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Check This Kid Out is a Disney Channel short series which premiered in June 2005, during Disney Channel's So Hot Summer! promotion. Narrated by Courtney Halverson and Carr Thompson, the show features short segments of teenagers, from across the country, who spotlight the jobs that they do. Toon Disney stopped airing the short series on February 12, 2009. The series was left on the air until December 2009, but it returned on March 26, 2012.

The kids

This season featured a combination slideshow / video format, featuring ideas of possible professions. This season featured these kids and their jobs:

Kid Job
Adam Ho Guitarist
Arabella Uhry Medical Expert
Jessica Long Swimmer
Brittany Colon Sport Buddy
Cameron DiSarcina Stamp Collector
Daniel Brim Inventor
Danielle Grega Poetry Writer
DJ Sconyers Translator
Chance Ruder Animal Ambassador
John-Henry Lambin Kids Extreme Founder
Lyndsey Adkins Artist
Kaylie Richards Basketball Expert
Farrah Vincent Yo-Yo Player
Hayley Perkins Horse Coach
Omar Wiseman Chess Champion
Emily Cutler Strings
Michael Rand Pilot
Rika Tachikawa J-Pop Idol

The Check This Kid Out interstitials were originally cast with the help of Alyse Rome, founder and president of Amazing Kids! (, a children's educational non-profit organization and the number one online resource for stories about real-life amazing kids. Alyse was hired as a consultant to help with the initial casting.

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