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  • Induction (play), an opening scene in a play, notably used in early English plays
  • Rite of passage
    • Orientation week, an induction program for new students at Universities
    • Teacher induction, the support and guidance provided to novice educators in the early stages of their careers
    • Induction (teachers), the period of one year following qualification as a teacher in the United Kingdom
    • Induction program, the process used within many businesses to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for their new role

In biology and chemistry:

  • Induction (biology) is the initiation or cause of a change or process in developmental biology
  • Enzyme induction and inhibition is a process in which a molecule (e.g. a drug) induces (i.e. initiates or enhances) or inhibits the expression of an enzyme
  • Induction (birth), induction of childbirth
  • asymmetric induction is the formation of one specific stereoisomer in the presence of a nearby chiral center

In psychology:

  • Induction procedure, the act of inducing a hypnotic state
  • Post Induction Therapy, a therapy which is based on the theory that childhood trauma, including child abuse and neglect, is the origin of developmental immaturity
  • Inductive reasoning aptitude, an aptitude or personality characteristic

In philosophy, logic, and computer science:

  • Inductive reasoning, used in science and the scientific method
  • Rhetorical induction
  • Backward induction in game theory and economics
  • Concept learning is the induction of a concept (category) from observations
  • Theoretical foundations of induction, see:
    • Computational learning theory
    • Version Space
    • Statistical Learning Theory
    • PAC Learning
    • Algorithmic Information Theory.
    • Concept learning, for citations to foundational work by Watanabe, Solomonoff, Rendell, etc.

In mathematics:

  • Mathematical induction, a method of proof in the field of mathematics
    • Strong induction, or Complete induction, a variant of mathematical induction
    • Transfinite induction, a kind of mathematical induction
    • ∈-induction, a kind of transfinite induction
  • Structural induction, a generalization of mathematical induction
  • 'Statistical induction', also known as inferential statistics

In physics:

  • Electromagnetic induction in physics and engineering
    • 'Magnetic induction', see magnetic field
    • Electrostatic induction
    • Radio frequency induction
    • Induction heating
      • Induction cooker uses induction heating for cooking.
      • Induction sealing
  • forced induction, with combustion engines, is the use of a gas compressor added to the air intake

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