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National Register of Historic Places listings in Garfield County, Oklahoma facts for kids

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Map of Oklahoma highlighting Garfield County
Location of Garfield County in Oklahoma

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Garfield County, Oklahoma.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Garfield County, Oklahoma, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a map.

There are 32 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Bank of Hunter
June 22, 1984
Cherokee and Main Sts.
36°33′50″N 97°39′40″W / 36.563889°N 97.661111°W / 36.563889; -97.661111 (Bank of Hunter)
Hunter The Bank of Hunter, constructed in 1905, was demolished on May 21, 2009 following a roof collapse. It was last in use as a bank in 1991.
2 Broadway Tower
Broadway Tower
November 14, 1985
114 E. Broadway St.
36°23′48″N 97°52′38″W / 36.396667°N 97.877222°W / 36.396667; -97.877222 (Broadway Tower)
Enid The Broadway Tower, the tallest building in Enid, was constructed in 1931 by McMillen and Shelton Construction Company. The Broadway Development Company hired George Ernst von Blumenauer of Enid, and the Oklahoma City firm Layton, Hicks, and Forsythe to design the Art Deco building.
3 Carrier Congregational Church
June 14, 2016
204 N. 5th St.
36°28′38″N 98°01′22″W / 36.477101°N 98.022843°W / 36.477101; -98.022843 (Carrier Congregational Church)
4 H. H. Champlin House
H. H. Champlin House
January 21, 1993
612 S. Tyler
36°23′25″N 97°53′36″W / 36.390278°N 97.893333°W / 36.390278; -97.893333 (H. H. Champlin House)
Enid The H.H. Champlin House is designed in the Tudor Revival style, completed in 1939, and located within the Kisner Heights addition. Architects Roy Shaw and Norris Wheeler designed the house, and it was constructed by the D.C. Bass Company.
5 Cherokee Terrace Apartments
December 18, 2013
619 E. Maine St.
36°23′42″N 97°52′10″W / 36.394957°N 97.869380°W / 36.394957; -97.869380 (Cherokee Terrace Apartments)
6 Clay Hall
June 20, 2012
311-325 Lakeview Dr.
36°23′36″N 97°50′50″W / 36.393461°N 97.847169°W / 36.393461; -97.847169 (Clay Hall)
7 T.T. Eason Mansion
T.T. Eason Mansion
March 24, 1987
1305 W. Broadway
36°23′47″N 97°53′38″W / 36.396389°N 97.893889°W / 36.396389; -97.893889 (T.T. Eason Mansion)
Enid The T.T. Eason Mansion was owned by oilman T.T. Eason. Built in 1916, this Prairie Box style home is located in the Waverley Historic District.
8 Enid Armory
Enid Armory
September 8, 1988
600 E. Elm
36°24′N 97°52′W / 36.4°N 97.87°W / 36.4; -97.87 (Enid Armory)
Enid The Enid Armory is a two story building was constructed in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration project. It was the third largest Armory in Oklahoma. Of the WPA-built armories in Oklahoma, it was the only one utilizing red brick in its construction. The Armory was demolished to make room for a new site for Garfield Elementary School, following the opening of the Armed Forces Reserve Center at Vance Air Force Base.
9 Enid Cemetery and Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Enid Cemetery and Calvary Catholic Cemetery
March 21, 1996
200 block of W. Willow Ave.
36°25′18″N 97°52′47″W / 36.421667°N 97.879722°W / 36.421667; -97.879722 (Enid Cemetery and Calvary Catholic Cemetery)
Enid The Enid Cemetery and Calvary Catholic Cemetery were established in the 1890s, utilizing farmland from the Anderson farm which was deeded to the city of Enid. In addition to some 420 land run participants, American war veterans, Catholic, Jewish and black citizens, some notable Enidites are buried here. Among those interred are H.H. Champlin, the Frantz brothers, James Yancy Callahan, and Houstin James, father of Marquis James. Both cemeteries have white marble Neo-Classical mausoleums.
10 Enid Downtown Historic District
Enid Downtown Historic District
December 12, 2007
Roughly bounded by Maple Ave., 2nd St., Cherokee Ave., and Adams St.
36°23′48″N 97°52′48″W / 36.396639°N 97.879881°W / 36.396639; -97.879881 (Enid Downtown Historic District)
Enid The Enid Downtown Historic district contains the original 1893 town plat and portions of the Jonesville and Weatherly additions. Buildings in the district include: the county courthouse, First National Bank of Enid, Broadway Tower, and Enid Masonic Temple.
11 Enid Terminal Grain Elevators Historic District
Enid Terminal Grain Elevators Historic District
April 20, 2009
Near E. Willow Rd., N. 16th St., N. 10th St., and N. Van Buren St.
36°25′12″N 97°51′17″W / 36.420074°N 97.854735°W / 36.420074; -97.854735 (Enid Terminal Grain Elevators Historic District)
Enid The Enid Terminal Grain Elevators Historic District consists of eight terminal grain elevators constructed between 1925 and 1954, whose operation contributed to Enid's status as a "Wheat Capital."
12 Fuksa Portion of the Chisholm Trail Roadbed
September 8, 2015
Address Restricted
Bison vicinity
13 John and Mary Fuksa Farm
December 8, 2015
1228 E0580 Rd.
36°10′27″N 97°53′37″W / 36.174198°N 97.893565°W / 36.174198; -97.893565 (John and Mary Fuksa Farm)
