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Misa or MISA may refer to:


  • Misa Amane (弥 海砂), a character in the manga, anime and film Death Note
  • Misa Arashiyama (嵐山 美佐), a character in the toksatsu Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan
  • Misa Hayase (早瀬 未沙), one of the central characters of the Macross series
  • Misa Kakizaki (柿崎 美砂), a character in the Negima! anime and manga series
  • Pixy Misa (ピクシィミサ), a character in the anime Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
  • Misa Kurobane (くろばね みさ), a character in the anime television series Charlotte


  • G3 Misa, a Filipino singer/songwriter
  • Misa Bharti, Indian politician
  • Misa Shimizu (清水美沙), a Japanese actress who appears regularly in Masayuki Suo's films
  • Misa Uehara (actress, born 1937) (上原美佐), a Japanese actress most notable for her roles in The Hidden Fortress and Storm Over the Pacific
  • Misa Watanabe (渡辺 美佐 , born 1964), a Japanese voice actress


  • Misa (Etruscan village), an Etruscan village in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  • Misa River, in Semigallia, Latvia
  • Misa (river in Italy), a river in the Marche region
  • Mişä, Tatar name for the Myosha River
  • Misa, Lucknow, a village in Uttar Pradesh, India


  • Misa (river in Italy)
  • Misa (river in Latvia)

Other uses

  • 569 Misa, an asteroid
  • Maintenance of Internal Security Act, a 1971 Indian law
  • Media Institute of Southern Africa
    • Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi
  • Miahnhada, Saranghanda (미안하다 사랑한다, shortened to "Misa": I'm Sorry, I Love You), a Korean TV drama
  • Misa (moth), a genus of moths in the family Noctuidae
  • Míša, a frozen Czech treat

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