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Fraochy Bay
Created by Neil Stewart
Written by Neil Stewart
David Maclennan
Philip Wright
Country of origin Scotland
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 60
Producer(s) Kenny Stewart
Running time 5 minutes
Production company(s) Moja Tv
Original network BBC Alba
Original release 21 December 2009 (2009-12-21) – 1 March 2015 (2015-03-01)

Fraochy Bay is a Scottish Gaelic cartoon created by Neillydubh Animation Limited and produced by Moja TV for BBC Alba and funded by MG Alba. The series is set in the fictional town of Fraochy Bay, notionally located somewhere off the west coast of Scotland, with no central theme other than an exploration of the slightly odd characters and surreal events that take place in and around the town.

The series debuted on BBC Alba in late 2009 with its first three episodes airing on December 21, 22 and 23rd.

Series four's original run began in April 2013 with a fifth series following in October 2014 until 1 March 2015.


Season 1 (2009–2010)

# Title Summary Original air date
1 Who Dares Winds Top secret special force soldiers go on operations in the Fraochy Bay hills. 21 December 2009
2 A Car for All Seasons Wilhelmina's car breaks down. 22 December 2009
3 I Wandered Lonely as a Clod Poet-in-residence Torquil Farquhar de Smith tries to capture Fraochy Bay in verse. 23 December 2009
4 Is There a Doctor in the House? If you're unwell in Fraochy Bay then the Cottage Hospital is the place to avoid. 24 December 2009
5 To Be or Not to Be, Those Are the Questions Davey Jones takes Laura the librarian to his theatre rehearsal. 28 December 2009
6 Why DID the Chicken Cross the Road? Feathers fly at the local art gallery as a thief makes an unwelcome appearance. 29 December 2009
7 I Can't Believe It's Not Butler It's a tale of mystery and suspense at a Fraochy Bay stately home. 30 December 2009
8 A Builder's Life for Me Local builders the James Brothers get their priorities mixed up. 20 February 2010
9 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hairdresser Kylie Wylie fits Police Constable Dunstable with a wig for the policeman's dinner. 27 February 2010
10 Opera, a Verdi Nice Thing With nothing to watch on television, Ina and Jessie attend the opera. 6 March 2010
11 A Life on the Ocean Wave Fishermen Dick Fish and Harry Crab are marooned on a deserted island after battling a large whale. 7 April 2010
12 A Policeman's Lot Is Not a Happy One Officer Maclean helps Farmer Gillies to solve a crime. 14 April 2010
13 Jurassic Pork A Fraochy Bay dinosaur develops toothache and heads into town to find a dentist. 20 April 2010
14 The Day of the Sheep Sinister sheep descend from the hills at night to eat everything in Fraochy Bay. 28 April 2010
15 Play It Again Sham Sheena Herzogg has a dire emergency down at the dance studio. 1 May 2010
16 One Small Stoop for Man A Russian submarine surfaces near Fraochy Bay in the dead of night. 21 August 2010
17 A Total Eclipse of the Scone Eldred Wolfsbane meets a band of mystical travelers searching for the meaning of life. 28 August 2010
18 Fraochy Buth Calum French can't resist being influenced by the power of advertising. 4 September 2010
19 Radio Killed the Gramophone Star TV star Mike 'Davey' Maclafferty visits some notable enterprises in Froachy Bay. 11 September 2010
20 The End Is Near Fraochy Bay hosts a highland gathering complete with bagpipes, strongmen and space exploration. 18 September 2010

Season 2 (2010–2011)

# Title Summary Original air date
21 The Oily Bird Catches the Worm Fraochy Bay experiences an oil boom. 20 November 2010
22 Ice Station Hippo A iceberg breaks loose and races towards town carrying a polar bear with it. 25 November 2010
23 Abandon Sheep Farmer McClintock's sheep stage a rebellion on Sheep Island. 5 December 2010
24 Crumple of the Bailey Fraochy Bay's Sheriff Court is now in session. 11 December 2010
25 We All Live in an Orange Submarine Zac has never settled into a normal life and wants one last shot at pop stardom. 18 December 2010
26 Snowbells in the Sleigh It's Christmas in Fraochy Bay. 24 December 2010
27 Happy New Year and a Bit Fraochy Bay is getting ready for the New Year but the clock tower has no bells. 29 December 2010
28 Watershed Down Walter McSwain finds himself an unwitting participant in a bizarre makeover show. 15 October 2011
29 Kung Phew A wrestling troupe lays down the gauntlet in Fraochy Bay. 25 October 2011
30 Hammer House of Hammers Ina and Jessie go on holiday to relax, but find some strange goings-on in the woods. 29 October 2011

