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Availability 2006–2008
Total sets 39

LEGO Exo-Force is a LEGO toy line.


The story of Exo-Force portrays brave young pilots who use battle machines and teamwork to overcome overwhelming odds in their war against an army of evil robots.

On Sentai Mountain, there was a peaceful civilization where advanced robots and the ancient way of life went hand in hand. But one day, a golden robot named Meca One led the robots to revolt against the humans. Fights between the humans and robots broke out, unleashing uncontrollable energies that divided the mountain in two. The humans eventually overcame the robots, and cast them into the gorge.

The humans built bridges to link the two halves of the mountain. The most important bridge they built was the Tenchi (天地 "heaven & earth") Bridge. Some humans, including Sensei Keiken, feared that the robots might come back someday so Sensei Keiken promptly began to construct armored battle machines for defense. But before the humans' preparations were complete, the robot legions, armed with battle machines of their own, caught the humans by surprise and quickly seized control of the southern half of the mountain. More powerful than ever, their primary aim was this: to completely drive humanity from Sentai Mountain. Sensei Keiken hurriedly recruited new pilots to man the battle machines and Exo-Force was born.

The Exo-Force storyline for 2006 culminated in the Battle of Sentai Fortress when Meca One unleashed an all-out assault on the humans. After a narrow victory, Keiken decided that Exo-Force was too vulnerable in the Sentai Fortress and that they needed an "edge" to defeat the robots.

The 2007 storyline centers around Exo-Force's discovery of the legendary Golden City at the top of Sentai Mountain and mysterious secret codes therein which could be used to unlock powerful technology. Keiken's hope was that this technology would provide the crucial key to defeating the robots.

In the 2008 storyline, the northern side of the mountain began to be conquered by the robots and many Exo-Force pilots were held captive. Among the lot, Sensei Keiken was captured, and is being held captive by the robots in the jungle at the base of Sentai Mountain. The remaining Exo-Force pilots must rescue their leader in this hostile jungle environment that holds the secret to what gave the robots life and the will to destroy. This plot was not resolved and the theme was discontinued after a single online comic.



Although Exo-Force has many members, the LEGO sets and official storyline focus on the following characters.

Hikaru (, "light", "shining") - Hikaru is serious, silent, and wants to win. He prefers to work solo, but has learned to count on his teammates. He is a natural tactician and commander, though he can seem cold or overly logical at times. Hikaru is an incredible marksman and highly skilled at aerial combat.

Takeshi (, "military", "warrior", "chivalry") - Takeshi is grim, fierce, and a little crazy. He lives for one thing – to smash robots and their battle machines into tiny little pieces. Unlike Hikaru, Takeshi is much more likely to react instinctively and emotionally in a crisis, rather than relying on logic and planning.

Ryo (, "bright", "clear") - Ryo talks and moves fast. He is a whiz with any kind of tool or circuit. He was part of the design team that created many of the battle machines used by Exo-Force. Ryo is incredibly gifted at engineering and repair work, with a real flair for technological improvisation in a crisis.

Ha-Ya-To (隼人, "falcon person") - Ha-Ya-To is adventurous, a joker, and loves to fly. He's at his happiest and is most comfortable in the air, even if it means putting himself in harm's way. He is addicted to the adrenaline rush of battle and usually has a joke on his lips no matter how bad the situation.

Keiken (経験, "experience") - As Exo-Force's aged and wise leader, Keiken has a long history. It was he who first designed Meca One, the robot who later led the rebellion against the human race. Stern, paternal, firm in his convictions and universally respected, Keiken provides the guidance the young pilots need.

Hitomi (, "pupil") - Granddaughter of Sensei Keiken, Hitomi showed an aptitude for mechanical work from an early age. She is dimwitted and arrogant; a risk-taker who feels she has something to prove. During a fierce robot attack, she had the opportunity to make use of an untested battle machine, the freezing Falcon. Using it to defeat the robots, her heroism left Keiken no choice but to make her a full member of Exo-Force. After Hitomi was kidnapped by Meca One, keiken was surprised to find out that his grandfather had left instructions that he should be in charge of Exo-Force in the event of her capture.


