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Map of Minnesota highlighting Goodhue County
Location of Goodhue County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Goodhue County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Goodhue County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 63 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes six additional sites that were formerly listed on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Alexander P. Anderson Estate-Tower View
Alexander P. Anderson Estate-Tower View
April 13, 1977
West of Red Wing on U.S. 61
44°34′12″N 92°38′17″W / 44.569922°N 92.638006°W / 44.569922; -92.638006 (Alexander P. Anderson Estate-Tower View)
Red Wing Unique farm/residence/laboratory complex dating to 1916, long-time venue for botanical, biological, medical, and technological research. Now the Anderson Center at Tower View artist retreat.
2 Bank of Pine Island, Opera House Block
Bank of Pine Island, Opera House Block
February 12, 1980
222 Main Street
44°12′04″N 92°38′48″W / 44.201008°N 92.646603°W / 44.201008; -92.646603 (Bank of Pine Island, Opera House Block)
Pine Island Elaborate 1895 bank/opera house exemplifying the late-19th-century maturation in southeast Minnesota's booming towns. Name change (originally Opera Block House) with additional documentation, October 9, 2013.
3 Barn Bluff
Barn Bluff
August 3, 1990
Junction of U.S. 61 and 63
44°34′10″N 92°31′32″W / 44.569444°N 92.525556°W / 44.569444; -92.525556 (Barn Bluff)
Red Wing 343-foot-high (105 m) bluff, a famous Mississippi River landmark from early European exploration into the automobile tourism era. Listing includes remnants of a 1929 staircase.
4 Bartron Site
Bartron Site
October 15, 1970
Address restricted
44°36′41″N 92°37′33″W / 44.611255°N 92.625829°W / 44.611255; -92.625829 (Bartron Site)
Red Wing vicinity Small Oneota village occupied for a few decades sometime between 1050 and 1200 CE. Also designated 21GD2.
5 George Baslington Farmhouse
George Baslington Farmhouse
February 12, 1980
Off U.S. 52
44°15′10″N 92°37′17″W / 44.25274°N 92.62147°W / 44.25274; -92.62147 (George Baslington Farmhouse)
Pine Island vicinity Rare surviving example of southeast Minnesota's crude first farmhouses, consisting of an 1850s log cabin with two later additions. Partially collapsed or demolished as of April 2014.
6 Bridge No. 12
Bridge No. 12
November 6, 1989
Township Road 43 over Bullard Creek
44°32′31″N 92°26′20″W / 44.541998°N 92.438882°W / 44.541998; -92.438882 (Bridge No. 12)
Red Wing vicinity 1908 pony truss bridge, a common early-20th-century style for short spans and an example of early state efforts to standardize bridge designs.
7 Jacob A. and Mary Finn Bringgold House
Jacob A. and Mary Finn Bringgold House
May 9, 2014
318 2nd Street SW
44°12′04″N 92°39′04″W / 44.201136°N 92.651084°W / 44.201136; -92.651084 (Jacob A. and Mary Finn Bringgold House)
Pine Island Leading local example of Queen Anne architecture, built c. 1903.
8 Anna and Samuel Murry Burpee House
Anna and Samuel Murry Burpee House
February 12, 1980
314 2nd Street SW
44°12′04″N 92°39′03″W / 44.201132°N 92.650767°W / 44.201132; -92.650767 (Anna and Samuel Murry Burpee House)
Pine Island 1895 Queen Anne house. Previously listed on the National Register under the name Jacob Bringghold House.
9 Cannon Falls Commercial Historic District
Cannon Falls Commercial Historic District
January 7, 2000
4th Street between Mill and Main Streets
44°30′27″N 92°54′21″W / 44.507455°N 92.905701°W / 44.507455; -92.905701 (Cannon Falls Commercial Historic District)
Cannon Falls Well preserved central business district of an agricultural service community, with 24 contributing properties mostly dating to the 1880s and 90s.
10 Cannon Falls School
Cannon Falls School
February 12, 1980
115 West Minnesota Street
44°30′39″N 92°54′07″W / 44.510768°N 92.901895°W / 44.510768; -92.901895 (Cannon Falls School)
Cannon Falls School building with interconnected 1893 and 1912 wings, representative of the large schools that appeared in southeast Minnesota's rapidly growing towns at the end of the 19th century.
