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Naniwa-kyō (難波京 ), also called Naniwa no Tsu, was an ancient Imperial capital of Japan in the 7th and 8th centuries. It was located in present-day Osaka.


Naniwa was founded by Emperor Temmu in 683. After 745, the capital moved to Heijō-kyō.


  • 683: Temmu establishes Naniwa
  • 744 (Tenpyō 16): Emperor Shōmu and the court moved to Naniwa, which then became the new capital.
  • 745 (Tenpyō 17): Shōmu built a palace named Shigaraki no Miya
  • 745 (Tenpyō 17): The court and the capital moves to Heijō Kyō.


In 1957, traces of ancient palaces were found. Other archaeological site was discovered in 2006.

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