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National Register of Historic Places listings in Blue Earth County, Minnesota facts for kids

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Map of Minnesota highlighting Blue Earth County
Location of Blue Earth County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Blue Earth County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Blue Earth County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 28 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes five additional sites that were formerly listed on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Blue Earth County Courthouse
Blue Earth County Courthouse
July 28, 1980
Courthouse Sq.
44°09′49″N 93°59′57″W / 44.163651°N 93.999249°W / 44.163651; -93.999249 (Blue Earth County Courthouse)
Mankato Courthouse built 1886–89, noted for its ornate French and Italian Renaissance architecture and longstanding role as the seat of Blue Earth County government.
2 J.R. Brandrup House
J.R. Brandrup House
July 28, 1980
704 Byron
44°09′16″N 94°00′32″W / 44.154457°N 94.009001°W / 44.154457; -94.009001 (J.R. Brandrup House)
Mankato 1904 Neoclassical house of a founder (1864–1944) of an important private vocational school in Mankato. Also a contributing property to the Lincoln Park Residential Historic District.
3 Charles Chapman House
Charles Chapman House
July 28, 1980
418 McCauley
44°09′19″N 94°02′14″W / 44.155217°N 94.037347°W / 44.155217; -94.037347 (Charles Chapman House)
Mankato c. 1858 house of an early surveyor and city engineer who played a key role in Mankato's initial development.
4 Lorin Cray House
Lorin Cray House
July 28, 1980
603 S. 2nd St.
44°09′43″N 94°00′20″W / 44.162015°N 94.005549°W / 44.162015; -94.005549 (Lorin Cray House)
Mankato Prominent Queen Anne house—built in the late 1890s—of local philanthropist Lorin Cray (1844–1927), patron of the local YWCA and other organizations.
5 Dodd Ford Bridge
Dodd Ford Bridge
December 9, 2009
County Road 147 over the Blue Earth River
43°52′35″N 94°11′16″W / 43.876336°N 94.187872°W / 43.876336; -94.187872 (Dodd Ford Bridge)
Shelby 1901 Pratt truss bridge, notable as a work of Minnesota bridge engineer Lawrence H. Johnson and an example of the flurry of government-funded infrastructure built in Blue Earth County during the Progressive Era.
6 Adolph O. Eberhart House
Adolph O. Eberhart House
July 28, 1980
228 Pleasant St.
44°09′30″N 94°00′20″W / 44.158282°N 94.005486°W / 44.158282; -94.005486 (Adolph O. Eberhart House)
Mankato c. 1903 house of politician Adolph Olson Eberhart (1870–1944), who served as a state senator, lieutenant governor, and governor of Minnesota. Also a contributing property to the Lincoln Park Residential Historic District.
7 Federal Courthouse and Post Office
Federal Courthouse and Post Office
June 17, 1980
401 S. 2nd St.
44°09′49″N 94°00′15″W / 44.16357°N 94.004152°W / 44.16357; -94.004152 (Federal Courthouse and Post Office)
Mankato Massive federal building built in 1896 and expanded in 1932 and 1965, noted for its consistent and imposing Richardsonian Romanesque architecture of Mankato limestone.
8 First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
July 28, 1980
U.S. Route 169
44°02′50″N 94°10′01″W / 44.047266°N 94.166836°W / 44.047266; -94.166836 (First Baptist Church)
Garden City 1868 church, significant as a symbol of Blue Earth County's most successful pre-railroad community and as the state's earliest known use of concrete block construction.
9 First National Bank of Mankato
First National Bank of Mankato
July 30, 1974
229 S. Front St.
44°09′56″N 94°00′15″W / 44.165597°N 94.004089°W / 44.165597; -94.004089 (First National Bank of Mankato)
Mankato The region's most significant example of Prairie School architecture, a 1913 bank designed by Ellerbe & Round. Now incorporated into the Verizon Wireless Center.
10 First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
July 28, 1980
Hickory and S. Broad Sts.
44°09′53″N 94°00′08″W / 44.16464°N 94.002084°W / 44.16464; -94.002084 (First Presbyterian Church)
Mankato Prominent Richardsonian Romanesque church designed by Warren H. Hayes and built 1893–96 with Mankato limestone.
