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Five Minutes More
Genre Children's
Written by Jan Page
Mellie Buse
Directed by Mark Barnard
Voices of Nigel Plaskitt (Faraway)
Gillie Robic (Louisa)
Elizabeth Lindsay (Georgie)
Mark Jefferis (Sam)
Louise Gold (Florrie)
Country of origin Australia
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 64
Executive producer(s) Angus Fletcher
Martin Robertson
Producer(s) Donna Andrews
Justine Flynn
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) Snow River Media,
Buster Dandy Productions
Original network ABC Kids
Original release 23 August 2006 (2006-08-23)

Five Minutes More is a British-Australian children's television series co-produced between Australia and the United Kingdom. It was produced by Snow River Media and Buster Dandy Productions, and developed by The Jim Henson Company. The series premiered on ABC on 23 August 2006. Broadcast on the Smile in United States of America.


The show starts off with one of the five animals telling a story: Faraway, an aardvark; Georgie, a penguin; Florrie, a dog; Sam, a monkey; and Louisa, a polar bear. Each story has a moral to it.


All of the characters are puppets originally designed by Playhouse Disney Asia in the South East Asia, and built by Solution Studios. All sets are cardboard and costumes are made with quilt fabric the same type on the bed they sit on telling these stories. The quilt is specially made with square pictures mostly based on a stories that is about to or has been already told. The series was shot in eight weeks in Australia, and dubbed in Britain.


# Title
1 "The Three Musicians"
2 "Snowy Story"
3 "Neptune's Visit"
4 "Make Me a Rainbow"
5 "Frown Town"
6 "The Three Elephants"
7 "Messy Mountain"
8 "Jealous Jack"
9 "One, Two, Three Jump"
10 "Bingle-Bongle-Boo"
11 "The Surprise Laugh"
12 "My Own Special Picture"
13 "I Can't Go to Sleep"
14 "Someone to Sing to Me"
15 "Cooking Up a Storm"
16 "I Want a Frizzle"
17 "The Queen's Dance"
18 "The Last Orange"
19 "Magic My Way"
20 "Land Ahoy!"
21 "Copy Parrot"
22 "Monkeys Don't Eat Soup"
23 "Let Me Tell You a Story"
24 "There's a Dragon in My Bed"
25 "The Greedy Elf"
26 "The Big Gold Cup"
27 "The Best Birthday Party Ever"
28 "All Together Now!"
29 "The Giant Who Had No Manners"
30 "Sebastian's Spring Fair"
31 "At Least It Isn't Elephants"
32 "The Princess Who Couldn't Choose"
33 "What Noise Am I Making?"
34 "Umbrellas Up! Umbrellas Down!"
35 "The Friendly Caterpillar"
36 "Mr Hammer and Mr Spanner"
37 "Pulling Together"
38 "The Lost Voice"
39 "Uncle Miscellania"
40 "The Mayor's Parade"
41 "It's All in the Mix"
42 "I Want to Be Bigger"
43 "Clubbing Together"
44 "Saved by the Wool"
45 "For the Love of Trees"
46 "Who Wants a Hat?"
47 "The Very Best Present"
48 "Sometimes it's Good to Be Slow"
49 "Watch It Grow"
50 "Playing by the Rules"
51 "The Two Brave Knights"
52 "The Sun Will Always Shine"
53 "Lighthouse Land"
54 "Follow Me! Follow Me!"
55 "Three Wishes for Faraway"
56 "The Magic Bear"
57 "Blow, Faraway, Blow!"
58 "The Magic of Music"
59 "The Fairacre Friends"
60 "Little Gnome Upon the Wall"
61 "How Does Your Garden Grow?"
62 "Plump Plum Pies!"
63 "Dog in a Box"
64 "Little Tree"


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