11 Carleton Airport
Carleton Airport
July 21, 2004
1235 Minnesota Highway 19
44°28′21″N 93°00′51″W / 44.472494°N 93.014261°W / 44.472494; -93.014261 (Carleton Airport)
Stanton vicinity 1942 airfield established by Carleton College to offer flight training during World War II; the most intact of Minnesota's 25 War Training Service sites. Now Stanton Airfield.
12 G.A. Carlson Lime Kiln
G.A. Carlson Lime Kiln
September 27, 1976
East 5th Street
44°34′10″N 92°31′10″W / 44.569544°N 92.519522°W / 44.569544; -92.519522 (G.A. Carlson Lime Kiln)
Red Wing 1882 lime kiln representative of the area's important limestone quarrying and lime producing industry.
13 Chicago Great Western Depot
Chicago Great Western Depot
June 4, 1980
West Main and Fulton Streets
44°33′53″N 92°32′22″W / 44.564595°N 92.539482°W / 44.564595; -92.539482 (Chicago Great Western Depot)
Red Wing One of Red Wing's two major railway stations, built in 1906; a symbol of the area's crucial rail infrastructure.
14 Church of St. Rose of Lima
Church of St. Rose of Lima
August 13, 2013
8778 County 11 Blvd.
44°13′06″N 92°51′24″W / 44.218366°N 92.856574°W / 44.218366; -92.856574 (Church of St. Rose of Lima)
Kenyon vicinity 1879 church and adjacent cemetery, focal point of a rural Catholic Irish immigrant community locally representative of the mid-nineteenth-century Irish diaspora.
15 Church of the Redeemer-Episcopal
Church of the Redeemer-Episcopal
February 12, 1980
123 North 3rd Street
44°30′28″N 92°54′14″W / 44.507778°N 92.903889°W / 44.507778; -92.903889 (Church of the Redeemer-Episcopal)
Cannon Falls One of southeast Minnesota's best-preserved first-generation churches, built 1866–67. Also representative of the influence of the region's Protestant settlers.
16 Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
February 12, 1980
U.S. 61
44°36′01″N 92°43′47″W / 44.6002°N 92.729818°W / 44.6002; -92.729818 (Cross of Christ Lutheran Church)
Red Wing vicinity 1878 example of the characteristic steepled churches built in southeast Minnesota's Swedish American communities.
17 Dammon Round Barn
Dammon Round Barn
February 12, 1980
U.S. 61
44°32′49″N 92°27′37″W / 44.546979°N 92.460373°W / 44.546979; -92.460373 (Dammon Round Barn)
Red Wing vicinity 1914 round barn representing the creative, purpose-built solutions of the region's farmers in the transition from wheat growing to dairying. Now part of a bed and breakfast.
18 District No. 20 School
District No. 20 School
February 12, 1980
Minnesota 58
44°29′20″N 92°32′59″W / 44.48883°N 92.549739°W / 44.48883; -92.549739 (District No. 20 School)
Hay Creek Exemplary one-room school built in 1889, representing the typical venue for education in rural Minnesota in the latter 19th century.
19 Ellsworth Hotel Livery Stable
Ellsworth Hotel Livery Stable
February 12, 1980
4th Street
44°30′30″N 92°54′21″W / 44.508388°N 92.905907°W / 44.508388; -92.905907 (Ellsworth Hotel Livery Stable)
Cannon Falls c. 1871 hotel stable, the last surviving remnant of Cannon Falls' pioneer-era commerce. Also a contributing property to the Cannon Falls Commercial Historic District.
20 Firemen's Hall
Firemen's Hall
February 12, 1980
206 West Mill Street
44°30′29″N 92°54′12″W / 44.508161°N 92.90335°W / 44.508161; -92.90335 (Firemen's Hall)
Cannon Falls 1888 fire station reflecting the peril from and response to fires in the period's communities. Now the Cannon Falls Area Historical Society's museum.
21 First Congregational Church of Zumbrota
First Congregational Church of Zumbrota
February 12, 1980
455 East Avenue
44°17′34″N 92°40′03″W / 44.292868°N 92.667604°W / 44.292868; -92.667604 (First Congregational Church of Zumbrota)
Zumbrota One of southeast Minnesota's oldest standing churches, built in 1862, and a reflection of New Englander settlement in many of its towns.
22 Florence Town Hall
Florence Town Hall
July 20, 2000
33923 Minnesota Highway 61 Boulevard
44°30′37″N 92°21′07″W / 44.510315°N 92.351945°W / 44.510315; -92.351945 (Florence Town Hall)
Florence Township 1875 township hall, long-serving seat of government as well a social and recreational venue for the community.
