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List of Parasitica of Great Britain facts for kids

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This article contains a list of wasps of Great Britain. The following species are of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor ant.

Family Dryinidae

Family Embolemidae

  • Embolemus ruddii

Family Bethylidae

Family Chrysididae (cuckoo wasps)

  • Chrysis ignita
  • Chrysis ruddii
  • Chrysis viridula

Family Tiphiidae

Family Mutillidae

Family Scoliidae

Family Pompilidae (spider wasps)

Sub-family Ceropalinae

Genus Ceropales

  • Ceropales maculata

Sub-family Pepsinae

Genus Auplopus

  • Auplopus carbonarius

Genus Cryptocheilus

  • Cryptocheilus notatus

Genus Dipogon

  • Dipogon bifasciatus
  • Dipogon subintermedius
  • Dipogon variegatus

Genus Priocnemis

  • Priocnemis perturbator

Sub-family Pompilinae

Genus Anoplius

  • Anoplius nigerrimus

Genus Aporus

  • Aporus unicolor

Genus Episyron

  • Episyron gallicum
  • Episyron rufipes

Genus Evagetes

  • Evagetes crassicornis

Genus Homonotus

  • Homonotus sanguinolentus

Genus Pompilus

  • Pompilus cinereus- Leaden spider wasp

Family Vespidae

Subfamily Eumeninae (potter and mason wasps)

Genus Eumenes

  • Eumenes coarctatus

Genus Pterochilus

  • Pterochilus phaleratus

Genus Euodynerus

  • Euodynerus quadrifasciatus

Genus Pseudepipona

  • Pseudepipona herrichii – Purbeck Mason-wasp

Genus Odynerus

Subgenus Odynerus
  • Odynerus melanocephalus
  • Odynerus spinipes
Subgenus Spinicoxa
  • Odynerus reniformis
  • Odynerus simillimus

Genus Gymnomerus

  • Gymnomerus laevipes

Genus Microdynerus

  • Microdynerus exilis

Genus Ancistrocerus

  • Ancistrocerus antilope
  • Ancistrocerus gazella
  • Ancistrocerus nigricornis
  • Ancistrocerus parietinus
  • Ancistrocerus parietum
  • Ancistrocerus quadratus
  • Ancistrocerus scoticus
  • Ancistrocerus trifasciatus

Genus Symmorphus

  • Symmorphus bifasciatus
  • Symmorphus connexus
  • Symmorphus crassicornis
  • Symmorphus gracilis

Subfamily Vespinae (social wasps)

Genus Polistes

Genus Vespa (hornets)

Genus Dolichovespula

Subgenus Dolichovespula
  • Dolichovespula media – median wasp
Subgenus Pseudovespula
  • Dolichovespula norwegica – Norwegian wasp
  • Dolichovespula saxonica – Saxon wasp
  • Dolichovespula sylvestris – tree wasp

Genus Vespula (typical social wasps)

Subgenus Vespula
  • Vespula austriaca
  • Vespula rufa – red wasp
Subgenus Paravespula

Family Sphecidae

Family Crabronidae

  • Cerceris rybyensis – ornate tailed digger wasp
  • Philanthus triangulum – European beewolf
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