Meca One - Meca One is cold, ruthless, and logical. As the first robot ever to rebel against the humans, Meca One is now the supreme leader of the robot army. Meca One has replicated itself as a safety measure, which makes it more difficult for Exo-Force to simply target Meca One and try to end the rebellion that way he is colored gold with red eyes

Devastator - Devastators are sly, cunning, and cruel. These silver robots are the elite troops of the robot rebellion. Devastators have been known to go out of their way to cause damage to civilian dwellings, or to pursue wounded battle machines for long distances just to finish them off. Exo-Force pilots have reported seeing Devastators of various colors.

Iron Drone - Iron Drones are strong and durable. As the foot soldiers for the robot army, they are very good at following orders, but terrible at improvising in an unexpected situation or devising any kind of strategy.


The Exo-Force story is told through a series of online comics on the official website. As of 2007, a new comic was released approximately every month. Below is a list of the titles and release date of each episode.

# Name Release date
0 The First Battle November 15, 2005
1 Stealth Hunter vs. Fire Vulture January 5, 2006
2 Takeshi and Hikaru Continue the Battle January 18, 2006
3 Hikaru's Mission February 1, 2006
4 A Fierce Fight February 16, 2006
5 Ryo's Experiment March 2, 2006
6 Training Day March 16, 2006
7 Dark Storm Rising March 29, 2006
8 Assault on the Gate April 12, 2006
9 The Blaze of Battle April 26, 2006
10 A Desperate Plan May 10, 2006
11 The Rescue May 24, 2006
12 All-Out Attack June 12, 2006
13 Assault on Robot H.Q. June 22, 2006
14 Uplink Alone July 4, 2006
15 Mobile Defense Tank in Action July 18, 2006
16 Into the Mountain August 1, 2006
17 Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning August 16, 2006
18 Beginning of the End August 29, 2006
19 Secret Strike September 12, 2006
20 The Fall of Takeshi September 26, 2006
21 Battle in the Sky October 10, 2006
22 Origin of Exo-Force October 24, 2006
23 Sensei's Secret November 7, 2006
24 Eyes of the Enemy November 26, 2006
25 The Final Battle December 4, 2006
26 Epilogue December 20, 2006
27 Quest for the Golden City January 26, 2007
28 Mystery of the Codes February 28, 2007
29 A New Battle Begins March 27, 2007
30 Destination: Golden City April 15, 2007
31 Golden City Under Siege May 13, 2007
32 Battle for the Golden Tower June 27, 2007
33 A Trap is Sprung July 29, 2007
34 In the Blaze of Battle September 6, 2007
35 Aero Assault September 26, 2007
36 Betrayal October 17, 2007
37 Chaos in the Golden City November 20, 2007
38 Devastation December 3, 2007
39 Jungle Mission March 26, 2008


Chapter books

The Exo-Force chapter books were published in collaboration with Scholastic. This chapter book series was cancelled in late 2007 apparently because of poor sales, thus the last two books on the list below were never released.

# Name Release date
1 Escape From Sentai Mountain September 2006
2 Attack of the Robots December 2006
3 Search for the Golden City March 2007
4 Ghost of the Past June 2007
5 Race to the Golden City September 2007
6 The Golden Doom Unreleased
7 Jungle of Danger Unreleased


Name Release Date
Play-Along Sticker Storybook September 1, 2006
Collector's Guide March 1, 2007
Activity Book June 1, 2007
Action Manual September 2007
Secret of the Golden Tower September 2007

Television commercials

Lego developed a series of long-format commercials composed of 5 two-minute episodes that aired on Nickelodeon and NickToons during late January 2006. The five episodes can be seen at the official website. The full-length Exo-Force video can be found at Ghost Digital Production House's website (the Danish studio responsible for Exo-Force animation).

Title Airdate
Legend of Sentai Mountain January 23, 2006
Best of Human Exo-Force! January 24, 2006
Harsh Training of Exo-Force?! January 25, 2006
Failure of Exo-Force! January 26, 2006
War Starts...! January 27, 2006


The following list of LEGO Exo-Force sets includes all known official names found on packaging or in the official LEGO website and magazine. Note there are several battle machines and alternative models that have not been given official names by LEGO.

2006 sets

The motto for Exo-Force in 2006 was "Time to Power Up!"

7700 Stealth Hunter - Protected by a prototype stealth coating that makes it invisible to sensors, the Stealth Hunter uses its ultra-light exo-glider wings to fly undetected behind enemy lines and take out the robot targets using its dual-blade electro-sword and high-precision laser rifle. It has 8 cm (3") of intractium armor.

