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List of Indiana state historical markers in Vigo County facts for kids

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Map of Indiana highlighting Vigo County
Location of Vigo County in Indiana

This is a list of the Indiana state historical markers in Vigo County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Vigo County, Indiana, United States by the Indiana Historical Bureau. The locations of the historical markers and their latitude and longitude coordinates are included below when available, along with their names, years of placement, and topics as recorded by the Historical Bureau. There are 12 historical markers located in Vigo County.

Historical markers

Marker title Image Year placed Location Topics
Birthplace of Paul Dresser (1859-1906) Paul Dresser Birthplace 2.JPG 1966 Junction of Dresser Drive and 1st Street at Fairbanks Park in Terre Haute
39°27′24″N 87°25′1″W / 39.45667°N 87.41694°W / 39.45667; -87.41694 (Birthplace of Paul Dresser (1859-1906))
Arts and Culture
Chauncey Rose 1794-1877 Chaunceyroseindiana.jpg 1966 Northeastern corner of the junction of Chestnut and Seventh Streets in Terre Haute
39°28′14.4″N 87°24′25″W / 39.470667°N 87.40694°W / 39.470667; -87.40694 (Chauncey Rose 1794-1877)
Business, Industry, and Labor
Birthplace of Paul Dresser (1859) (one block west) Paul Dresser Birthplace.jpg 1966 In the median at the junction of Third and Farrington Streets in Terre Haute
39°27′24″N 87°24′49.9″W / 39.45667°N 87.413861°W / 39.45667; -87.413861 (Birthplace of Paul Dresser (1859) (one block west))
Arts and Culture
Eugene Victor Debs 1855-1926 Eugene V. Debs, bw photo portrait, 1897.jpg 1976 Southwestern corner of Marks Field at Indiana State University in Terre Haute
39°28′14.4″N 87°24′49″W / 39.470667°N 87.41361°W / 39.470667; -87.41361 (Eugene Victor Debs 1855-1926)
Business, Industry, and Labor, Politics
[Charles Gene Abrell] Abrell.jpg 1982 Along State Road 63 at the Wabash River on the northern side of Terre Haute
39°29′54″N 87°25′13″W / 39.49833°N 87.42028°W / 39.49833; -87.42028 ([Charles Gene Abrell])
Home of Eugene V. Debs Eugene V Debs Home 3.JPG 1992 451 N. Eighth Street in Terre Haute
39°28′19″N 87°24′20″W / 39.47194°N 87.40556°W / 39.47194; -87.40556 (Home of Eugene V. Debs)
Business, Industry, and Labor, Historic District, Neighborhoods, and Towns, Politics
Union Hospital 1992 Northwestern corner of the junction of Seventh Street and 8th Avenue in Terre Haute
39°29′5.6″N 87°24′26″W / 39.484889°N 87.40722°W / 39.484889; -87.40722 (Union Hospital)
Science, Medicine, and Inventions, Women
Birthplace of the Coca-Cola Bottle 1915 contour Coca-Cola contour bottle prototype.png 1994 Northeastern corner of the junction of Third and Voorhees Streets in Terre Haute
39°26′28.2″N 87°24′49″W / 39.441167°N 87.41361°W / 39.441167; -87.41361 (Birthplace of the Coca-Cola Bottle)
Business, Industry, and Labor, Arts and Culture
Crossroads of America Building in the Wabash Avenue-East HD.jpg 1998 Northwestern corner of the junction of Seventh Street and Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute
39°28′0″N 87°24′26″W / 39.46667°N 87.40722°W / 39.46667; -87.40722 (Crossroads of America)
Markle Mill Site Markle Mill site.jpg 2001 4900 Mill Dam Road in North Terre Haute
39°31′40″N 87°20′48″W / 39.52778°N 87.34667°W / 39.52778; -87.34667 (Markle Mill Site)
Business, Industry, and Labor
Wea Tribe at Terre Haute 2004 Junction of First and Oak Streets at Fairbanks Park in Terre Haute
39°27′40″N 87°25′1″W / 39.46111°N 87.41694°W / 39.46111; -87.41694 (Wea Tribe at Terre Haute)
American Indian/Native American
Saint Theodora Guérin 2009 Sisters of Providence motherhouse grounds, located on Grotto Lane directly across from Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
39°30′31.5″N 87°27′40″W / 39.508750°N 87.46111°W / 39.508750; -87.46111 (Saint Theodora Guérin)
Education & Libraries, Women, Religion
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