Season 3 (2012)

# Title Summary Original air date
31 Out with the Old and in with the Emergency Services Ina and Jessie's plumber gets his head wedged down the toilet. 2 June 2012
32 Flume the Bell Tolls The James brothers are commissioned to build new flumes at the swimming pool. 9 June 2012
33 As Fat as a Butcher's Dog Ina and Jessie try to train their troublesome dog. 16 June 2012
34 All Creatures Grate and Smell Fraochy Bay's vet, Dr Domhnall Little, ensures all the animals are healthy. 23 June 2012
35 The Bank That Likes to Say No Bonkers banking in Fraochy Bay. 30 June 2012
36 Blob the Builder A huge dough ball known as 'The Blob' escapes the local bakery. 7 July 2012
37 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Pence Jessie looks in the attic for some old china and finds a lost masterpiece. 14 July 2012
38 The Bottle of Britain The farmer finds a novel way to deliver pizzas. 21 July 2012
39 Will Ye No Go Back Again Torquil has a surprise visit from a distant American relative. 28 July 2012
40 Space, the Vinyl Frontier A comet heads towards Fraochy Bay. 7 August 2012

Season 4 (2013)

# Title Summary Original air date
41 Where Eagles Daren't Ina and Jessie take up extreme rock climbing. 23 April 2013
42 A Midge Too Far Fraochy Bay holds a talent competition. 28 April 2013
43 The Madness of George King George King sees Fraochy Bay as a potential location for a meditation centre aimed at stressed rich people. 5 May 2013
44 Grillers in the Midst A chimpanzee escapes from Oban Zoo to wreak havoc on Fraochy Bay. 11 May 2013
45 The Origin of the Specious A tourist and his wife delve into Froachy Bay's history at the local museum. 21 May 2013
46 Casino rile The bank manager foolishly gambles away the town's money at the casino. 25 May 2013
47 The Day the Earth Sat Still Farmer Lee fakes crop circles to earn extra money. 2 June 2013
48 Whatnot to wear Calum French is carted away to a World War Two style weight loss camp. 8 June 2013
49 The Terminutter Peter the inventor creates a robot to clean up the town. 15 June 2013
50 You've Goat to Be Kidding Writer Stephen Smallberg's brand new script is stolen by a seagull. 22 June 2013

Season 5 (2014–2015)

# Title Summary Original air date
51 Diary of a Mafia Lobster Officer Maclean's attempt at treating himself to a lobster dinner goes wrong. 18 October 2014
52 Pie Hard Pie factory owner Mr Featherby sets up a contest for one lucky person to choose a new flavour of pie. 23 October 2014
53 Warden Peace The people of Fraochy Bay band together to deal with a troublesome traffic warden. 30 October 2014
54 A weighted question American fitness fanatic Arnold Logan rocks up to sell his miracle muscle-gain products. But is the promise of 'instant results for non of the work' too good to be true? 2 November 2014
55 Pirate Wars A ratings war is declared in Fraochy Bay as two pirate radio stations battle it out to win listeners. 9 November 2014
56 Wish You Weren't There When vandals strike Fraochy Bay, the Provost determines to clean the town up. 16 November 2014
57 Love Letters The delivery of a long forgotten love letter inadvertently triggers a war in Fraochy Bay. 23 November 2014
58 Time Travel Peter the inventor travels through time and creates a variety of paradoxes as he goes. 29 November 2014
59 The Sugar Siege Fraochy Bay's sweet-toothed residents are in for a shock when sugar is outlawed in the town. 6 December 2014
60 Survival Games Television survival expert Badger Ovens sets about deliberately causing a volcanic eruption in town. 1 March 2015
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