  • Unit Designation: A.01 龍翼 (Dragon Wing)
  • Minifig: Hikaru
  • Alternative Model: Stealth Wasp

7701 Grand Titan - The Grand Titan is heavily armored with 20 cm (8") of intractium armor. It is equipped with an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) "pincer sword" and a rotating laser cannon.

  • Unit Designation: L.01 龍牙 (Dragon Fang)
  • Minifig: Takeshi
  • Alternative Model: Titan Tracker

7702 Thunder Fury - Surprisingly fast given its size and 20 cm (8") of tenatium armor, the Thunder Fury's titanium razorblade powersaw (v2.0) and automatic high-density laser cannon make it a major threat to the humans of Sentai Mountain.

  • Unit Designation: TF.7702
  • Minifig: Devastator (Red)
  • Alternative Model: Fire Fury

7703 Fire Vulture - The Fire Vulture is part of the air arm of the Robot rebellion. It has 10 cm (4") of tenatium armor and flies using a hyper-turbine jet engine mounted on its back. It is armed with a powerful long-range flamethrower and electro-vulture claws that can tear enemy armor to bits.

  • Unit Designation: FV.7703
  • Minifig: Devastator (Blue)
  • Alternative Model: Hover Hawk

7704 Sonic Phantom - Powered by four nuclear engines, the Sonic Phantom is perfect at making quick, dangerous air raids with its wide-angle laser cannons, and concussion missile launcher.

  • Unit Designation: SP.7704
  • Minifig: Devastator (Green)
  • Alternative Model: Speeder Phantom

7705 Gate Assault - The humans must stop the robots from taking the First Gate. Ha-Ya-To pilots the Gate Defender micro battle machine to defend against the robots' Sentry II micro battle machine and R-1 Robot Rammer (a reconditioned mining vehicle).

  • Gate Defender Unit Designation: A.02 鷹 (Falcon)
  • Sentry II Unit Designation: 7705
  • Minifigs: Ha-Ya-To, Human Soldier, 3 Iron Drones
  • Alternative Models: Swift, Blockade Bulldozer

7706 Mobile Defense Tank - Armed with machine laser cannons and an energy disc launcher, this tracked vehicle is designed to battle the robots on even the roughest terrain.

  • Unit Designation: AT.02 登山車 (Mountain Climbing Vehicle)
  • Minifigs: Ryo, Human Soldier
  • Alternative Model: Advance Tactical Unit

7707 Striking Venom - A massive mobile battle station, Striking Venom can carry and recharge robots in battle. Its shovels are used for digging in and hiding to surprise its enemies.

  • Unit Designation: SV.7707
  • Minifigs: Meca One, 6 Iron Drones
  • Alternative Model: Frontline Barricade

7708 Uplink - In addition to being a battle machine, the Uplink is designed to be a "medic" for other battle machines. It contains a wide array of built-in maintenance equipment which can get a damaged battle machine up and running rapidly.

  • Unit Designation: AT.01 虎 (Tiger)
  • Minifig: Ryo
  • Alternative Model: Link Transporter

7709 Sentai Fortress - The robot army is attacking Sentai Fortress! Meca One pilots his personal battle machine accompanied by two Iron Drones and a mini Venom Walker. To counter-attack, Hikaru pilots a full-sized blue battle machine, the Silent Strike.

  • Silent Strike Unit Designation: A.04 天王 (Sky King)
  • Minifigs: Keiken, Hikaru, Takeshi, Ryo, Ha-Ya-To, Meca One, 2 Iron Drones
  • Alternative Models: Sentai Tower, Blightrunner

7711 Sentry - The mass-produced Sentries attack in large numbers to overwhelm opponents. The robots fully expect that most Sentries sent into battle will not come back, and they do not care – they will just make more.

  • Unit Designation: 7711
  • Minifig: Iron Drone
  • Alternative Model: Laser Sentry

7712 Supernova - Powered by the sun, the Supernova uses its solar-powered laser staff and double-barreled laser cannon to defeat the robots.

  • Unit Designation: L.02 炎王 (Flame King)
  • Minifig: Takeshi
  • Alternative Model: Nova Crawler

7713 Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning - Ha-Ya-To pilots the White Lightning, an ultra-fast flying battle machine armed with dual machine cannons and a disk launcher, to take on Meca One's titanic Bridge Walker, a massive battle machine armed with lasers, cannons, and missiles.

