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This is a list of characters from the Russian animated television series Fantasy Patrol, which premiered on Moolt in Cinema on April 30, 2016.

Main characters


Helena (Russian: Алёнка) is a local resident of the city of Myshkin. She is a cheerful and optimistic young girl, and the best friend of Louis Alex. She is very sociable and talkative, often thinking before she does. Helena is just starting to get acquainted with magic. She is afraid of hedgehogs. Her element is fire, and her power is pyrokinesis. In the season one finale, "Light My Fire", she receives a fire key. In "The Secret of the Magic Café", she went to the Fairytale World with Vlad and befriended him in the season two premiere, "Волшебный город".

She is voiced by Miroslava Karpovich (1—52 series), Anfisa Wistingausen (51, from 53 serie).


Valery (Russian: Варя) is a responsible, confident, and straightforward heroine. She is the leader of the Fantasy Patrol. She is afraid of snakes. Her element is air. Her powers are controlling flight, wind, and teleportation. She is best friends with Queen Celeste. In the 24th episode "Best Friends", she receives an air key.

She is voiced by Olga Kuzmina.


Mary (Russian: Маша) is smart, practical, and strives to do everything by the rules and according to plan. She is an excellent student, an inventor, and is well-versed with any technique. She is afraid of spiders. Her element is Earth, and her power is phytokinesis (plant manipulation). In the 18th episode "Magic Forest", she receives an Earth key.

She is voiced by Yulia Alexandrova.


Snowy (Russian: Снежка) is kind, silent, calm, and delicate. She doesn't like to interfere with the internal conflicts of the other girls. Her childhood friend is a plush bunny. She is afraid of her teacher, Professor Krivozub. She is the granddaughter of Santa Claus and the niece of the Snow Queen. Her element is water and her power is controlling snow and ice (cryokinesis). In "Under the Water", she received a water key.

She is voiced by Polina Kutepova.

Recurring characters


Alice (Russian: Алиса) is fast, bright, and effective. She is a fashionista with a high opinion of herself. She doesn't like to admit when she's wrong, but she knows to value friendship. She is a keeper of time. Her first appearance is in "Хранительница времени".

She is voiced by Glafira Tarkhanova.

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