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John Ryan may refer to:


  • John Ryan (artist) (1925–1993), Irish artist, broadcaster, publisher, critic, editor, patron and publican
  • John Ryan (publisher) (born 1967), Irish journalist and publisher


  • John Ryan (VC 1857) (1823–1858), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Ryan (VC 1863) (1839–1863), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Ryan (VC 1918) (1890–1941), Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Dale Ryan (1915–1983), general in the United States Air Force
  • John R. Ryan (born 1945), Chancellor of SUNY, former Superintendent, the United States Naval Academy


  • John Ryan (businessman) (born 1950), pioneer of cosmetic surgery and chairman of Doncaster Rovers
  • John D. Ryan (industrialist) (1864–1933), American copper mining magnate
  • John Ryan (printer) (1761–1847), "father of the press in British North America"
  • John Ryan (publisher) (born 1962), Irish publisher turned comic actor/writer
  • John P. Ryan (mining executive), CEO of US Silver Corporation

Media, arts and entertainment

  • John Ryan (cartoonist) (1921–2009), British animator and cartoonist
  • John Joseph Patrick Ryan, real name of American actor Jack Lord
  • John P. Ryan (1936–2007), American film actor
  • John Saint Ryan (born 1953), British actor and equestrian
  • Johnny Ryan (born 1970), American alternative comics creator and cartoonist
  • John Ryan (musician) (born 1987), American singer-songwriter and record producer
  • John Ryan (producer) (1928–2010), Canadian movie and TV producer; see On the 2nd Day of Christmas


  • John Ryan (British politician) (1940–2002), British Labour Member of Parliament
  • John Ryan (Irish politician) (1927–2014), Irish Labour Party politician
  • John Ryan (New South Wales politician) (born 1956), Legislative Council Member
  • John Ryan (South Australian politician) (1911–1988), House of Assembly member and Speaker
  • John Ryan (Australian politician) (1890–1974), Australian Senator
  • John Ryan (New Mexico politician), American state legislator in New Mexico
  • John F. Ryan (1848–1936), Virginia politician
  • John Nagel Ryan (1816–1887), New South Wales politician


  • John Ryan (athlete) (1893–1963), Irish Olympic athlete
  • John Ryan (footballer, born 1930) (1930–2008), Scottish football player
  • John Ryan (footballer, born 1947) (born 1947), English football player and manager
  • John Ryan (footballer, born 1962), English football player
  • John Ryan (footballer, born 1968), Irish football player
  • John Ryan (pitcher), 19th-century baseball player
  • John Ryan (rugby union coach) (born 1939), former head coach to Wales national rugby union team
  • John Ryan (swimmer) (born 1944), Australian Olympic swimmer
  • Blondy Ryan (John Collins Ryan, 1906–1959), baseball shortstop
  • John J. Ryan (1886–1950), head football coach at Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin
  • Johnny Ryan (baseball) (1853–1902), baseball player
  • John Ryan (rugby union, born 1988), Irish rugby union player
  • John Ryan (rugby, born 1948) (1948–1982), Australian rugby union player
  • John Ryan (Australian rules footballer) (1909–1989), Australian rules footballer for Essendon and Fitzroy
  • Johnny Ryan (Australian footballer) (born 1938), Australian rules footballer for Richmond
  • John Ryan (Dublin hurler), Dublin hurler of the 1910s
  • Johnny Ryan (hurler, born 1914) (1914–1997), Tipperary hurler of the 1930s-40s
  • Johnny Ryan (hurler, born 1988), Tipperary hurler of the 2010s
  • John Ryan (Galway hurler) (1958–2003), Irish hurler
  • John Ryan (judoka) (born 1934), Irish judoka
  • Jon Ryan (born 1981), American football punter
  • John Ryan (jockey); see 1859 Grand National


  • John A. Ryan (1869–1945), American Roman Catholic social reformer, economist and writer
  • Jack Ryan (FBI agent) (John C. Ryan, born 1938), former FBI agent
  • John Ryan (diplomat) (1923–1987), Australian diplomat and director-general of ASIS
  • John W. Ryan (1929–2011), fourteenth President of Indiana University
  • John Alphonsus Ryan (born 1952), Irish Catholic bishop and academic

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