11 James P. Gail Farmhouse
James P. Gail Farmhouse
July 28, 1980
Off U.S. Route 169
44°04′01″N 94°08′11″W / 44.066988°N 94.136357°W / 44.066988; -94.136357 (James P. Gail Farmhouse)
Lake Crystal Octagon house built in the latter 1850s, a rare example of this 19th-century architectural fad in rural Minnesota and a remnant of the earliest Euro-American settlement in the region.
12 Renesselaer D. Hubbard House
Renesselaer D. Hubbard House
June 7, 1976
606 S. Broad St.
44°09′42″N 94°00′18″W / 44.161637°N 94.004892°W / 44.161637; -94.004892 (Renesselaer D. Hubbard House)
Mankato Elaborate 1871 house of a successful businessman (1837–1905) who was highly influential in the development of Mankato. Now a historic house museum.
13 William Irving House
William Irving House
July 28, 1980
320 Park Lane
44°09′35″N 94°01′19″W / 44.15981°N 94.02197°W / 44.15981; -94.02197 (William Irving House)
Mankato Well-preserved Second Empire house built in 1873 by an early Mankato merchant (b. 1821).
14 Jones-Roberts Farmstead
Jones-Roberts Farmstead
July 28, 1980
Minnesota Highway 68
44°11′39″N 94°13′13″W / 44.194113°N 94.220338°W / 44.194113; -94.220338 (Jones-Roberts Farmstead)
Lake Crystal Rare vestige of Minnesota's chief Welsh American settlement, and a well-preserved example of an early Blue Earth County farmstead, with structures dating from the 1850s to 1887.
15 Kern Bridge
Kern Bridge
July 28, 1980
Township road over the Le Sueur River
44°06′35″N 94°02′31″W / 44.109722°N 94.041944°W / 44.109722; -94.041944 (Kern Bridge)
Skyline Minnesota's only bowstring arch truss bridge—built in 1873—and oldest road bridge still in use at the time of its nomination. Closed to vehicle traffic in 1991.
16 Lincoln Park Residential Historic District
Lincoln Park Residential Historic District
June 2, 1995
Roughly bounded by Shaubut, Record, Pleasant, 2nd, Liberty, Parsons, Lock, and Bradley Sts. and Grace and Wickersham Cts.
44°09′29″N 94°00′25″W / 44.157996°N 94.006807°W / 44.157996; -94.006807 (Lincoln Park Residential Historic District)
Mankato Large and unusually intact upper-middle-class residential neighborhood of the late-19th and early-20th centuries, with 247 contributing properties built between 1856 and 1930.
17 Main Street Commercial Buildings
Main Street Commercial Buildings
July 28, 1980
Main St.
43°55′45″N 93°57′20″W / 43.929028°N 93.955554°W / 43.929028; -93.955554 (Main Street Commercial Buildings)
Mapleton Block of 1890s commercial buildings noted for their coherent design, embodying a peak in the development of the region's "Main Streets" around the turn of the 20th century.
18 Mankato Public Library and Reading Room
Mankato Public Library and Reading Room
July 28, 1980
120 S. Broad
44°09′57″N 94°00′03″W / 44.165775°N 94.000957°W / 44.165775; -94.000957 (Mankato Public Library and Reading Room)
Mankato Public library built 1902–3, noted for its association with the Carnegie library phenomenon and for its Renaissance Revival architecture using local materials.
19 Mankato Union Depot
Mankato Union Depot
July 28, 1980
112 Pike St.
44°10′03″N 94°00′16″W / 44.1675°N 94.004444°W / 44.1675; -94.004444 (Mankato Union Depot)
Mankato Only intact example—built in 1896—of the railway stations that were instrumental in the placement and development of 13 Blue Earth County communities.
20 Mapleton Public Library
Mapleton Public Library
December 18, 2009
104 1st Ave., NE.
43°55′43″N 93°57′28″W / 43.928549°N 93.957793°W / 43.928549; -93.957793 (Mapleton Public Library)
Mapleton 1910 Carnegie library representative of the civic push for public libraries in Minnesota, abetted by philanthropic grants from steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.
21 Marsh Concrete Rainbow Arch Bridge
Marsh Concrete Rainbow Arch Bridge
July 28, 1980
County Road 101 over the Little Cottonwood River
44°14′13″N 94°21′40″W / 44.236813°N 94.361114°W / 44.236813; -94.361114 (Marsh Concrete Rainbow Arch Bridge)
Courtland 1911 concrete through arch bridge, Minnesota's oldest surviving example and one of the first built by the Marsh Engineering Company of Iowa, an important promoter of the type.
