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Henry Russell may refer to:

  • Henry Russell (musician) (1812/13–1900), English pianist, baritone singer and composer
  • Henry Russell (impresario) (1871–1937), English impresario, conductor, and singing teacher
  • Sir Henry Russell, 1st Baronet (1751–1836), British judge in India
  • Sir Henry Russell, 2nd Baronet (1783–1852), British 'Resident' at the court of Hyderabad in India
  • Henry Russell (explorer) (1834–1909), Irish mountaineer, Pyrenean explorer and eccentric
  • Henry Chamberlain Russell (1836–1907), Australian astronomer and meteorologist
  • Henry Norris Russell (1877–1957), American astronomer, developer of Hertzsprung-Russell diagram (1910)
  • Henry Russell (athlete) (1904–1986), American gold medal winner in 1928 Amsterdam 4 x 100 m relay
  • Henry Russell, Marquess of Tavistock (born 2005), Henry Robin Charles Russell; heir apparent of Andrew Russell, Duke of Bedford
  • Henry Russell (politician) (1817–1891), New Zealand runholder and politician
  • Henry P. Russell (1878–1956), American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Henry S. Russell (1838–1905), American military and government official
  • Henry Stuart Russell (1818–1889), explorer, politician and pastoralist
  • Ken Russell (Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell, 1927–2011), English film director
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