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In computer science, a linked list is a data structure that is a linear collection of items whose order is not given by their physical placement in memory. Instead, each item links to the next item. The last item links to a terminator used to mark the end of the list.

Types of linked lists

Singly linked list

A singly linked list whose items have two fields: a value and a link to the next item

Doubly linked list

A doubly linked list whose items have three fields: a value, the link forward to the next item, and the link backward to the previous item

Circular linked list

A circular linked list

Linked list algorithms

Reversing a singly linked list

Item reverseList(Item head) {
    Item prev = null;
    Item curr = head;
    while (curr != null) {
        Item following =; = prev;
        prev = curr;
        curr = following;
    return prev;
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