23 Fort Sweeney Site
Fort Sweeney Site
August 5, 1970
Address restricted
Red Wing vicinity c. 1000 CE earthworks on the Cannon River. Also designated 21GD86.
24 E.J. Fryk Barn
E.J. Fryk Barn
February 12, 1980
Off U.S. 61
44°31′28″N 92°27′17″W / 44.524561°N 92.454728°W / 44.524561; -92.454728 (E.J. Fryk Barn)
Red Wing vicinity 1872 example of the small barns commonly built during the peak of cash crop wheat farming in southeast Minnesota.
25 Capt. Charles Gellett House
Capt. Charles Gellett House
February 12, 1980
311 North 6th Street
44°30′34″N 92°54′30″W / 44.509535°N 92.908268°W / 44.509535; -92.908268 (Capt. Charles Gellett House)
Cannon Falls 1860 house of a pioneer who helped develop hydropowered industry in Cannon Falls, and his brother-in-law, politician Joseph Peckham, who sponsored Minnesota's first state normal school.
26 Gladstone Building
Gladstone Building
November 14, 1979
309 Bush Street
44°33′54″N 92°32′01″W / 44.565088°N 92.533537°W / 44.565088; -92.533537 (Gladstone Building)
Red Wing Prominent 19th-century commercial building of local limestone, built in 1886.
27 Martin T. Gunderson House
Martin T. Gunderson House
June 10, 1975
107 Gunderson Boulevard
44°16′18″N 92°59′41″W / 44.271613°N 92.994796°W / 44.271613; -92.994796 (Martin T. Gunderson House)
Kenyon 1895 Queen Anne house of a local miller, the area's first industrialist, who introduced electric lighting to Kenyon.
28 Hauge Lutheran Church
Hauge Lutheran Church
February 12, 1980
Off Minnesota Highway 60
44°15′19″N 93°01′18″W / 44.255382°N 93.021742°W / 44.255382; -93.021742 (Hauge Lutheran Church)
Kenyon vicinity Church built 1871–1888 by a Hauge Synod congregation, one of the two primary Lutheran denominations behind Norwegian immigration into Goodhue County.
29 Dr. Charles Hewitt Laboratory
Dr. Charles Hewitt Laboratory
November 15, 1979
216 Dakota Street
44°33′50″N 92°32′16″W / 44.563865°N 92.537811°W / 44.563865; -92.537811 (Dr. Charles Hewitt Laboratory)
Red Wing 1866 office/laboratory of Dr. Charles N. Hewitt (1836–1910), a national pioneer in public health. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Residential Historic District.
30 Holden Lutheran Church Parsonage
Holden Lutheran Church Parsonage
February 12, 1980
County Highway 60
44°19′13″N 92°54′09″W / 44.320195°N 92.902443°W / 44.320195; -92.902443 (Holden Lutheran Church Parsonage)
Kenyon vicinity Parsonage where Reverend Bernt Julius Muus—a regional founder of the Norwegian Lutheran Church—lived c. 1861–1900, and where the progenitor of St. Olaf College was founded in 1869.
31 E.S. Hoyt House
E.S. Hoyt House
June 5, 1975
300 Hill Street
44°33′43″N 92°32′29″W / 44.561816°N 92.541412°W / 44.561816; -92.541412 (E.S. Hoyt House)
Red Wing 1913 Prairie School house by Purcell & Elmslie, exemplifying the logistical and artistic unity of the architects' collaboration. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Residential Historic District.
32 Immanuel Lutheran Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church
February 12, 1980
Off Minnesota Highway 58
44°29′29″N 92°32′12″W / 44.491524°N 92.536703°W / 44.491524; -92.536703 (Immanuel Lutheran Church)
Hay Creek 1897 church representative of regional German American settlement, southeast Minnesota's third-largest immigrant group after Swedes and Norwegians.
33 Kappel Wagon Works
Kappel Wagon Works
November 14, 1979
221 West 3rd Street
44°33′58″N 92°31′57″W / 44.566154°N 92.532548°W / 44.566154; -92.532548 (Kappel Wagon Works)
Red Wing Rare surviving example of Red Wing's early manufacturing businesses, constructed in 1875. Also noted for its architectural integrity.
34 Keystone Building
Keystone Building
November 14, 1979
409 Main Street
44°33′56″N 92°32′07″W / 44.565535°N 92.535341°W / 44.565535; -92.535341 (Keystone Building)
Red Wing 1867 example of Red Wing's early commercial buildings, a rare surviving work of local architect Daniel C. Hill also noted for its Italianate architecture.
