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National Register of Historic Places listings in Buffalo County, Wisconsin facts for kids

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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Buffalo County
Location of Buffalo County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 13 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Alma Historic District
Alma Historic District
May 13, 1982
Roughly bounded by RR tracks, 2nd, Swift, and Cedar Sts.
44°19′16″N 91°54′52″W / 44.321111°N 91.914444°W / 44.321111; -91.914444 (Alma Historic District)
Alma Large historic district of over 100 contributing properties squeezed between the river and the bluffs, many built during the booming Beef Slough logging days from 1867 to 1889.
2 Jacob Berni House
Jacob Berni House
May 13, 1982
911 Riverview Dr.
44°19′51″N 91°55′14″W / 44.330833°N 91.920556°W / 44.330833; -91.920556 (Jacob Berni House)
Alma Brick gabled-ell house built in 1885. Jacob was a foreman of logging and rafting crews, a farmer, president of a cheese factory, and school board treasurer.
3 Burlington Hotel
Burlington Hotel
May 13, 1982
809 N. Main St.
44°19′45″N 91°55′11″W / 44.329167°N 91.919722°W / 44.329167; -91.919722 (Burlington Hotel)
Alma Two-story brick hotel with zinc cornice built in 1890. Named for the Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad, whose depot was across the street.
4 Fugina House
Fugina House
May 8, 1979
348 S. Main St.
44°07′44″N 91°42′53″W / 44.128889°N 91.714722°W / 44.128889; -91.714722 (Fugina House)
Fountain City Prairie School house designed by Percy Dwight Bentley and built in 1916. Martin Fugina was a son of Fountain City who became a lawyer, DA, and county judge. He and his wife were both active in civic affairs.
5 Frederick Laue House
Frederick Laue House
May 14, 1979
1111 S. Main St.
44°19′02″N 91°54′47″W / 44.317222°N 91.913056°W / 44.317222; -91.913056 (Frederick Laue House)
Alma Grand Italianate house on a corner lot built in 1866. Laue ran Alma's largest lumber mill and was a founder of the Beef Slough Log Driving Company.
6 Frederick Laue, Jr., House
Frederick Laue, Jr., House
May 13, 1982
1109 S. Main St.
44°18′46″N 91°54′38″W / 44.312778°N 91.910556°W / 44.312778; -91.910556 (Frederick Laue, Jr., House)
Alma Second Empire-styled house built in 1896.
7 Harmonia Hall
Harmonia Hall
June 18, 2009
S2119 Co. Hwy E.
44°17′08″N 91°43′24″W / 44.285625°N 91.723417°W / 44.285625; -91.723417 (Harmonia Hall)
Waumandee White clapboard meeting house built in 1890 of the Harmonie Gesellschaft, German and Swiss Freethinkers who met monthly to discuss and sing. The group had organized around 1861 and survived into the 1950s.
8 John L. Senn House
John L. Senn House
May 13, 1982
811 S. 2nd St.
44°18′56″N 91°54′40″W / 44.315556°N 91.911111°W / 44.315556; -91.911111 (John L. Senn House)
Alma Brick home with pierced barge boards, built in 1885.
9 Sherman House
Sherman House
August 14, 1979
301 S. Main St.
44°19′18″N 91°54′54″W / 44.321667°N 91.915°W / 44.321667; -91.915 (Sherman House)
Alma Brick hotel built in 1866 and named for General William T. Sherman. Served farmers, lumbermen and rivermen.
10 John Steiner Store
John Steiner Store
May 13, 1982
1101 S. Main St.
44°18′49″N 91°54′40″W / 44.313611°N 91.911111°W / 44.313611; -91.911111 (John Steiner Store)
Alma Two-story brick store with cornice built in 1887.
11 Dr. J. T. Tenny House
Dr. J. T. Tenny House
May 13, 1982
305 N. 2nd St.
44°19′31″N 91°54′57″W / 44.325278°N 91.915833°W / 44.325278; -91.915833 (Dr. J. T. Tenny House)
Alma Queen Anne-styled house with shingled ends and ornate touches built in 1904 for the doctor's new wife, who died the next year. Built by Ulrich Walser.
12 Tester and Polin General Merchandise Store
Tester and Polin General Merchandise Store
May 14, 1979
215 N. Main St.
44°19′32″N 91°55′03″W / 44.325556°N 91.9175°W / 44.325556; -91.9175 (Tester and Polin General Merchandise Store)
Alma 2.5 story brick store built in 1861 in which farmers traded locally-grown grain and produce for general merchandise.
13 Ulrich Walser House
Ulrich Walser House
May 13, 1982
711 N. 2nd St.
44°19′44″N 91°55′06″W / 44.328889°N 91.918333°W / 44.328889; -91.918333 (Ulrich Walser House)
Alma 1895 Queen Anne-styled house with bargeboards and Eastlake front porch, which Walser, an immigrant builder from Graubuenden, Switzerland, built for himself.
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