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This is a list of mayors of Princeton in Indiana, United States. As of 2006, there have been 31 mayors of the city of Princeton, Indiana.

From 1884 to 1906 mayors were elected for two-year terms; mayors listed during that timespan whose terms are given as more than two years were simply elected to successive terms. From 1906 on mayors were elected to four-year terms (with the exceptions of Dr. Osborne T. Brazelton and Dr. Joseph G. Pepple, who were both elected to a five-year term); any mayor listed during that timespan whose term is given as more than four years was elected to successive terms.

Name Party Term from Term to Notes
John W. Ewing Republican 1884 1886
Levin W. Gudgel Republican 1886 1888
James B. Gamble Republican 1888 1890
Henry P. Soller Republican 1890 1894
James B. Gamble Republican 1894 1898
Henry P. Chambers Republican 1898 1902
Charles W. White Democrat 1902 1904
Arthur P. Twineham Republican 1904 January 1906 Resigned to accept appointment as Postmaster from President Theodore Roosevelt
Charles W. Benton Republican January 1906 September 1906
Dr. Robert A. Cushman Democrat 1906 1910 First mayor elected to four-year term; youngest mayor at time of election (30 years)
Dr. David A. Davison Republican 1910 1914
Doris R. Head Democrat 1914 1918
Ernest E. Noble Republican January 1918 January 1919 Died in office
C. A. Schubart Republican January 1919 1922
Charles A. Niemeier Democrat 1922 1926
William S. Ennes Republican 1926 1930
Dr. Osborne T. Brazelton Republican 1930 1935 Served one five-year term
Gerald Hall Republican 1935 1939
Talbott C. Fowler Republican 1939 1943
Dr. Joseph G. Pepple Republican 1943 1948 Served one five-year term
Walter G. Cox Democrat 1948 1950 Died in office
M. Vernor "Vern" Woodruff" Democrat 1950 1956
Ralph M. Wiltsie Democrat 1956 1960
William "Bill" McConnell Republican 1960 1972
Walter E. "Gene" Vinson Democrat 1972 1976
Frank M. Dasch Democrat 1976 1980
Jack Nixon Republican 1980 1984
Frank Wade Democrat 1984 1988
George Taylor Democrat 1988 2000 Oldest mayor to serve (77 when left office)
Shirley Robb Democrat 2000 February 2005 Died in office; first female mayor; oldest mayor at time of election (75 when elected to second term)
Robert J. Hurst Democrat February 2005 current Current mayor
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