35 James L. Lawther House
James L. Lawther House
May 21, 1975
927 West 3rd Street
44°33′43″N 92°32′27″W / 44.562013°N 92.540846°W / 44.562013; -92.540846 (James L. Lawther House)
Red Wing Exemplary 1857 octagon house (expanded in 1870) of a notable local politician and real estate dealer. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Residential Historic District.
36 Mendota to Wabasha Military Road: Cannon River Section
Mendota to Wabasha Military Road: Cannon River Section
February 7, 1991
Cannon Bottom Road
44°34′48″N 92°38′36″W / 44.58°N 92.643333°W / 44.58; -92.643333 (Mendota to Wabasha Military Road: Cannon River Section)
Red Wing 3,200-foot (980 m) road section conforming to the 1854 alignment of the Mendota–Wabasha Military Road, some of Minnesota's first transportation infrastructure.
37 Harrison Miller Farmhouse
Harrison Miller Farmhouse
May 22, 1978
Minnesota Highway 19
44°29′11″N 92°59′49″W / 44.486332°N 92.996855°W / 44.486332; -92.996855 (Harrison Miller Farmhouse)
Cannon Falls vicinity 1869 farmhouse noted for its transitional architecture blending Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, and Italianate elements.
38 John Miller Farmhouse
John Miller Farmhouse
February 12, 1980
County Highway 1
44°26′27″N 92°48′26″W / 44.440751°N 92.807137°W / 44.440751; -92.807137 (John Miller Farmhouse)
Cannon Falls vicinity 1860s farmhouse with pattern features, exemplifying the prosperity of southeast Minnesota's early cash crop agriculture. Also associated with a prominent local farmer turned politician.
39 Minnesota State Training School
Minnesota State Training School
June 4, 1973
East 7th Street
44°33′38″N 92°29′52″W / 44.560486°N 92.497662°W / 44.560486; -92.497662 (Minnesota State Training School)
Red Wing Youth detention center complex dedicated in 1889, notable for its prominent Richardsonian Romanesque architecture and Minnesota's progressive stance on educating juvenile delinquents. Now the Minnesota Correctional Facility – Red Wing.
40 Minnesota Stoneware Company
Minnesota Stoneware Company
December 26, 1979
1997 West Main Street
44°33′51″N 92°33′33″W / 44.564167°N 92.559167°W / 44.564167; -92.559167 (Minnesota Stoneware Company)
Red Wing Stoneware factory complex dating to 1901, the only remaining buildings associated with Minnesota's nationally known Red Wing Pottery industry. Now Pottery Place mall.
41 Nansen Agricultural Historic District
Nansen Agricultural Historic District
November 15, 2000
Vicinity of Minnesota Highway 56 and County Highways 14 and 49
44°22′14″N 92°56′06″W / 44.370492°N 92.934988°W / 44.370492; -92.934988 (Nansen Agricultural Historic District)
Holden and Warsaw Townships 7.3-square-mile (19 km2) agricultural district retaining its traditional infrastructure and land use since the 1870s, with 190 contributing properties on 30 family farms.
42 Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
February 14, 2012
1258 Cherry St.
44°33′02″N 92°31′10″W / 44.550586°N 92.519435°W / 44.550586; -92.519435 (Oakwood Cemetery)
Red Wing 1857 cemetery exemplifying the design principals of landscape architect Adolph Strauch and featuring a 1908 chapel and gate designed by Clarence H. Johnston, Sr.
43 Old Frontenac Historic District
Old Frontenac Historic District
June 4, 1973
Roughly bounded by Winona Drive, Burr Oak Street, and Lake and Westervelt Avenues
44°31′26″N 92°19′52″W / 44.523923°N 92.331237°W / 44.523923; -92.331237 (Old Frontenac Historic District)
Florence Township Intact, early resort town established by the prominent Garrard family of Cincinnati, exhibiting early town planning, Civil War-era architecture, and cultural ties to the antebellum Ohio River Valley in its 12 contributing properties built 1854–1889.
44 Oxford Mill Ruin
Oxford Mill Ruin
February 12, 1980
Oxford Mill Road
44°28′27″N 92°55′53″W / 44.474251°N 92.931467°W / 44.474251; -92.931467 (Oxford Mill Ruin)
Cannon Falls vicinity Ruins of an 1878 flour mill gutted by fire in 1905, the only standing remnant of a major Goodhue County industry and the best surviving example of a group of mills in the Cannon River Valley that pioneered several technological developments.
