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Cincinnati City Council
City Council
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Unicameral
Jan Michele Kearney, Democratic
Since January 4, 2022
Victoria Parks, Democratic
Since January 4, 2022
Seats Nine
Composition of Cincinnati City Council January 4, 2022.png
Political groups
†Councilmember Liz Keating was cross-endorsed by the Republican Party and Charter Committee
Last election
November 2, 2021
Next election
November 7, 2023
Meeting place
Cincinnati City Hall
801 Plum St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

The Cincinnati City Council is the lawmaking body of Cincinnati, Ohio. The nine-member city council is elected at-large in a single election in which each voter chooses nine candidates from the field. The nine top vote-getters win seats on the council for a four-year term.

Until the charter of 1925, the council comprised 32 members—six elected at-large and 26 elected from single-member wards. The 1925 charter instituted the present nine-member council elected in a single non-partisan, at-large election. From 1925 to 1955, elections were under the single transferable vote form of proportional representation. The mayor was chosen by the council from among its members. In the 1970s, the system was changed so that the top vote-getter in the council election automatically became mayor. Since 2001, the mayor is chosen in a separate election.

Although the election officially is non-partisan, the local Charterite party and three of the major political parties (Democratic, Republican, and Green Party) all endorse candidates in the race. Party designations, however, can be fluid. After the 1997 election, for example, Democrats Minette Cooper and Dwight Tillery formed a majority coalition on the council with Republicans Charlie Winburn, Phil Heimlich, and Jeanette Cissell.

Prior to 2013, council members were elected for two-year terms. In 2013, a referendum was passed changing City Council to four-year terms. In 2018, two competing proposals were placed on the ballot to modify the structure of City Council yet again. Issue 10 would bring back two-year terms; Issue 11 would keep four-year terms but stagger them, such that five council members would be elected in a mayoral election year, and four council members would be elected two years later. Issue 10 passed with a larger margin of victory, meaning that City Council will return to two-year terms beginning with the 2021 election.

The next city council election is scheduled for November 7, 2023.

Cincinnati City Council Members

  • Kevin Flynn (C)
  • David Mann (C,D) vice mayor
  • Amy Murray (C,R)
  • Chris Seelbach (D)
  • Yvette Simpson (C,D) president pro-tem
  • P.G. Sittenfeld (D)
  • Christopher Smitherman (I)
  • Charlie Winburn (R)
  • Wendell Young (D)
Party designations: C - Charter Party. D - Democratic Party. G - Green Party. I - Independent / Unendorsed. R - Republican Party

Election results

Italic type indicates incumbent.

