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Northern Epirotes
SpyromiliosKonstantinos ZappasGeorgios Christakis-ZografosPyrros Dimas
Provisional Government of Northern Epirus
Spyromilios • Konstantinos Zappas • Georgios Christakis-Zografos • Pyrros Dimas
Northern Epirote Declaration of Independence
Total population

est. over 215,000 (Greeks of southern Albania/Northern Epirus)

Greeks of southern Albania/Northern Epirus (including those of ancestral descent)
Regions with significant populations
Albania, Greece, United States, Australia
Albania and Greece est. 200.000
United States of America over 15,000 (est. 1965)
Greek, Himariote Greek dialect (in the Himarë region)
also Albanian and English depending on the residing place
Orthodox Christianity

The Greeks of Albania are ethnic Greeks who live in Albania. They are mostly in the south of the country.

The Greek language can only be spoken in 'minority zones'.

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