murphy may refer to:


  • Charles Murphy (1880–1958), Irish politician more commonly referred to as Cathal Ó Murchadha
  • Charles Murphy (Australian politician) (1909–1997), member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly
  • Charles Murphy (Canadian politician) (1862–1935), member from Russell in the Canadian House of Commons 1908–1925 and Senator 1925–1935
  • Charles A. Murphy (born 1965), Massachusetts Representative from the 21st District
  • Charles Frederick Murphy (1875–1934), New York politician
  • Charles Francis Murphy (1858–1924), American political figure who was leader of Tammany Hall 1902–1924
  • Charles S. Murphy, White House Counsel during the Truman Administration 1951–1953
  • Terrence Murphy (Canadian politician) (Charles Terrence Murphy, 1926–2008), member from Sault Ste. Marie in the Canadian House of Commons 1968–1972


  • Charles Minthorn Murphy (1870–1950), American cyclist, known as "Mile-a-Minute Murphy"
  • Charles M. Murphy (coach) (1913–1999), former American football, basketball, and baseball player and coach
  • Stretch Murphy (Charles C. Murphy, 1907–1992), All-American basketball player at Purdue University
  • Charles Murphy (baseball) (1868–1931), baseball executive and sportswriter
  • Charles Murphy (Negro leagues), American Negro leagues baseball player

Arts and entertainment

  • Charlie Murphy (1959–2017), American writer, actor, and stand-up comedian
  • Charlie Murphy (artist), artist based in London, UK
  • Charlie Murphy (singer-songwriter), American
  • Charlie Murphy (actress) (born 1988), Irish actress


  • Charles Murphy (architect) (1890–1985), American architect
  • Charles M. Murphy (priest), Catholic priest, former rector of the Pontifical North American College
  • Charles B. G. Murphy (1906–1977), pioneer and philanthropist in psychiatry
  • Chuck Murphy (1947–2018), American Anglican bishop
  • Charles Murphy (hedge fund manager) (1961–2017), American hedge fund manager
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