14 Garfield County Courthouse
Garfield County Courthouse
August 23, 1984
W. Broadway
36°23′49″N 97°52′44″W / 36.396944°N 97.878889°W / 36.396944; -97.878889 (Garfield County Courthouse)
Enid Art Deco style Courthouse was built by Hawk & Parr and Reinhart & Donovan companies beginning on August 15, 1934 and was completed in 1936. The county's previous courthouse had burned down in 1931.
15 R. E. Hoy No. 1 Oil Well
September 26, 1986
Off U.S. Route 64
36°21′24″N 97°34′22″W / 36.356667°N 97.572778°W / 36.356667; -97.572778 (R. E. Hoy No. 1 Oil Well)
Covington The R. E. Hoy No. 1 Oil Well was constructed in 1916 on the Hoy farm, netting 100 barrels per day. It was the first well to be drilled in Oklahoma by the advice of a geologist, and was the beginning of the Covington-Garber field.
16 Jackson School
Jackson School
July 19, 1989
415 E. Illinois
36°23′07″N 97°49′42″W / 36.385278°N 97.828333°W / 36.385278; -97.828333 (Jackson School)
Enid Designed by Roy Shaw, the Jackson School, constructed in 1936, is one of three Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival structures in Enid. It operated as an elementary school from 1936 to 1969.
17 H.L. Kaufman House
December 12, 1985
1708 W. Maine
36°23′44″N 97°53′56″W / 36.395556°N 97.898889°W / 36.395556; -97.898889 (H.L. Kaufman House)
Enid The H.L. Kaufman house was built by architect George Ernst von Blumenauer in 1923 for Herbert Lyons Kaufman, a Jewish Enid merchant who owned the downtown Kaufman Style Shop. It was an example of Spanish Colonial architecture. The house was demolished in 2005 by the Enid Public Schools for McKinley School's playground expansion.
18 Kenwood Historic District
December 6, 2004
Bounded by Oak St., Maple, Washington, and Madison
36°24′03″N 97°53′00″W / 36.400833°N 97.883333°W / 36.400833; -97.883333 (Kenwood Historic District)
Enid The Kenwood Historic district consists of 160 acres (0.65 km2) of housing created between 1895 and 1915. The majority of the homes in the area were designed in the American Foursquare style.
19 Kimmell Barn
January 30, 1984
Northeast of Covington
36°21′43″N 97°32′21″W / 36.361944°N 97.539167°W / 36.361944; -97.539167 (Kimmell Barn)
Covington The Kimmell Barn was built in 1906 by Sam Kimmell in the German bank barn style. It is constructed of native Oklahoma sandstone, with used wood purchased from the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. It is also called the Freese barn.
20 Robert R. and Minnie L. Kisner House
December 8, 2015
1111 Wynona Ave.
36°23′19″N 97°53′33″W / 36.388706°N 97.892404°W / 36.388706; -97.892404 (Robert R. and Minnie L. Kisner House)
21 Lamerton House
Lamerton House
June 20, 1997
1420 W. Indian Dr.
36°23′12″N 97°53′41″W / 36.386667°N 97.894722°W / 36.386667; -97.894722 (Lamerton House)
Enid This Tudor Revival style home was designed in 1928 by John Duncan Forsyth of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
22 Marshall Hall
Marshall Hall
December 8, 2015
100 S. University Ave.
36°23′47″N 97°53′40″W / 36.396389°N 97.894444°W / 36.396389; -97.894444 (Marshall Hall)
Enid On the campus of Northern Oklahoma College.
23 McCristy-Knox Mansion
McCristy-Knox Mansion
March 24, 1987
1323 W. Broadway
36°23′47″N 97°53′40″W / 36.396389°N 97.894444°W / 36.396389; -97.894444 (McCristy-Knox Mansion)
Enid The McChristy-Knox Mansion, built in 1909 in the Neo-Classical style, was the home of mill owner Joseph McChristy, oilman Charles Knox, and Michael Hedges. It is located within the Waverley Historic District.
24 Public Library of Enid and Garfield County
December 8, 2015
120 W. Maine St.
36°23′44″N 97°52′45″W / 36.395690°N 97.879146°W / 36.395690; -97.879146 (Public Library of Enid and Garfield County)
25 Rock Island Depot
July 18, 1979
200 Owen K. Garriott Boulevard
36°23′25″N 97°52′37″W / 36.390278°N 97.876944°W / 36.390278; -97.876944 (Rock Island Depot)
Enid The current Rock Island Depot was built in 1928, designed in the Mission/Spanish Colonial style. The original location was located 3 miles north, now known as "North Enid", and was called Skeleton station. Due to the railroad not stopping in what was then called "South Enid" the Enid-Pond Creek Railroad War was started.
26 Santa Fe Freight Depot
December 8, 2015
702 N. Washington Ave.
36°24′14″N 97°52′55″W / 36.403861°N 97.881957°W / 36.403861; -97.881957 (Santa Fe Freight Depot)
Enid Houses the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma.
27 Waverley Historic District
Waverley Historic District
December 6, 2006
Roughly bounded by W. Broadway Ave., N. and S. Tyler Sts., S. Harrison St., W. Oklahoma St., and N. and S. Buchanan Sts.
36°23′48″N 97°53′44″W / 36.396667°N 97.895556°W / 36.396667; -97.895556 (Waverley Historic District)
Enid The Waverley Historic District consists of four additions plotted in 1902, 1905, 1906, and 1907. The District has 275 buildings, primarily residential, built between 1895 and 1935. The T.T. Eason Mansion and the McChristy-Knox Mansion are located within this district.
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