  • White Lightning Unit Designation: A.03 白雷 (White Thunder)
  • Bridge Walker Unit Designation: BW.7713
  • Minifigs: Ha-Ya-To, Meca One, 2 Devastators
  • Alternative Models: Fire Eagle, Raven Attacker

2007 sets

7714 Golden Guardian - Discovered in a secret Golden City vault, the Golden Guardian is a legendary battle machine that has been assigned to Ha-Ya-To who uses it to protect the Golden Tower. Although initially land-bound, the Golden Guardian has been fitted with jump jets to enable it to make rocket-powered leaps and even fly for short distances. It is armed with a massively powerful mega-cannon arm and a nearly impenetrable blast shield.

  • Unit Designation: A.11 金武 (Golden Warrior)
  • Minifig: Ha-Ya-To

7721 Combat Crawler X2 – This massive mechanical menace packs twice the danger and twice the firepower, because it's two mighty battle machines in one! In combined mode, it scales the cliffs of Sentai Mountain or the walls of the Golden City with its clawed legs, prison capture cage and powerful firing cannon, but when the battle gets tough, its front end detaches to fight as a raging robot battle machine of its own! It's up to Ryo and his missile-launching strike flyer to stop them both…if he can!

  • Unit Designation: 7721
  • Minifigs: Ryo, Iron Drone, Devastator (Red)

8100 Cyclone Defender - Found by Ryo in the Golden Tower, the Cyclone Defender has 6" of zaylium armor, a variable-pulse blaster and rotating bladed defense shield.

  • Unit Designation: AT.10 虎 (Tiger)
  • Minifig: Ryo

8101 Claw Crusher - Armored with 8" of tenatium armor and armed with rotating blaster cannons and gigantic ripping claws, these mass-produced mini battle machines are a great threat in close combat.

  • Unit Designation: 8101
  • Minifig: Devastator

8102 Blade Titan - Massively armored with 12" of zaylium armor, this battle machine carries an arsenal of heavy-duty weapons including a multi-barreled proton cannon and double-bladed assault shield that expands and rotates automatically.

  • Unit Designation: L.10 銳刃 (Sharp Blade)
  • Minifig: Takeshi

8103 Sky Guardian - This multi-winged, jet-powered battle machine has 5" zaylium armor and is the fastest and most agile opponent the robots have ever faced. What the Sky Guardian’s long-range launching energy sphere and particle beam rifle does not take care of, its massive armor-slicing energy sword will!

  • Unit Designation: A.10 音速 (Speed of Sound)
  • Minifig: Hikaru

8104 Shadow Crawler - The Shadow Crawler is armed with laser cannons and a destroyer disk launcher. With 10" of tenatium armor covered with a stealth coating, the Shadow Crawler is able to operate in full stealth mode and scale any surface. Mounted atop each Shadow Crawler is a prison pod for human captives.

  • Unit Designation: 8104
  • Minifig: Devastator (Green), skeleton

8105 Iron Condor - With a metallic screech, Iron Condors almost always attack in pairs. It has 6" of tenatium armor, razor-sharp talons and a missile that magnetizes its target, robbing enemy battle machines of their ability to maneuver.

  • Unit Designation: 8105
  • Minifig: Devastator (Red)

8106 Aero Booster - The Aero Booster is a standard battle machine body with a massive, detachable rocket and weapons pack. This amazing piece of machinery allows the Aero Booster to achieve speeds even exceeding that of the Sky Guardian, as well as giving it weapons power superior to any other battle machine in Exo-Force's arsenal.

  • Unit Designation: A.12 虎 (Tiger)
  • Minifig: Ha-Ya-To

8107 Fight for the Golden Tower - The Golden Tower is the tallest building in the Golden City and houses the massive computer that is the central knowledge storehouse. It is here where Exo-Force pilots bring the codes they have retrieved for entry into the computer. When the Sonic Raven attacks from the skies with double firing rockets and twin rotating turbines, Hitomi fights back with the tower’s launching missile, golden energy swords and more!

  • Sonic Raven Unit Designation: 8107
  • Minifigs: Hitomi, Devastator

8108 Mobile Devastator – This rolling robot base is the newest and most powerful weapon put in the field by Meca One. The ultimate wheeled mobile fortress features an elevating battle tower with rotating laser guns, destroyer sphere launchers, prison pods, and more. The only thing that stands in its way is Ryo in the Blazing Falcon battle machine with slashing claws and firing rocket!