45 Pine Island City Hall and Fire Station
Pine Island City Hall and Fire Station
February 12, 1980
Main and 3rd Streets
44°12′02″N 92°38′48″W / 44.20058°N 92.646664°W / 44.20058; -92.646664 (Pine Island City Hall and Fire Station)
Pine Island 1909 government building representative of the multipurpose municipal facilities commonly built in southeastern Minnesota in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
46 Pratt-Tabor House
Pratt-Tabor House
November 14, 1979
706 West 4th Street
44°33′46″N 92°32′14″W / 44.562693°N 92.53715°W / 44.562693; -92.53715 (Pratt-Tabor House)
Red Wing Brick Italianate house built c. 1875, a well-preserved example of a style popular during Red Wing's 1870s' prosperity. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Residential Historic District.
47 Red Wing City Hall
Red Wing City Hall
November 14, 1979
West 4th Street
44°33′53″N 92°31′55″W / 44.564633°N 92.532059°W / 44.564633; -92.532059 (Red Wing City Hall)
Red Wing Municipal hall built 1905–06, noted as Red Wing's only government building constructed exclusively for city use, and for its Renaissance Revival architecture.
48 Red Wing Iron Works
Red Wing Iron Works
November 14, 1979
401 Levee Street
44°33′59″N 92°32′11″W / 44.56638°N 92.536265°W / 44.56638; -92.536265 (Red Wing Iron Works)
Red Wing Red Wing's oldest surviving industrial building, an 1874 ironworks whose supply and repair of local machinery was key to the city's rise as an early manufacturing center.
49 Red Wing Mall Historic District
Red Wing Mall Historic District
January 8, 1980
Along East and West Avenues and Broadway between 6th Street and the levee
44°33′47″N 92°32′06″W / 44.563117°N 92.535063°W / 44.563117; -92.535063 (Red Wing Mall Historic District)
Red Wing Long-serving and unusually large civic district, with 48 contributing properties including public buildings, parks, churches, and the 1905 Red Wing Depot.
50 Red Wing Residential Historic District
Red Wing Residential Historic District
April 15, 1982
Roughly bounded by West 5th, West Main, Cedar, and Dakota Streets
44°33′40″N 92°32′26″W / 44.561232°N 92.540637°W / 44.561232; -92.540637 (Red Wing Residential Historic District)
Red Wing 14-block housing district significant for its influential residents—including Eric Norelius, William J. Colvill, and Frances Densmore—and variety of period architectural styles, with 153 contributing properties built 1855–1935.
51 Red Wing Waterworks
Red Wing Waterworks
August 13, 2013
935 Levee Road
44°33′52″N 92°32′34″W / 44.564367°N 92.542654°W / 44.564367; -92.542654 (Red Wing Waterworks)
Red Wing Water supply complex dating to 1885, Red Wing's oldest surviving city public works facility.
52 Roscoe Butter and Cheese Factory
Roscoe Butter and Cheese Factory
February 12, 1980
County Highway 11
44°13′30″N 92°46′08″W / 44.225136°N 92.769024°W / 44.225136; -92.769024 (Roscoe Butter and Cheese Factory)
Pine Island vicinity 1898 example of the small, rural, late-19th-century factories established to serve southeast Minnesota's emerging dairy industry. Also associated with the agricultural cooperative movement.
53 T.B. Sheldon Memorial Auditorium
T.B. Sheldon Memorial Auditorium
June 3, 1976
443 West 3rd Street
44°33′50″N 92°32′06″W / 44.563979°N 92.535042°W / 44.563979; -92.535042 (T.B. Sheldon Memorial Auditorium)
Red Wing Long-serving cultural venue built in 1904, donated to the city as the first municipal theatre in the United States. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Mall Historic District.
54 Theodore B. Sheldon House
Theodore B. Sheldon House
June 7, 1976
805 West 4th Street
44°33′42″N 92°32′17″W / 44.561765°N 92.538158°W / 44.561765; -92.538158 (Theodore B. Sheldon House)
Red Wing 1875 house of Theodore B. Sheldon (1820–1900), an early settler of Red Wing who arrived in 1856 and became one of the city's leading citizens, active in commerce, transportation, and civics. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Residential Historic District.
55 Spring Creek Petroglyphs
Spring Creek Petroglyphs
November 14, 1996
Address restricted
Red Wing vicinity Native American petroglyph panel with bird, snake, and human glyphs. Also designated 21GD187.
