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Morphology may mean:

  • Morphology (general), the study of the shape and form of things in general.
  • Morphology (linguistics), the study of the structure of word forms.
  • Morphology (biology) is the study of the external features [phenotype] comprising how the organisation of body of living organisms is formed
  • Morphology (astronomy) is the shape of an astronomical object, like nebulae, galaxies, or other extended objects.
  • Morphology (folkloristics), the structure of narratives such as folk tales.
  • Morphology (architecture), the study of the shape and form of buildings.
  • Morphology (metallurgy), the study of the microstructure of metals.
  • Geomorphology, the study of landforms.
  • Mathematical morphology, theoretical model based on Lattice theory, used for digital image processing.
  • River morphology, the field of science dealing with changes of river planform.
  • Morphological analysis, a general method for non-quantified modelling.
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