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Host(s) may refer to:

In Christianity:

  • Heavenly host, an army of good angels in Heaven
  • Host (Holy Communion), bread in the Eucharist

In culture:

  • Presenter, a person who presents an event
  • Host (album), a 1999 album by the band Paradise Lost
  • Hosts (novel), a Repairman Jack novel by F. Paul Wilson
  • Hosts (World of Darkness), antagonists from Werewolf: The Forsaken roleplaying game
  • Rutan Host, a fictional extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who

In science and engineering:

  • Host (network), when in reference to computer networking, an application instance that provides services to its clients (or client computers).
  • Host (biology), an organism that harbors a parasite, mutual partner, or commensal partner
  • Host (psychology), the most important mental entity in someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder

In other uses:

  • Host (restaurant), a MaĆ®tre d'
  • Host station, a railway station on Melbourne's suburban rail network
  • Host, Vis, a small island near Vis, Croatia

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