Year Winning Candidates Losing Candidates
2013 P.G. Sittenfeld (D): 37,484
Charlie Winburn (R): 27,397
David Mann (C,D): 26,443
Yvette Simpson (C,D): 25,449
Chris Seelbach (D): 23,738
Christopher Smitherman (I) 23,604
Wendell Young (D): 22,600
Kevin Flynn (C): 22,059
Amy Murray (C,R): 21,979
Laure Quinlivan (D): 21,079
Greg Landsman (C,D): 19,619
Michelle Dillingham (D): 19,143
Pam Thomas (D): 18,499
Vanessa White (C): 16,892
Sam Malone (R): 16,462
Mellisa Wegman (R): 9,942
Shawn Butler (D): 9,788
Mike Moroski (I): 8,688
Angela Beamon (I): 7,943
Kevin Johnson (I): 6,647
Timothy Joseph Dorsbrusch (I): 4,006
2011 Roxanne Qualls (C,D): 37,275
P.G. Sittenfeld (D): 30,474
Wendell Young (D): 29,067
Cecil Thomas (D): 28,892
Charlie Winburn (R): 28,829
Laure Qunlivan (D): 27,422
Yvette Simpson (C,D): 27,204
Christopher Smitherman (I): 23,760
Chris Seelbach (D): 23,484
Chris Bortz (C): 22,044
Kevin Flynn (C): 21,828
Amy Murray (R): 21,433
Leslie Ghiz (R): 20,719
Wayne Lippert (R): 18,397
Jason Riveiro (D): 18,174
Mike Allen (I) 16,598
Nicholas Hollan (D): 14,628
Catherine Smith Mills (R): 13,513
Pat McCollum (I): 6,180
Kathy Atkinson (I): 5,012
Jacqueline Allen (I): 4,555
Sandra Queen Noble (I): 2,726
Orlando Welborn (I): 33
2009 Roxanne Qualls (C,D): 43,513
Cecil Thomas (D): 35,690
Chris Bortz (C): 32,911
Jeff Berding (I): 30,509
Leslie Ghiz (R): 30,050
Chris Monzel (R): 29,786
Charlie Winburn (R): 29,055
Y. Laketa Cole (D): 28,976
Laure Quinlivan (D): 28,775
Greg Harris (D): 25,216
Bernadette Watson (D): 24,985
Amy Murray (R): 23,667
Kevin Flynn (C): 23,619
Wendell Young (D): 22,100
Tony Fischer (D): 21,742
Nicholas Hollan (D): 18,096
George Zamary (R): 12,834
Anitra Brockman (G): 8,071
LaMarque Ward (I): 7,806
2007 Roxanne Qualls (C): 33,775
John Cranley (D): 33,772
David Crowley (D): 31,124
Cecil Thomas (D): 27,103
Chris Bortz (C): 26,500
Leslie Ghiz (R): 24,920
Y. Laketa Cole (D): 24,900
Jeff Berding (D): 23,586
Chris Monzel (R): 23,336
Charlie Winburn (R): 22,080
Minette Cooper (D): 18,941
Sam Malone (R): 17,486
Melanie Bates (C): 15,376
Pat Fischer (R): 15,084
Greg Harris (D): 14,184
John Eby (R): 14,025
Wendell Young (D): 13,963
Brian Garry (D): 13,164
Joan Kaup: 8,476 (C)
Andre Harper (R): 7,499
Justin Jeffre (G): 7,371
Mitch Painter (I): 5,140
Steve Pavelish (I): 4,213
Michael Earl Patton (I): 3,149
George Zamary (I): 2,203
2005 John Cranley (D): 35,603
James R. Tarbell (C): 32,392
Y. Laketa Cole (D): 29,966
David Crowley (D): 29,856
Leslie Ghiz (R): 29,758
Jeff Berding (D): 28,344
Chris Monzel (R): 27,911
Chris Bortz (C): 27,304
Cecil Thomas (D): 27,091
Sam Malone (R): 25,838
Christopher Smitherman (C): 24,642
Damon Lynch III (D): 22,556
Wendell Young (D): 21,505
Eve Bolton (D): 19,729
John Eby (R): 16,272
Samantha Herd (D): 14,306
Nick Spencer (C): 9,462
Paul Mcghee (I): 5,407
Gerry Kraus: 4,719 (I)
William S. "Stew" Mathews II (I): 3,915
Robert J. Wilking (I): 3,762
Ishaq Nadir (I): 3,208
Eric Wilson (I): 3,082
Michael Earl Patton (I): 2,770
Curtis Wells (I): 2,482
Robert Wilson (I): 2,319
Ronnie T. Stallworth: 2,271
Bill Barron (I): 1,849
Bennie Green (I): 1,800
Victor Phillips (I): 1,695
Antonio Hodge (I): 1,276
2003 David Pepper (D): 34,405
Alicia Reece (D): 32,078
Y. Laketa Cole (D): 27,644
James R. Tarbell (C): 27,480
John Cranley (D): 26,980
R. Patrick DeWine (R): 26,573
Christopher Smitherman (C): 25,483
Sam Malone (R): 24,002
David Crowley (D): 22,713

Damon Lynch III (I): 21,764
Leslie Ghiz (R): 19,916
Chris Monzel (R): 19,197
Barbara W. Trauth: 17,480
John Connelly: 14,047
Pete Witte: 13,479
Terry Deters: 11,889
John F. Schlagetter (C): 11,420
Tom Jones: 10,441
Samuel T. Britton: 9,778
Howard H. Bond: 8,260
Nick Spencer (C): 7,378
Marilyn Hyland: 5,864
Brian Garry: 5,504
Eric Wilson: 2,686
Glenn O. Givens Sr.: 2,327
Larry J. Frazier: 2,323

2001 David Pepper (D): 45,174
R. Patrick DeWine (R): 43,191
Alicia Reece (D): 43,180
Minette Cooper (D): 38,040
John Cranley (D): 36,998
James R. Tarbell (C): 35,533
David Crowley: (D): 33,225
Paul Booth (D): 27,732
Chris Monzel (R): 26,479
Y. Laketa Cole (D): 24,567
Todd Ward (R): 23,895
Sam Malone (R): 23,211
Jane Anderson: 21,026
Akiva Freeman: 19,788
Dawn Denno: 19,598
Lawra Baumann: 17,686
Ken Anderson: 15,119
Clarence D. Williams III: 14,371
Nathaniel Livingston Jr.: 12,735

