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Furry Weekend Atlanta
Furry Weekend Atlanta logo.png
Status Active
Genre Furry
Venue Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Country United States
First held 2004
Last held 2019
Organizer Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc.
Furry Weekend Atlanta fursuiters
Fursuiters at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015

Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA) is a furry convention held annually in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2018, Furry Weekend Atlanta is listed as the 4th largest furry convention in the world.


Furry Weekend Atlanta started as an outgrowth of a local furry meetups often held in Atlanta at the homes of various members of the furry fandom. As the gatherings became larger, the idea of formally holding a convention was raised. After several unsuccessful attempts, a plan was made to hold a convention in February 2004. The name Furry Weekend Atlanta was chosen to echo the name of the anime convention held in the city, Anime Weekend Atlanta. The name became a federally registered trademark on December 2, 2008. Originally held around Valentine's Day, the convention was rescheduled to be held mid-March in 2009.


Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc., is the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which organizes the Furry Weekend Atlanta convention. Furry Weekend Atlanta Inc. is headed by an Executive Committee and in addition to operating the annual convention, promotes the acceptance of the furry fandom in the southeast United States. Furry Weekend Atlanta, Inc. retains only the funds necessary for the organization of the Furry Weekend Atlanta convention, and donates the rest to charities.


From 2005 to 2006, Furry Weekend Atlanta supported the Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary, a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center located in Ellijay, Georgia. Furry Weekend Atlanta attendees donated almost $4,000 to the Sanctuary in 2006, and almost $3,000 in 2005. From 2007 to present, Furry Weekend Atlanta has supported the Conservator's Center, a nonprofit organization working to preserve threatened species.

Furry Weekend Atlanta by year

Year Dates Location Attendance Charity
Charity Theme Guests of Honor
2004 February 13–15 Holiday Inn Atlanta 270 Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary N/A
  • Fursuit maker and graphic artist Valentina Caicedo
2005 February 11–13 Holiday Inn Atlanta 500 $3,000 Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary
  • Artist Jessica Maia Albee, aka "Jessie T. Wolf"
  • Artist "Fel"
2006 February 17–19 Holiday Inn Atlanta 563 $4,000 Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary
  • Cartoonist Bill Holbrook
  • Matt Burt
2007 February 16–18 Sheraton Gateway Hotel 762 Conservator's Center
  • Artist "Strider Orion"
  • Artist Daria McGrain
2008 February 15–17 Sheraton Gateway Hotel 1,046 $5,001 Conservator's Center
  • Artist "Bonk"
  • Fursuiter "TILT Longtail"
2009 March 19–22 Hilton Atlanta 1,371 $5,054 Conservator's Center Safari!
  • Musician Matthew Ebel
  • Artist "Lizardbeth"
2010 March 25–28 Hilton Atlanta 1,564 $4,600 Conservator's Center Carnaval!
  • "Kami Cheetah"
2011 March 17–21 Sheraton Atlanta Hotel 1,621 $8,000 Conservator's Center Furries in Wonderland
  • Fursuit makers and fursuiters Lacy and Nick
  • Artist Zhivago Daemon
2012 March 15–19 Sheraton Atlanta Hotel 1,902 $18,000 Conservator's Center Furries at the Moulin Rouge
  • Author Kyell Gold
  • Artist and writer Rukis Croax
2013 March 14–17 Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel 2,396 $18,400 Conservator's Center Still in Love
  • Artist and fursuiter Jimmy Chin
  • Artist Hibbary
2014 March 20–23 Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel 2,488 $20,000 Conservator's Center Furry University
  • Artist and fursuiter "Louvelex"
2015 April 9–12 Atlanta Marriott Marquis 3,252 $28,000 Conservator's Center Shangri La: Furgotten Orient
  • Artist Reimina Clover Keishana
  • Artist "Silverfox5213"
2016 March 31–April 3 Atlanta Marriott Marquis 3,431 $28,922 Conservator's Center Camp Furry Weekend
  • Artist "Demicoeur"
2017 April 6–9 Atlanta Marriott Marquis 4,274 $35,000 Conservator's Center Game On!
  • Artist "Chibi-Marrow"
  • Syber
2018 April 4–8 Atlanta Marriott Marquis 5,193 $50,000 Conservator's Center Galactic Gunslingers
  • Strype
  • Kazul
2019 May 9–13 Atlanta Marriott Marquis 5,645 $50,000 Conservator's Center Pirates!
  • Caraid
  • Sean Chiplock
  • Luis Dubuc
2020 Cancelled
Originally scheduled for May 7–11
Atlanta Marriott Marquis N/A N/A Conservator's Center The Enchanted Forest
  • Marc Knelsen / El Ranno

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