Image: Abd al-Qadir

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Description: Photograph of the Algerian Abdul Kader al Jazairi from Damascus. He fought the French in Algeria, and was defeated and imprisioned in France from 1847 to 1852. He was pardoned by Napoleon the III, and made Damascus his new home. ' Here we stop at a door thronged by Algerines in their white burnouses. They salute us, and we ascend the stairs to a reception-room , Europeanised by Abd el Kadir. Abd el Kadir is a man of middle height and muscular frame. He dresses purely in white, and is enveloped in the usual snowy burnous. He was the fourth son of the Algerine Marabout, Abd el Kadir Mahy el Din, and was born in 1807. He is now pensioned by his conquerors, and spends his days at Damascus, surrounded by a number of his faithful Algerines." MRS. RICHARD BURTON, THE INNER LIFE OF SYRIA, HENRY S. KING & CO. LONDON 1875
Title: Abd al-Qadir
Author: Etienne Carjat (Life time: 1828–1906)
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License: Public domain
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