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George Miller may refer to:


  • George Miller (comedian) (1941–2003), comedian
  • George Miller (director) (born 1945), Australian film director, producer and screenwriter
  • George T. Miller (born 1943), Australian film and television director
  • George Bures Miller (born 1960), Canadian artist
  • George Miller, stage name Joji (born 1992), a musician and Internet personality formerly known under the pseudonyms Filthy Frank and Pink Guy
  • George Miller (Lassie), a fictional character in the long-running television series Lassie


  • George Funston Miller (1809–1885), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  • George Clark Miller (1882–1968), mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • George P. Miller (1891–1982), U.S. Representative from California
  • George Miller (Arizona politician) (1922–2014), mayor of Tucson, Arizona 1991–1999
  • George Miller (California politician) (born 1945), former United States Representative from California's 11th congressional district
  • George Miller Jr. (1914–1969), California Democratic politician, father of George Miller (California politician)
  • G. William Miller (1925–2006), U.S. Secretary of Treasury, 1979–1981
  • George W. Miller (politician) (1922–1997), New York assemblyman


  • George Miller (cricketer) (1929–2017), Scottish cricketer
  • George Miller (footballer, born 1886) (1886–?), Scottish footballer who played as a left half for Lincoln City
  • George Miller (footballer, born 1894) (1894–1939), Scottish footballer
  • George Miller (footballer, born 1939) (1939–2008), Scottish footballer and manager
  • George Miller (footballer, born 1980), Liberian footballer
  • George Miller (footballer, born 1991), English footballer
  • George Miller (footballer, born 1998), English footballer currently with Middlesbrough
  • George Arthur Miller (1867–1935), British polo player
  • George Miller (baseball) (1853–1929), baseball player

Science and architecture

  • George Abram Miller (1863–1951), American mathematician
  • George H. Miller (architect, born 1856) (1856–1927), American architect in Bloomington, Illinois
  • George H. Miller (architect, born 1949), American architect in New York City
  • George Armitage Miller (1920–2012), American psychologist
  • George H. Miller (physicist), American physicist


  • George Miller (historian) (1764–1848), Irish Anglican priest and historian of Trinity College, Dublin
  • George Miller (Latter Day Saints) (1794–1856), bishop in the Latter Day Saint church
  • George L. Miller (1830–1920), founder of the Omaha Herald newspaper
  • George Macculloch Miller (1832–1917), lawyer and secretary of Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City
  • George W. Miller (judge) (1941–2016), judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims
  • George Stewart Miller (1884–1971), president of Tufts College, 1937 to 1938
  • George D. Miller III (born 1951), president of Davis College in Johnson City, New York
  • George Fuller Miller Sr. (1903–?), Boy Scouts of America executive
  • George D. Miller (born 1930), U.S. Air Force general
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