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Map of Minnesota highlighting Houston County
Location of Houston County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Houston County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Houston County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 15 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes two sites that were formerly listed on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Bridge No. 6679
Bridge No. 6679
July 20, 2011
Minnesota State Highway 76 over the south fork of the Root River
43°44′19″N 91°33′52″W / 43.73854°N 91.564327°W / 43.73854; -91.564327 (Bridge No. 6679)
Houston vicinity 1949 steel cantilever bridge—at 300 feet (91 m) the longest in Minnesota upon completion—exemplifying a major post-war advancement in bridge design.
2 Bridge No. L4013
Bridge No. L4013
July 5, 1990
Township Road 126 over Riceford Creek
43°37′21″N 91°42′21″W / 43.622534°N 91.705822°W / 43.622534; -91.705822 (Bridge No. L4013)
Spring Grove vicinity 1915 stone arch bridge, the only documented surviving example of what appears to be a standard design introduced by the state highway commission in the early 20th century.
3 Christian Bunge, Jr. Store
Christian Bunge, Jr. Store
April 6, 1982
Iowa Avenue at Main Street
43°30′28″N 91°27′50″W / 43.507737°N 91.463869°W / 43.507737; -91.463869 (Christian Bunge, Jr. Store)
Eitzen Eitzen's most prominent commercial building—built in 1890 for the German immigrant merchant who named the town—and a symbol of the area's ethnic heritage. Now a local history museum.
4 Caledonia Commercial Historic District
Caledonia Commercial Historic District
August 5, 1994
101-205 E. Main St. and 101-108 S. Kingston St.
43°38′05″N 91°29′47″W / 43.634604°N 91.496431°W / 43.634604; -91.496431 (Caledonia Commercial Historic District)
Caledonia Downtown strip with 10 contributing properties built 1872–1906, significant for its late-19th/early-20th-century commercial architecture and its key role in serving Houston County farmers.
5 Daniel Cameron House
Daniel Cameron House
April 6, 1982
429-435 South 7th Street
43°49′19″N 91°18′28″W / 43.821934°N 91.307698°W / 43.821934; -91.307698 (Daniel Cameron House)
La Crescent Prominent 1871 house noted for its Italianate architecture and associations with Daniel Cameron (a prosperous farmer and state senator) and his brother Peter (the first settler in the area).
6 Church of the Holy Comforter-Episcopal
Church of the Holy Comforter-Episcopal
June 2, 1970
Main Street
43°41′39″N 91°16′37″W / 43.694216°N 91.277037°W / 43.694216; -91.277037 (Church of the Holy Comforter-Episcopal)
Brownsville Brownsville's oldest public building, built in 1855 and used as a town hall, church, and school.
7 Hokah Municipal Building
Hokah Municipal Building
October 20, 2014
57 Main St.
43°45′34″N 91°20′46″W / 43.759306°N 91.346028°W / 43.759306; -91.346028 (Hokah Municipal Building)
Hokah 1938 Art Deco hall with government and recreational facilities, a distinctive example of a small-town partnership with the Works Progress Administration for a multipurpose public building.
8 Houston County Courthouse and Jail
Houston County Courthouse and Jail
March 18, 1983
Courthouse Square
43°37′58″N 91°29′45″W / 43.632775°N 91.495895°W / 43.632775; -91.495895 (Houston County Courthouse and Jail)
Caledonia 1875 sheriff's residence/jail and 1883 courthouse, noted for their association with Houston County's government and for being its leading examples of Italianate and Romanesque Revival architecture, respectively.
9 Jefferson Grain Warehouse
Jefferson Grain Warehouse
November 25, 1994
Off Minnesota Highway 26
43°31′00″N 91°16′46″W / 43.516685°N 91.279462°W / 43.516685; -91.279462 (Jefferson Grain Warehouse)
Jefferson Township Riverside grain warehouse built in 1868, a rare surviving reminder of a period when wheat was becoming the most important agricultural crop of the Upper Midwest and steamboats were still the leading form of transportation.
10 Johnson Mill
Johnson Mill
April 6, 1982
County Roads 5 and 23
43°32′19″N 91°24′45″W / 43.538656°N 91.412521°W / 43.538656; -91.412521 (Johnson Mill)
Eitzen vicinity One of Minnesota's few surviving water-powered gristmills, built in 1877 to serve the area's wheat farmers.
11 Portland Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church
Portland Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church
April 6, 1982
Off Minnesota Highway 76
43°31′33″N 91°29′28″W / 43.525783°N 91.491099°W / 43.525783; -91.491099 (Portland Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church)
Eitzen vicinity Rural church built in 1876, noted for its exemplary Eastlake Movement architecture and association with the area's settlers from New England.
12 Schech Mill
Schech Mill
January 31, 1978
Off County Road 10
43°40′02″N 91°34′50″W / 43.667299°N 91.580685°W / 43.667299; -91.580685 (Schech Mill)
Caledonia vicinity Rare surviving watermill built 1875–76, and Minnesota's only gristmill to retain its original millstones and operable 1870s-style machinery. Now a museum.
13 David R. and Ellsworth A. Sprague Houses
David R. and Ellsworth A. Sprague Houses
April 6, 1982
204 and 224 West Main Street
43°38′05″N 91°29′55″W / 43.634856°N 91.498706°W / 43.634856; -91.498706 (David R. and Ellsworth A. Sprague Houses)
Caledonia Two adjacent houses built between 1900 and 1905 for brothers David R. and Ellsworth A. Sprague, who carried on the commercial and financial work of their father, influential Houston County figure Ara D. Sprague (d. 1909).
14 Spafford Williams Hotel
Spafford Williams Hotel
April 6, 1982
East Main at North Marshall
43°38′05″N 91°29′46″W / 43.634741°N 91.496129°W / 43.634741; -91.496129 (Spafford Williams Hotel)
Caledonia Hotel established in the early 1870s before the railroad reached Caledonia, representating the city's early commercial activity and architecture. Also a contributing property to the Caledonia Commercial Historic District.
15 Yucatan Fort Site
Yucatan Fort Site
November 14, 1996
Address restricted
Yucatan Township Native American earthworks dating to the late Oneota period.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Eitzen Stone Barn
April 6, 1982
November 7, 2016
South of Eitzen
43°30′13″N 91°27′50″W / 43.503611°N 91.463889°W / 43.503611; -91.463889 (Eitzen Stone Barn)
Eitzen vicinity Also called the Schroeder Stone Barn, built of fieldstone sometime in the 1870s or '80s, an unusual vernacular use of stonemasonry and a representative of the area's German immigrants and agricultural focus. Razed in 2004.
2 Houston County Poor Farm
April 6, 1982
May 7, 1990
Co. Hwy. 12
Caledonia vicinity 1893 poor farm. Demolished in 1988.
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