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Hof or HOF may refer to:


Hof, a Germanic word for "house, dwelling, hall; temple, sanctuary". It may refer to:

  • the German for "farming estate", see Hof (estate), and hence a German placename:
    • Hof, Upper Austria, see Sankt Marienkirchen am Hausruck
    • Hof bei Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, a municipality
    • Hof am Leithaberge, Lower Austria, Austria, a town
    • Hof bei Straden, Styria, Austria, a municipality
    • Hof in Mähren, former Austrian and German name for Dvorce, Bruntál District, Czech Republic
    • Hof (district), Bavaria, Germany
      • Hof, Bavaria, a town in the district
      • Hof (electoral district), encompassing the district and another district
    • Hof, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, a municipality
  • the Dutch word for "court", "yard", and "garden", and hence a Dutch place and court name:
    • Hof van Delft, a former municipality west of Delft, South Holland
    • Hof van Holland, High Court of the provinces of Holland and Zeeland 1428–1811
    • Hof van Savoye, Palace of Margaret of Austria in Mechelen, Antwerp
    • Hof van Twente, a municipality in Twente, Overijssel
  • the Old Norse and Icelandic word for "temple", see Heathen hof; hence a placename in West Norse:
    • Hof, Iceland, a small village
    • Hof, Hedmark, Norway, a former municipality
    • Hof, Vestfold, Norway, a municipality
      • Hof Prison, in Vestfold, Norway
  • a Dutch and German toponymic surname, see Hof (surname)


  • Hof Ásatrúarfélagsins, temple in Reykjavík, Iceland


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