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Degree may refer to:

As a unit of measurement

  • Degree (angle), a unit of angle measurement
  • Degree symbol (°), a notation used in science, engineering, and mathematics
  • Degree (temperature), any of various units of temperature measurement
  • Degree API, a measure of density in the petroleum industry
  • Degree Baumé, a pair of density scales
  • Degree Brix, a measure of sugar concentration
  • Degree Gay-Lussac, a measure of the alcohol content of a liquid by volume, ranging from 0° to 100°
  • Degree proof, or simply proof, the alcohol content of a liquid, ranging from 0° to 175° in the UK, and from 0° to 200° in the U.S.
  • Degree of curvature, a unit of curvature measurement, used in civil engineering
  • Degrees of freedom (mechanics), the number of displacements or rotations needed to define the position and orientation of a body
  • Degrees of freedom (physics and chemistry), a concept describing dependence on a countable set of parameters
  • Degree of frost, a unit of temperature measurement
  • Degrees Lintner, a measure of enzymatic activity
  • Degrees Lovibond, a measure of transparency
  • Degree of unsaturation, in organic chemistry, also known as the index of hydrogen deficiency or rings plus double bonds
  • dGH, degrees of general hardness of water
  • Degree of carbonate hardness of water (degree KH)

In mathematics

  • Degree of a polynomial, the exponent of its term with the highest exponent
  • Degree of a field extension
  • Degree of an algebraic number field, its degree as a field extension of the rational numbers
  • Degree of an algebraic variety
  • Degree (graph theory), or valency, the number of edges incident to a vertex of a graph
  • Degree of a continuous mapping, a generalization of winding number
  • Degrees of freedom (statistics), the number of values in the final calculation of a statistic that are free to vary
  • Degree of a character in representation theory
  • Degree of unsolvability in recursion theory
  • Degree of a central simple algebra
  • Degree of a permutation group, the number of elements it permutes
  • Degree of a differential equation, the power of the highest derivative therein
  • Degree of a root

In education

Academic degree, an academic rank, title or award

  • Substantive degree ranks from lowest to highest
  • Particular degrees (focus or method)
    • Engineer's degree
    • Specialist degree
    • Lambeth degree
    • External degree
    • Microdegree
  • Honorary degrees

Vocational degree, an award in vocational education

Other measures

  • Degree (music), identification of a note in a scale by its relation to the tonic
  • Degree of inventiveness in inventions and patents
  • Degree of separation in connectivity between groups (first degree is closest)
  • Degree of relationship, in kinship between individuals (first degree is closest)
  • Comparison (grammar) - degrees of comparison include positive, comparative, and superlative (e.g. "good", "better", and "best", respectively)
  • The severity of a crime, e.g., first degree murder (first degree is worst)
  • The intensity of a burn (the higher the worse)
  • A level of initiation, often used in fraternal organizations
  • A ranking of black belt, in certain martial arts


  • Asha Jaquilla Degree (born 1990), an American child who went missing in 2000


  • Da Degrees, Canadian record label and hip hop collective
  • Degree (deodorant), a brand of antiperspirant

Other uses

  • Degree (freemasonry)
  • Degree of Knights Templar (Freemasonry), a special case of a degree in freemasonry
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