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Component could mean:

  • Electronic component, part of electronic circuits
  • Component ingredient, the main ingredient in a food
  • Component video, a type of analog video information that is sent or stored as two or more separate signals
  • Symmetrical component, in electrical engineering, analysis of unbalanced three-phase power systems
  • Component-based software engineering, a field of study within software engineering dealing with software components, reusable software elements with a specification
  • Component (thermodynamics), a chemically distinct part of a phase of a system
  • Component (VTA), a light-rail station in San Jose, California
  • Lumped component, a model of spatially distributed systems

In math

  • Component (group theory), a quasisimple subnormal subgroup
  • Connected component (analysis), a maximal set where there exists a path between any two elements, also known as a path component
  • Connected component (graph theory), a maximal connected subgraph
  • Connected component (topology), a maximal connected subspace of a topological space
  • Vector component, a term in the breaking down of a vector into various directions such as axial, radial or tangential
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