Image: Acklins and Crooked 15ft 4p572 shaded

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Description: Topographic map of Acklins Island, Crooked Island, and Long Cay in the Bahamas shaded at 15 foot (4.572 meter) contour intervals. MAP KEY Light Blue: 0 ft (0.0 m) Green: 0-15 ft (0.0-4.6 m) Yellow: 15-30 ft (4.6-9.1 m) Red: 30-45 ft (9.1-13.7 m) Violet: 45-60 ft (13.7-18.3 m) Blue: 60-75 ft (18.3-22.9 m) White: 75-90 ft (22.9-27.4 m) Light Green: 90+ ft (27.4+ m) Map created with SRTM3 digital elevation data ( Resolution is ~90 meters.
Title: Acklins and Crooked 15ft 4p572 shaded
Credit: Own work
Author: Lithium6ion
Usage Terms: Public domain
License: Public domain
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