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List of National Natural Landmarks in Idaho facts for kids

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These are 11 National Natural Landmarks in Idaho.

Name Image Date Location County Ownership Description
1 Big Southern Butte Big Southern Butte at Craters of the Moon NM-750px.JPG 1976 Atomic City43°24′05″N 113°01′26″W / 43.401389°N 113.023889°W / 43.401389; -113.023889 (Big Southern Butte) Butte federal (Bureau of Land Management) A 2,500 ft Rhyolitic dome that rises over the Eastern Snake River Plain. It illustrates the scope and dimensions of Quaternary volcanism in the western United States.
2 Big Springs Big Springs, Idaho.jpg 1980 Island Park44°30′01″N 111°15′19″W / 44.500278°N 111.255278°W / 44.500278; -111.255278 (Big Springs) Fremont federal (Caribou-Targhee National Forest) The only first-magnitude spring in the country that issues forth from rhyolitic lava flows.
3 Cassia Silent City of Rocks City of Rocks 1974 Malta42°04′34″N 113°42′06″W / 42.076026°N 113.701676°W / 42.076026; -113.701676 (City of Rocks) Cassia federal (City of Rocks National Reserve) Monolithic landforms created by exfoliation processes on exposed massive granite plutons.
4 Crater Rings Crater Rings Idaho.jpg 1980 Mountain Home43°11′27″N 115°51′35″W / 43.1907°N 115.8597°W / 43.1907; -115.8597 (Crater Rings) Elmore federal (Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area) Two adjacent and symmetrical pit craters that are among the few examples of this type of crater in the continental United States.
5 Great Rift of Idaho Kings Bowl and Great Rift from air.jpg 1968 Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve43°27′42″N 113°33′46″W / 43.46167°N 113.56278°W / 43.46167; -113.56278 (Great Rift) Blaine, Minidoka, Power federal (Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve) A tensional fracture in the Earth's crust.
6 Hagerman Fauna Sites HAFO FlowersRiver.jpg 1975 Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument42°47′26″N 114°56′41″W / 42.7906°N 114.9448°W / 42.7906; -114.9448 (Hagerman Fossil Beds) Twin Falls federal (Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument) Contains the world's richest deposits of Upper Pliocene age terrestrial fossils.
7 Hell's Half Acre Lava Field Hell's Half Acre Lava Field 1976 Blackfoot43°30′N 112°27′W / 43.5°N 112.45°W / 43.5; -112.45 (Hell's Half Acre Lava Field) Bingham, Bonneville federal (Bureau of Land Management) Fully exposed pahoehoe lava flow.
8 Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area Hobo Cedar Grove 1980 Shoshone47°05′28″N 116°07′37″W / 47.0911°N 116.127°W / 47.0911; -116.127 (Hobo Grove) Shoshone federal (St. Joe National Forest) An outstanding example of pristine western red cedar forest.
9 Menan Buttes North Menan Butte 1980 Menan43°36′N 111°30′W / 43.6°N 111.5°W / 43.6; -111.5 (Menan Buttes) Jefferson, Madison federal (Bureau of Land Management) Contains outstanding examples of glass tuff cones, which are found in only a few places in the world.
10 Niagara Springs Niagara Springs 1980 Hagerman42°51′28″N 114°52′35″W / 42.85778°N 114.87639°W / 42.85778; -114.87639 (Niagara Springs) Gooding private Least developed of the large springs discharging into the Snake River from the Snake River plain aquifer system.
11 Sheep Rock Sheep Rock 1976 Council45°11′30″N 116°40′17″W / 45.191651°N 116.67132°W / 45.191651; -116.67132 (Sheep Rock) Adams federal (Payette National Forest) Horizontally layered lavas that represent successive flows on the Columbia River Basalt Plateau.
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