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Description: Induction coil (also called "spark coil" or "Rühmkorff coil"), used in science education probably around 1900, on display in the Schulhistorische Sammlung (School Historical Museum), Bremerhaven, Germany. It generates high voltage from low voltage direct current (D). Inside the cylinder is the primary winding, consisting of relatively few turns of thick wire, wrapped around an iron core. It can be seen sticking out of both ends of the coil. Around this is wound the secondary winding, consisting of many turns of fine wire. At the left end of the core is a vibrating contact called an "interrupter", which repeatedly breaks the current in the primary circuit to provide the flux changes necessary for induction. When operating, the high voltage from the secondary is applied to the spark gap at the top, creating a stream of sparks
Title: Induktionsapparat hg
Credit: own work, Schulhistorische Sammlung Bremerhaven
Author: Hannes Grobe (talk)
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