  • Blazing Falcon Unit Designation: A.13 狩猟 (Hunter)
  • Minifigs: Ryo, Meca One, 3 Devastators, 6 Iron Drones, 2 skeletons

2008 Sets

8111 River Dragon - With oversized turbines for amphibious action, Ha-Ya-To's new battle machine takes the fight to the robots wherever they are!

  • Unit Designation: W.20 速攻 (Quick Attack)
  • Minifig: Ha-Ya-To

8112 Battle Arachnoid - Striking with its armour-piercing fangs, this blast jet-powered robot battle machine is a dangerous threat!

  • Unit Designation: 8112 紅蜘蛛 (Red Spider)
  • Minifig: Devastator

8113 Assault Tiger - This heavy-duty battle machine is armed and armoured for all-out battle! With its tiger-stripe camouflage, spinning buzzsaw and transforming mini-robot weapon, it's ready to take on any foe.

  • Unit Designation: L.20 凄裂 (Dreadful Ripping)
  • Minifig: Takeshi

8114 Chameleon Hunter - Capable of short bursts of flight that resemble mighty leaps, the Chameleon Hunter can vanish from sensors with the help of camo-phores built into its zaylium armor plating. It then appears out of nowhere to attack with its flame-blaster cannon and triple-pronged claw! The agile mini-robot can use its twin mantis blades to pierce the vital circuitry underneath robot battle machine armor.

  • Unit Designation: L.21 幻術 (Illusion Power)
  • Minifig: Hikaru

8115 Dark Panther - Leaping from the shadows, this four-legged robot battle machine strikes without warning! Drones detach and attack with jetpacks, cannon elevates, and weapon converts to mini-robot scout.

  • Unit Designation: 8115 暗闇豹 (Darkness Panther)
  • Minifigs: Devastator, 2 Iron Drones

8117 Storm Lasher - Like a giant supersonic dragonfly, the Storm Lasher is equipped with diamond-edged turbine fans and heat-blade mandibles. Its infrared sensors can "see" through the forest canopy so its long-range plasma cannon arrays can blast targets below. A mini-robot recon drone with camera relays also helps to detect enemies on the ground.

  • Unit Designation: 8117 鬼蜻蜓 (Ghost Dragonfly)
  • Minifig: Iron Drone

8118 Hybrid Rescue Tank - Using a unique tread/wheel traction system, the Hybrid Rescue Tank can roll over – or through – anything the robots or jungle can throw in its path. Its multi-barreled rotating rail blaster fires high-velocity bursts that can shred the armor of the toughest robot battle machines. Best of all, the top turret can detach and convert into a flying vehicle for scouting and recon missions.

  • Unit Designation: AT.20 毒霧 (Poison Mist)
  • Minifigs: Ryo, Keiken

Combined models

One of the features of the Exo-Force toy line is that two or more battle machines can be combined to make a super battle machine.

  • Mountain Warrior (7700 and 7701)
  • Raging Storm (7702 and 7703)
  • Robot Reaper 1.0 (7700 and 7703) [1]
  • Blazing Hunter (7700 and 7703) [2][3]
  • Magnalink (7706 and 7709) [4] [5]
  • Sky Titan (8100, 8102, and 8103)
  • Iron Crusher (8101, 8104, and 8105)
  • River Dragon + Chameleon Hunter (8111, and 8114)
  • Battle Arachnoid + Dark Panther (8112, and 8115)
  • Assault Tiger + Chameleon Hunter (8113 and 8114)
  • Dark Panther + Storm Lasher (8115 and 8117)

Key chains

  • Takeshi
  • Hikaru


  • Takeshi
  • Hikaru
  • Ryo
  • Ha-Ya-To

Foam Rocket Blasters

  • Exo Blaster
  • Rocket Launcher

Promotional sets

These promotional sets were released in Europe (e.g. packaged with Donald Duck magazine in Denmark) and are not part of the main toy line.


  • 5965 Robot Walker - Devastator
  • 5966 Flyer - Hikaru
  • 5967 Walker - Takeshi


  • 3870 Walker - Takeshi
  • 3871 Flyer - Ha-Ya-To
  • 3872 Robo Chopper - Devastator (Red)
  • 3885 Mini Jet Fighter - Hikaru
  • 3886 Green Exo Fighter - Ryo


The following are the Exo-Force games previously available at the official LEGO website:

  • Shot Session
  • Smack Session
  • Speed Session
  • Sentai Showdown Battle 1
  • Sentai Showdown Battle 2
  • Sentai Showdown Battle 3
  • Jungle Mission
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