Tom Jones: 12,235
John F. Schlagetter (C): 10,269
William Kirkland: 6,211
Theo Barnes: 4,795
Eric Wilson: 4,376
Wes Flinn: 3,682
Toni Andrews: 3,651

1999 Mayor: Charles J. Luken (D): 42,022
Todd Portune (D): 36,333
Charlie Winburn (R): 34,176
Phil Heimlich (R): 31,487
Alicia Reece (D): 27,900
R. Patrick DeWine (R): 27,745
James R. Tarbell (C): 26,045
Minette Cooper (D): 25,277
Paul Booth (D): 22,667
Jeanette Cissell (R): 22,095
Diane Goldsmith (R): 21,250
Scott V. Seidewitz (D): 20,389
Kaye M. Britton (D): 19,300
Forrest L. Buckley (D): 19,248
Jane Anderson: 17,297
Ken Anderson: 15,433
Chris Monzel (R): 9,335
Sam Malone (I): 5,030
Theo Barnes (I): 4,885
Charlie Lee Gardner (I): 3,312
1997 Mayor: Roxanne Qualls (D): 50,560
Dwight Tillery (D): 45,238
Todd Portune (D): 42,721
Charlie Winburn (R): 39,913
Bobbie L. Sterne (C): 39,529
Phil Heimlich (R): 37,896
Tyrone Yates (D): 35,592
Minette Cooper (D): 35,451
Jeanette Cissell (R): 34,209
James R. Tarbell (C): 33,867
Forrest Buckley (D): 25,357
Diane Goldsmith (R): 22,676
Kaye Britton (D): 20,724
Rosemary Meyer (R): 18,976
Todd Ward (R): 18,438
Bryn Lewis (C): 10,135
William Gaz (R): 9,213
Theo Barnes (I): 6,051
1995 Mayor: Roxanne Qualls (D): 49,165
Phil Heimlich (R): 48,072
Dwight Tillery (D): 45,616
Bobbie L. Sterne (C): 40,663
Nick Vehr (R): 40,207
Minette Cooper (D): 40,105
Charlie Winburn (R): 38,963
Todd Portune (D): 36,308
Tyrone Yates (D): 33,644
Jeannette Cissell (R): 31,960
Mark Longabaugh (D): 30,969
John Kruse (R): 28,098
John Mirlisena (D): 27,379
Diane Goldsmith (R): 26,627
Norman Murdock (R): 24,369
Don Driehaus (D): 22,961
Cromwell: 9,109
Simmons: 4,354
1993 Mayor: Roxanne Qualls (D): 48,476
Dwight Tillery (D): 45,928
Nick Vehr (R): 45,494
Bobbie L. Sterne (C): 43,077
Thomas A. Luken (D): 39,771
Charlie Winburn (R): 39,670
Tyrone Yates (D): 36,204
Todd Portune (D): 34,460
Phil Heimlich (R): 33,873
John Mirlisena (D): 32,915
Virginia Rhodes (D): 29,327
Jeannette Cissell (R): 27,504
Martin Wade (R): 26,224
Anne Power (R): 25,232
John Kruse (R): 24,713
Nell D. Surber (R): 23,714
Eric Kearney (C): 23,138
Val Sena (C): 18,131
Matthew Rosen (D): 15,851
Barbara Milton (D): 14,078
Pat Clifford (I): 7,759
1991 Mayor: Dwight Tillery (D): 52,020
Guy Guckenberger (I): 49,793
David S. Mann (D): 48,595
John Mirlisena (D): 47,655
Peter J. Strauss (D): 45,577
James Cissell (R): 42,467
Bobbie L. Sterne (C): 40,697
Roxanne Qualls (D): 38,543
Tyrone Yates (C): 36,548
Nick Vehr (R): 33,277
Virginia Rhodes (D): 32,240
Nell D. Surber (R): 27,281
William Al'Uqdah (R): 21,846
Martin Wade (R): 19,993
Shirley Rosser (D): 18,189
Jay Andress (R): 16,807
Mary Ann Brown (R): 15,290
Val Sena (C): 14,886
Len Garrett (R): 12,365
Richard L. Buchanan (D): 11,655
Chaunston Brown (D): 10,461
Todd O'Neal (I): 9,684
John Cheng (I): 6,866
Claudia Miller (I): 6,337
Anita F. Bolce (I): 6,712
Dennis L. Maxberry (I): 3,336
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