56 St. James Hotel
St. James Hotel
September 15, 1977
Bush and Main Streets
44°33′58″N 92°32′08″W / 44.565982°N 92.535693°W / 44.565982; -92.535693 (St. James Hotel)
Red Wing Prominent and long-serving hotel designed by Edward Bassford and built 1874–75. Listing expanded to two adjacent commercial buildings, including an early medical clinic, built by the hotel in 1912 and 1923 to diversify.
57 Third Street Bridge
Third Street Bridge
November 6, 1989
3rd Street over the Cannon River
44°30′49″N 92°54′15″W / 44.513492°N 92.904242°W / 44.513492; -92.904242 (Third Street Bridge)
Cannon Falls Uncommon example of a Pennsylvania truss bridge, built 1909–10 by notable bridge contractor A.Y. Bayne and engineering firm Loweth & Wolff.
58 Towne-Akenson House
Towne-Akenson House
November 15, 1979
1121 West 3rd Street
44°33′40″N 92°32′36″W / 44.561157°N 92.543356°W / 44.561157; -92.543356 (Towne-Akenson House)
Red Wing Red Wing's best preserved example—built in 1875—of the frame Italianate houses built during its 1870s' prosperity. Also a contributing property to the Red Wing Residential Historic District.
59 Vasa Historic District
Vasa Historic District
May 30, 1975
Off Minnesota Highway 19
44°30′15″N 92°43′01″W / 44.504142°N 92.716863°W / 44.504142; -92.716863 (Vasa Historic District)
Vasa Minnesota's most intact Swedish American settlement, established in 1853. 19 contributing properties include a museum housed in the town's original 1861 church.
60 Fred Wallauer Farmhouse
Fred Wallauer Farmhouse
February 12, 1980
Minnesota 58
44°31′49″N 92°31′27″W / 44.530382°N 92.524074°W / 44.530382; -92.524074 (Fred Wallauer Farmhouse)
Red Wing vicinity 1882 Italianate farmhouse reflecting the prosperity achieved by many southeast Minnesota farmers in the latter 19th century.
61 Yale Hardware Store
Yale Hardware Store
February 12, 1980
139 North 4th Street
44°30′28″N 92°54′20″W / 44.50784°N 92.905495°W / 44.50784; -92.905495 (Yale Hardware Store)
Cannon Falls 1887 Italianate hardware store, representing one of the key agricultural center businesses serving surrounding farmers. Also a contributing property to the Cannon Falls Commercial Historic District.
62 Darwin E. Yale House
Darwin E. Yale House
February 12, 1980
421 North 6th Street
44°30′39″N 92°54′28″W / 44.510946°N 92.907728°W / 44.510946; -92.907728 (Darwin E. Yale House)
Cannon Falls 1879 Italianate house reflecting the prosperity and importance of a local hardware merchant.
63 Zumbrota Covered Bridge
Zumbrota Covered Bridge
February 20, 1975
West Avenue over the North Fork of the Zumbro River
44°17′47″N 92°40′13″W / 44.296316°N 92.67041°W / 44.296316; -92.67041 (Zumbrota Covered Bridge)
Zumbrota Last surviving example of Minnesota's few covered bridges, built in 1869. Now the centerpiece of a public park.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Just C. Gronvold House
April 23, 1973
June 23, 1993
County Highway 8
Kenyon 1873 Gothic Revival house. Moved in 1991.
2 Dr. Orrin I. Hall House
Dr. Orrin I. Hall House
February 12, 1980
May 17, 2000
206 West Third Street (original address)
Current coordinates are

44°37′54″N 92°50′02″W / 44.631655°N 92.833907°W / 44.631655; -92.833907 (Dr. Orrin I. Hall House)
Zumbrota 1884 house of southern Goodue County's leading physician (1843–1908). Moved to the Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings, Minnesota, in 2000.
3 Kenyon Opera House
February 12, 1980
October 6, 1995
Main Street
Kenyon 1890 Italianate theater. Demolished in 1994.
4 Julia B. Nelson House
November 15, 1979
December 8, 2004
219 5th St.
Red Wing c. 1880 boardinghouse of an educator and social cause advocate. Demolished in 2004.
5 Roscoe Store
February 12, 1980
August 2, 2000
County Highway 11
Pine Island vicinity 1907 department store. Demolished in the late 1990s.
6 Wanamingo Township Hall
February 12, 1980
July 17, 1993
County Highway 1
Wanamingo vicinity 1860 town hall. Moved in 1990.
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