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List of Indiana state historical markers in Porter County facts for kids

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Map of Indiana highlighting Porter County
Location of Porter County in Indiana

This is a list of the Indiana state historical markers in Porter County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Porter County, Indiana, United States by the Indiana Historical Bureau. The locations of the historical markers and their latitude and longitude coordinates are included below when available, along with their names, years of placement, and topics as recorded by the Historical Bureau. There are 4 historical markers located in Porter County.

Historical markers

Marker title Image Year placed Location Topics
Iron Brigade Iron Brigade marker P3290002.jpg 1995 Along U.S. Route 20 at the southeastern corner of the State Road 49 overpass in Chesterton
41°38′8″N 87°3′28″W / 41.63556°N 87.05778°W / 41.63556; -87.05778 (Iron Brigade)
Willow Creek Confrontation 1995 Southeastern corner of Woodland Park at 2100 Willow Creek Road in Portage
41°35′20″N 87°11′4″W / 41.58889°N 87.18444°W / 41.58889; -87.18444 (Willow Creek Confrontation)
Transportation, Business, Industry, and Labor
Ogden Dunes Ski Jump 1997 Kratz Field at 82 Hillcrest Road by Boat Club Road in Ogden Dunes
41°37′18″N 87°11′26″W / 41.62167°N 87.19056°W / 41.62167; -87.19056 (Ogden Dunes Ski Jump)
Sports, Special Events
Edwin Way Teale Location 1399.jpg 2009 285 E. U.S. Route 20 in Chesterton
41°38′58″N 87°0′46″W / 41.64944°N 87.01278°W / 41.64944; -87.01278 (Edwin Way Teale)
Education and Libraries, Nature and Natural Disasters, Newspapers and Media
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