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James Williams may refer to:


  • James J. Williams (1853–1926), English photographer
  • James Dixon Williams (1877–1934), American film producer
  • James Williams (musician) (1951–2004), American jazz pianist
  • James D-Train Williams (born 1962), American singer, songwriter and musician
  • James K. Williams, Liberian rapper


  • James Williams (Revolutionary War) (1740–1780), colonel from South Carolina
  • James Monroe Williams (1833–1907), American Civil War soldier
  • James Howard Williams (1897–1958), British soldier and elephant expert in Burma
  • James E. Williams (1930–1999), Medal of Honor in the U.S. Navy
  • James A. Williams (born 1932), U.S. Army Lieutenant General
  • James L. Williams, Commanding General of the 4th Marine Division


  • James Wray Williams (1792–1842), U.S. Representative from Maryland
  • James Williams (ambassador) (1796–1869), to Ottoman Empire
  • James D. Williams (1808–1880), U.S. Representative from Indiana
  • James Williams (Ohio Auditor) (1822–1892), Republican
  • James Williams (Delaware politician) (1825–1899), U.S. Representative
  • James E. Williams (mayor) (1826–1900), Atlanta mayor after the Civil War
  • James E. Williams (East St. Louis mayor)
  • James M. Williams (1850–1909), Ohio House and Ohio Senate
  • James R. Williams (1850–1923), U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • James R. Williams (lawyer) (born 1936), candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
  • James D. Williams (Pennsylvania politician) (1943–1985), Pennsylvania House
  • James Edwin Williams (1856–1917), British trade unionist
  • James Williams (labor leader), American president of painters' union


  • James Williams (priest) (1790–1872), Welsh clergyman
  • James Williams (bishop) (1825–1892), Canadian Church of England
  • James Williams (Archdeacon of Ardfert) (died 1724)
  • James Kendrick Williams (born 1936), American Catholic bishop



  • James Williams (American football) (1928–2015), Rice University
  • James Williams (defensive back) (born 1967), Buffalo Bills
  • Jamie Williams (American football) (born 1960), NFL tight end
  • James Williams (wide receiver) (born 1978)
  • James O. Williams (born 1968), Chicago Bears
  • James Williams (linebacker) (born 1968), American football player
  • Jimmy Williams (footballer, born 1982), English footballer
  • James Williams (Welsh footballer) (1885–1916)
  • James Williams (Australian footballer) (born 1937)
  • James Williams-Richardson (born 1988), Anguillan international footballer
  • James Williams (Irish footballer)

Other sports

  • James Williams (baseball), co-owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team
  • James Williams (basketball) (born 1979), American
  • James Williams (British fencer) (born 1966)
  • James Williams (cricketer) (born 1973), Welsh
  • James Williams (field hockey) (1878–1929), British
  • James B. Williams (born 1926), Minor League Baseball manager
  • Fly Williams (James Williams, born 1953), American basketball player
  • James Leighman Williams (born 1985), American fencer

Other uses

  • James Miller Williams (1818–1890), Canadian oil businessman
  • James Nelson Williams (1837–1915), New Zealand runholder, orchardist and entrepreneur
  • James Leon Williams (1852–1932), American dental researcher
  • James Steele Williams (1896–1957), American paleontologist
  • James Arthur Williams (1930–1990), American antiques dealer
  • James Wilson Williams (born 1982), American academic
  • James Oladipo Williams (died 1999), Nigerian jurist and judge
  • James F. Williams, American librarian, University of Colorado
  • James H. Williams Jr., American mechanical engineer, MIT
  • Jamie Williams, president of the Wilderness Society
  • USS James E. Williams, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the United States Navy

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