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Map of Minnesota highlighting Cook County
Location of Cook County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Cook County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Cook County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 14 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Amboy and George Spencer Shipwreck Sites
April 14, 1994
Lake Superior shore about a mile southwest of Sugar Loaf Cove
47°28′41″N 90°59′59″W / 47.478089°N 90.999858°W / 47.478089; -90.999858 (Amboy and George Spencer Shipwreck Sites)
Schroeder vicinity Remains of an 1884 wooden bulk freighter and its 1874 schooner-barge consort, associated with the nationally significant Great Lakes iron ore trade and the infamous 1905 Mataafa Storm that sank them.
2 Bally Blacksmith Shop
Bally Blacksmith Shop
August 13, 1986
Broadway and First Streets
47°45′03″N 90°19′58″W / 47.750712°N 90.332894°W / 47.750712; -90.332894 (Bally Blacksmith Shop)
Grand Marais Rare intact and operational example of an early-20th-century blacksmith shop—built in 1911—and a representative of the utilitarian, false-front commercial buildings that once characterized Minnesota's small-town streetscapes. Now maintained by the Cook County Historical Society.
3 Cascade River Wayside
Cascade River Wayside
August 4, 2003
3481 Minnesota Highway 61
47°42′25″N 90°31′24″W / 47.706913°N 90.523296°W / 47.706913; -90.523296 (Cascade River Wayside)
Cascade River State Park Roadside park with eight contributing properties built 1936–38, representative of Minnesota's early state highway recreational development in collaboration with the National Park Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Also noted for its National Park Service rustic landscape architecture.
4 Chik Wauk Lodge
Chik Wauk Lodge
June 27, 2007
28 Moose Pond Road
48°10′08″N 90°52′51″W / 48.168778°N 90.880913°W / 48.168778; -90.880913 (Chik Wauk Lodge)
Grand Marais vicinity Well-preserved 1933 lodge representative of the rustic, family-owned fishing resorts that flourished in the Boundary Waters region from the 1920s to the early 60s. Now a museum and nature center.
5 Church of St. Francis Xavier-Catholic
Church of St. Francis Xavier-Catholic
July 31, 1986
Minnesota Highway 61
47°45′29″N 90°18′43″W / 47.758056°N 90.311944°W / 47.758056; -90.311944 (Church of St. Francis Xavier-Catholic)
Grand Marais vicinity 1895 church, one of Minnesota's few remaining 19th-century Indian missions and the only surviving structure of the Ojibwe settlement named Chippewa City. Now maintained by the Cook County Historical Society.
6 Clearwater Lodge
Clearwater Lodge
December 2, 1985
Off County Road 66
48°04′10″N 90°22′57″W / 48.069444°N 90.3825°W / 48.069444; -90.3825 (Clearwater Lodge)
Grand Marais vicinity Resort lodge built 1925–26, the oldest surviving guest accommodations in the Gunflint Trail area and a key representative of Cook County's tourism industry.
7 Cook County Courthouse
Cook County Courthouse
May 9, 1983
411 Second Street
47°45′09″N 90°20′21″W / 47.752439°N 90.339273°W / 47.752439; -90.339273 (Cook County Courthouse)
Grand Marais Courthouse built 1911–12, significant as the longstanding seat of Cook County's government and for its locally distinctive Neoclassical architecture.
8 Fowl Lake Site
Fowl Lake Site
December 30, 1974
Address restricted
Hovland vicinity Island site with rare Old Copper Complex resources, dating to around 3000 BCE; the region's most important archaeological site for this little-known Archaic period culture.
9 Grand Portage National Monument
Grand Portage National Monument
October 15, 1966
Off Minnesota Highway 61 within Grand Portage Indian Reservation
47°57′45″N 89°41′05″W / 47.962435°N 89.684771°W / 47.962435; -89.684771 (Grand Portage National Monument)
Grand Portage vicinity Partially reconstructed wilderness headquarters of the North West Company in use 1778–1802, plus the sites of a key portage and its terminal outpost; crucial sites associated with the North American fur trade and the exploration and colonization of the northwest.
10 Height of Land
Height of Land
October 18, 1974
Between North and South Lake in Superior National Forest
48°06′01″N 90°33′58″W / 48.100267°N 90.566037°W / 48.100267; -90.566037 (Height of Land)
Grand Marais vicinity 80-rod (1,300 ft; 400 m) portage on the Laurentian Divide, a key transition between upstream and downstream paddling for voyageurs of the fur trade era, who celebrated its crossing with a ritual rite of passage.
11 Lightkeeper's House
Lightkeeper's House
November 28, 1978
12 South Broadway
47°44′56″N 90°19′58″W / 47.74902°N 90.33272°W / 47.74902; -90.33272 (Lightkeeper's House)
Grand Marais 1896 lighthouse keeper's residence, representative of late-19th-century settlement on the North Shore and its dependence on Lake Superior. Now a historic house museum.
12 Naniboujou Club Lodge
Naniboujou Club Lodge
October 21, 1982
Minnesota Highway 61
47°49′01″N 90°02′57″W / 47.816851°N 90.049278°W / 47.816851; -90.049278 (Naniboujou Club Lodge)
Grand Marais vicinity Lodge built 1928–9 with unique Cree-inspired interior design, stemming from one of the most elaborate recreational developments planned in northern Minnesota.
13 Schroeder Lumber Company Bunkhouse
Schroeder Lumber Company Bunkhouse
July 31, 1986
Minnesota Highway 61
47°32′34″N 90°53′42″W / 47.542686°N 90.894871°W / 47.542686; -90.894871 (Schroeder Lumber Company Bunkhouse)
Schroeder vicinity Lumberjacks' bunkhouse built circa 1900, the last remaining structure of one of the North Shore's largest logging operations, active 1895–1905.
14 Jim Scott Fishhouse
Jim Scott Fishhouse
October 23, 1986
Minnesota Highway 61 at Fifth Avenue
47°44′56″N 90°20′24″W / 47.748823°N 90.339965°W / 47.748823; -90.339965 (Jim Scott Fishhouse)
Grand Marais 1907 processing and storage building representative of the important commercial fishing industry of the upper North Shore.
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