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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Crawford County
Location of Crawford County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Crawford County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Crawford County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 28 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Astor Fur Warehouse
Astor Fur Warehouse
October 15, 1966
Water Street, Saint Feriole Island
43°03′18″N 91°09′36″W / 43.055°N 91.16°W / 43.055; -91.16 (Astor Fur Warehouse)
Prairie du Chien Built by Joseph Rolette around 1828 for John Jacob Astor's American Fur Company, this is the only known fur trade warehouse left in the Upper Mississippi Valley.
2 Michael Brisbois House
Michael Brisbois House
October 15, 1966
Water Street, Saint Feriole Island
43°03′15″N 91°09′35″W / 43.054167°N 91.159722°W / 43.054167; -91.159722 (Michael Brisbois House)
Prairie du Chien Federal style house built of locally-quarried limestone around 1837 by fur trader Joseph Rolette for his estranged wife Jane.
3 Carved Cave
Carved Cave
September 27, 1996
Address Restricted
4 Cipra Wayside Mound Group
Cipra Wayside Mound Group
February 7, 2007
Highway 60, 5 miles E of Bridgeport
Coordinates missing
Wauzeka Linear and conical burial mounds near the Wisconsin River, built by Late Woodland people.
5 Commercial Hotel
Commercial Hotel
November 15, 2002
201 West Blackhawk Avenue
43°03′06″N 91°08′52″W / 43.051667°N 91.147778°W / 43.051667; -91.147778 (Commercial Hotel)
Prairie du Chien Built in 1866 as the Schweizer Block, this Italianate-styled building first housed retail, offices and storage. It later became the Commodore Hotel, the Commercial Hotel, and the Fort Crawford Hotel.
6 Crawford County Courthouse
Crawford County Courthouse
March 9, 1982
220 North Beaumont Road
43°03′17″N 91°08′44″W / 43.054722°N 91.145556°W / 43.054722; -91.145556 (Crawford County Courthouse)
Prairie du Chien Italianate-styled courthouse built in 1867 of limestone quarried nearby in Bridgeport. The dungeon-like jail in the basement may have been built as early as 1843, one of the oldest remaining in the state.
7 Crow Hollow Site
Crow Hollow Site
March 13, 2002
Address Restricted
Petersburg Rare Middle Archaic campsite along the Kickapoo River, occupied as early as 5000 years ago, where archaeologists have found points, scrapers, grindstones, and refuse and storage pits.
8 Dousman Hotel
Dousman Hotel
October 15, 1966
Fisher Street and River Road
43°03′14″N 91°09′35″W / 43.053889°N 91.159722°W / 43.053889; -91.159722 (Dousman Hotel)
Prairie du Chien Grand 3-story Victorian brick hotel near the river, built around 1864 by the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad and named for Hercules Dousman, fur agent cum railroad developer. In 1937 the building was gutted to become a slaughterhouse, but it's now restored.
9 Foley Mound Group
Foley Mound Group
July 15, 1974
Address Restricted
10 W.H.C. Folsom House
W.H.C. Folsom House
December 6, 1984
109 Blackhawk Avenue
43°03′06″N 91°08′49″W / 43.051667°N 91.146944°W / 43.051667; -91.146944 (W.H.C. Folsom House)
Prairie du Chien Greek Revival home built in 1842 for businessman Folsom. Attorney Wiram Knowlton recruited here during the Mexican–American War. John Muir worked here as a printer.
11 Fort Crawford Military Hospital
Fort Crawford Military Hospital
October 15, 1966
Rice Street and South Beaumont Road
43°02′37″N 91°08′49″W / 43.043611°N 91.146944°W / 43.043611; -91.146944 (Fort Crawford Military Hospital)
Prairie du Chien Started in 1816, Fort Crawford was one of a string of U.S. Army outposts in the Old Northwest. Here the First Treaty of Prairie du Chien was negotiated, Dr. Beaumont investigated human digestion, Zachary Taylor and Jefferson Davis served, and Black Hawk was imprisoned. Now a museum.
12 Larsen Cave
Larsen Cave
March 5, 2002
Address Restricted
13 Old Rock School
Old Rock School
December 1, 1983
South Marquette Road at Parrish Street
43°02′01″N 91°08′12″W / 43.033611°N 91.136667°W / 43.033611; -91.136667 (Old Rock School)
Prairie du Chien Elementary school constructed in 1857 in Greek Revival style.
14 Olson Mound Group
Olson Mound Group
February 12, 1974
Address Restricted
15 Pedretti III
Pedretti III
December 18, 1978
Address Restricted
Prairie du Chien
16 Strange Powers House
Strange Powers House
August 27, 1979
338 North Main Street
43°03′19″N 91°08′54″W / 43.055278°N 91.148333°W / 43.055278; -91.148333 (Strange Powers House)
Prairie du Chien Part of the house is constructed in a French colonial technique of vertical timbers with horizontal poles mortised between, probably built around 1820. Strange Powers is the name of an early owner.
17 Prairie du Chien City Hall
Prairie du Chien City Hall
October 16, 2002
207 West Blackhawk Avenue
43°03′06″N 91°08′53″W / 43.051667°N 91.148056°W / 43.051667; -91.148056 (Prairie du Chien City Hall)
Prairie du Chien 1894 building which housed the mayor's office, police department, fire department, library, an auditorium, and later the American Legion.
18 Prairie du Chien Post Office
Prairie du Chien Post Office
October 24, 2000
120 South Beaumont Road
43°03′03″N 91°08′46″W / 43.050833°N 91.146111°W / 43.050833; -91.146111 (Prairie du Chien Post Office)
Prairie du Chien Constructed with WPA help in 1936, including a relief sculpture of Marquette and Jolliet.
19 Alfred Reed Mound Group (47Cr311)
Alfred Reed Mound Group (47Cr311)
September 7, 1982
Address Restricted
Prairie du Chien
20 Rolette House
Rolette House
February 1, 1972
Northeast corner of North Water and Fisher Streets
43°03′14″N 91°09′33″W / 43.053889°N 91.159167°W / 43.053889; -91.159167 (Rolette House)
Prairie du Chien Frame-with-brick-nogging house begun in 1840 by fur trader Joseph Rolette. Later a hotel and boarding house.
21 Tainter Cave
Tainter Cave
May 8, 2001
Address Restricted
Clayton Charcoal drawings of birds, men, deer and abstract designs, some dated around 1000 CE. The 100 drawings constitute half the known rock art drawings in the state, and are in a distinct style.
22 Unpleasant Ridge
Unpleasant Ridge
December 15, 1997
Address Restricted
23 Francois Vertefeuille House
Francois Vertefeuille House
March 18, 1993
Hwy. K, 0.35 mi. S of jct. with Limery Rd.
43°04′59″N 91°08′57″W / 43.083056°N 91.149167°W / 43.083056; -91.149167 (Francois Vertefeuille House)
Prairie du Chien Log cabin built around 1810 in a distinct French Canadian method by people connected to the fur trade. Believed the oldest structure in Wisconsin on its original site.
24 Villa Louis
Villa Louis
October 15, 1966
Villa Road and Bolvin Street
43°03′21″N 91°09′33″W / 43.055833°N 91.159167°W / 43.055833; -91.159167 (Villa Louis)
Prairie du Chien 1871 Italian villa style mansion built on an Indian mound by Louis Dousman, on the estate started by his father Hercules in 1843. Now a museum.
25 Wall-Smethurst Mound Group
Wall-Smethurst Mound Group
June 13, 1974
Address Restricted
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