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Development has meaning in several contexts:


  • Land improvement and/or construction involving land, buildings or infrastructure (see project, public housing and real estate development); excessive development of this kind may lead to overdevelopment
    • Urban development is the process of developing populated settlements (see urban planning and urban renewal)
  • New product development
  • Software development (disambiguation)
    • The development branch of a piece of software
  • Sustainable development seeks a holistic notion of development encompassing environmental and social as well as economic aspects
  • Technology development, improving or researching changes in technology (e.g. involving biotechnology, nanotechnology, or software)

Natural science

  • Biological development or morphogenesis of embryos in the context of developmental biology
  • Development (journal) published twice monthly by the Company of Biologists.
  • Child development, in the context of physical development, or post-natal human development (pediatrics, etc.).

Social science and politics


Social development

  • Social development, processes of change in societies
  • Economic development, the economic aspect of social change
  • Sociocultural evolution or cultural development
  • Sustainable development
    • Community development
  • Development studies, the multidisciplinary social scientific study of development

International and regional development

  • International development, the process of economic and social development in developing countries
  • Development aid, the provision of aid and other forms of assistance to communities or countries
  • Development aid agencies
  • Development charities
  • Regional development, provision of aid and assistance to the less economically developed regions

Personal and professional improvement

  • Career development
  • Leadership development
  • Personal development, the development of the self (see also self-help)
  • Professional development


  • Business development, a process of growing a business
  • Corporate development, a position in a business
  • Employee development (see also human resources)
  • New product development (above)
  • Organization development (see also training and development)

Arts and popular culture

  • Arrested Development (TV series), a television show based upon a company and a family
  • Arrested Development (hip hop group), a hip hop group popular in the early 1990s.
  • Development (album), a nu-metal album by musical group Nonpoint
  • Musical development, the transformation and restatement of initial material, often contrasted with musical variation
  • Photographic developer, or more generally photographic processing, the chemicals and methods of revealing the latent image in photographic material
  • Script development, the development process in movie making, aimed at getting a project greenlighted


  • Net (polyhedron) in geometry, the development of a polyhedral solid
  • Development (differential geometry), the process of rolling one surface over another, and generalizations of this idea, including:
    • Parallel transport, the development of geometric data along curves
    • Developable surfaces, surfaces which are developments of (i.e., isometric to) the plane
  • Development (topology), a refinable net of open coverings.


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