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Jōhō (承保) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, lit. year name) after Enkyū and before Jōryaku. This period started in August 1074 and ended in November 1077. The reigning emperor was Emperor Shirakawa-tennō (白河天皇).

Events of the Jōhō Era

  • 1074 (Jōhō 1, 1st month): Minamoto no Takakune retired from court; and he wrote a book about the history of Japan.
  • 7 March 1074 (Jōhō 1, 7th day of the 2nd month): Fujiwara Yorimichi died at the age of 83; and Yorimichi's sister, the widow of Emperor Ichijo, died at the age of 87.
  • October 25, 1074 (Jōhō 1, 3rd day of the 10th month): Empress Jōtō-mon In died at the age of 87.

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