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Hōki (宝亀 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Jingo-keiun and before Ten'ō. This period started in October 770 and ended in January 781. During this time, the emperor was Kōnin-tennō (光仁天皇 ).

Events of the Hōki era

  • 23 October 770 (Hōki 1, 1st day of the 10th month): The era name was changed to mark the beginning of Emperor Konin's reign.
  • 778 (Hōki 9): The emperor granted Kashima-jinja a divine seal for use on documents.
  • 28 August 779 (Hōki 10, 7th month): Fujiwara no Momokawa died at age 48.
  • 781 (Hōki 12, 4th month ): The emperor abdicated in favor of his son, who would later come to be known as Emperor Kammu. Emperor Kōnin's reign had lasted for 11 years.
  • 781 (Hōki 12, 12th month): Kōnin died at the age of 73.

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