22 Minneopa State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
Minneopa State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
October 25, 1989
Off U.S. Route 169 west of Mankato
44°08′54″N 94°05′20″W / 44.148333°N 94.088889°W / 44.148333; -94.088889 (Minneopa State Park WPA/Rustic Style Historic Resources)
Mankato Park facilities with 7 contributing properties built 1937–40, significant as examples of New Deal federal work relief, early Minnesota state park development, and National Park Service rustic design.
23 North Front Street Commercial District
North Front Street Commercial District
July 28, 1980
301–415 N. Riverfront Dr.
44°10′13″N 94°00′00″W / 44.170185°N 93.999887°W / 44.170185; -93.999887 (North Front Street Commercial District)
Mankato Well-preserved block-and-a-half remnant of Mankato's original commercial district, reflecting the economic growth of a major southern Minnesota city and changes in commercial architecture from the 1870s to the early 20th century.
24 Old Main, Mankato State Teachers College
Old Main, Mankato State Teachers College
June 2, 1983
5th St., S., and Jackson St.
44°09′43″N 93°59′59″W / 44.161854°N 93.999683°W / 44.161854; -93.999683 (Old Main, Mankato State Teachers College)
Mankato Oldest surviving buildings, constructed 1908 and 1922–24, of a state-run normal school established in 1868, representing early-20th-century school design and Minnesota's longstanding commitment to education.
25 Seppman Mill
Seppman Mill
August 26, 1971
Minnesota Highway 68 in Minneopa State Park
44°09′50″N 94°06′49″W / 44.164016°N 94.113491°W / 44.164016; -94.113491 (Seppman Mill)
Skyline Stone windmill completed in 1863, one of the few ever built in Minnesota. Operated up until 1890 when the last of its arms were destroyed by a storm.
26 Sterling Congregational Church
Sterling Congregational Church
July 28, 1980
County Road 151
43°53′55″N 94°03′25″W / 43.898611°N 94.056944°W / 43.898611; -94.056944 (Sterling Congregational Church)
Amboy Simple 1867 church, a rare surviving example of Blue Earth County's rural community buildings from the period of settlement before railroad access.
27 Lucas Troendle House
Lucas Troendle House
July 28, 1980
2nd and Silver Sts.
43°55′41″N 93°57′20″W / 43.927978°N 93.955617°W / 43.927978; -93.955617 (Lucas Troendle House)
Mapleton 1896 Queen Anne house of a local leading citizen, exemplifying the prosperity attained by many who invested in land and commercial enterprises in the region's rail towns of the late 19th century.
28 Zieglers Ford Bridge
November 6, 1989
Township Road 96 over the Big Cobb River
44°01′45″N 93°59′35″W / 44.029167°N 93.993056°W / 44.029167; -93.993056 (Zieglers Ford Bridge)
Good Thunder 1904 example of the pin-connected Pratt through truss bridges once common in Minnesota, and one of the few built by a company based outside of Minneapolis–Saint Paul. Removed in 1995.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Adam Jefferson House
July 28, 1980
November 30, 1987
Cleveland St.
Mankato c. 1865 Greek Revival house of a pioneer in the local quarrying industry. Relocated to North Mankato in 1987 rather than be demolished for a quarry expansion.
2 Kennedy Bridge
November 6, 1989
May 7, 2008
Township Road 167 over Le Sueur River
Mankato vicinity 1883 wrought iron Pratt truss bridge. Moved in 2006.
3 Mankato Holstein Farm Barn
July 28, 1980
September 21, 2007
County Highway 5
Mankato vicinity 1917 dairy cattle breeding barn. Demolished in 2006 after roof collapse.
4 Oscar Schmidt House
July 28, 1980
September 19, 1988
111 Park Ln.
Mankato 1925 Georgian Revival house of a notable business owner. Demolished in 1988 to expand the Mankato YMCA.
5 Winnebago Agency House
February 20, 1975
May 15, 1987
1 mi. S of St. Clair on CR 138
St. Clair vicinity 1855 brick Federal house. Demolished in 1986.
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