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David or Dave Green may refer to:


Gridiron football

  • Dave Green (American football) (born 1949), American football punter
  • David Green (American football) (born 1972), American football running back
  • David Green (Canadian football) (born 1953), Canadian football running back


  • David Green (cricketer, born 1939) (1939–2016), Welsh cricketer
  • David Green (cricketer, born 1935) (1935–2020), English cricketer

Other sports

  • David Green (baseball) (born 1960), retired baseball player
  • David Green (equestrian) (born 1960), Australian Olympic equestrian
  • David Green (racing driver) (born 1958), Busch Series race car driver
  • Dave Boy Green (born 1953), British boxer

Arts and entertainment

  • David Green (director) (born 1948), film director
  • Dave Green (director) (born 1983), American film and music video director
  • David Gordon Green (born 1975), American filmmaker
  • Dave Green (journalist), journalist and broadcaster
  • Dave Green (musician) (born 1942), British jazz bassist

Other people

  • David Green (politician) (1951–2014), American politician
  • David George Green (born 1951), British think tank CEO
  • Dave Green (astrophysicist) (born 1959), British astronomer
  • David E. Green (1910–1983), American biochemist
  • David Green (entrepreneur) (born 1941), entrepreneur & founder of Hobby Lobby Creative Centers
  • David Green (social entrepreneur) (born 1956), founder of Project Impact
  • Dave Green (police officer) (1938–2012), American undercover police officer
  • David Allen Green (born 1971), English lawyer, skeptic and blogger
  • David Green (political adviser) (1922–2007), adviser to Illinois governor Daniel Walker
  • David W. Green (biochemist), biochemist known for developing isomorphous replacement
  • David W. Green, British professor of psychology at University College London
  • David Green (Director of the SFO) (born 1954), British prosecutor, Director of Serious Fraud Office
  • G. David Green (born 1948), former chairman of the Dartington Hall Trust and The Prince's School of Traditional Arts
  • David Green (civil engineer) (born 1937), British civil engineer

See also

  • David Greene (disambiguation)
  • David Grün (1886–1973), birth name of David Ben-Gurion
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