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Table football, also known as foosball or table soccer, is a table-top game and sport that is loosely based on association football. The name "foosball" comes from the German word for football, "fussball" or "fußball".Soccer table or foosball is a game that is also considered as a sport and also adds a big plus to the game room of the table games fanatics. Being extremely competitive, Foosball can be played just by two people or also between couples.

Table Foosball tables are found mostly into two kinds, amateur types of tables and the more sophisticated professional kinds. The professional products use to bring more developed characteristics with the goal of practice more complicated shots. There are also simple models designed for the use of beginners or younger kids and normally are lighter and smaller .Nowadays the game of foosball is expanding its popularity exponentially and tournaments are so numerous that professional players can practice this sport fulltime.

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