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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Manitowoc County
Location of Manitowoc County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 36 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 ALASKA Shipwreck (Scow Schooner)
January 17, 2017
4.2 miles (6.8 km) NE of Two Rivers, in Lake Michigan
44°10′08″N 87°28′12″W / 44.168857°N 87.470093°W / 44.168857; -87.470093 (ALASKA Shipwreck (Scow Schooner))
Two Rivers
2 Central Park Historic District
Central Park Historic District
December 1, 2000
Roughly bounded by 19th St., Adams St., 16th St. and Jefferson St.
44°08′56″N 87°34′05″W / 44.148889°N 87.568056°W / 44.148889; -87.568056 (Central Park Historic District)
Two Rivers The old business district of Two Rivers, with notable buildings including the Greek Revival/Italianate Washington House Hotel built 1850/1870/1904, the 1880 Italianate Richter block, the 1889 Gothic Revival St. John's Lutheran Church, the 1899 Classical Revival Schroeder Block, the 1900 Civil War Soldiers' Monument, the 1905 Romanesque Revival Hamilton School, the 1906 Neoclassical Napieczinski saloon, the 1907 Queen Anne Stephany block, the 1925/37 Art Deco Beduhn/Goetz Furniture Store/funeral parlor, and the 1931 Tudor Revival Hamilton Community House.
3 Continental shipwreck
Continental shipwreck
January 14, 2009
One mile north of Rawley Point
44°13′50″N 87°30′31″W / 44.2305°N 87.508667°W / 44.2305; -87.508667 (Continental shipwreck)
Two Rivers This 244-foot wood-hulled steam screw bulk carrier was built 1882 in Cleveland. She hauled iron and coal until December of 1904, when in a snowstorm she ran onto a sandbar off Rawley Point, while trying to reach dry dock in Manitowoc for the winter.
4 Eighth Street Historic District
Eighth Street Historic District
March 17, 1988
Roughly bounded by Buffalo St., Eighth and Seventh Sts., Hancock St., and Tenth, Ninth and Quay Sts.
44°05′25″N 87°39′31″W / 44.090278°N 87.658611°W / 44.090278; -87.658611 (Eighth Street Historic District)
Manitowoc Manitowoc's old downtown, with many first stories remodeled, but many historic upper stories intact. Interesting structures include the 1853 Schultz house, the 1857 Italianate-styled Berner's Hardware Store, the 1865/1878 Fricke/Schreihart Brewery, the 1875/1880 Queen Anne Wernecke Bakery, the 3-story 1890 Queen Anne I.O.O.F. Hall, the 1895 High Victorian Italianate Jarchow Blacksmith shop, the 1901 Neoclassical German-American Bank, the 1901 Beaux Arts Schuette Brothers Department Store, and the 1927 Mediterranean-flavored Hotel Manitowoc.
5 Floretta (canaller) Shipwreck
Floretta (canaller) Shipwreck
October 20, 2014
11 mi. SE. of Manitowoc
Centerville Built in 1867 and sized to carry a maximum load through the Welland Canal locks, the Floretta carried grain and ore up and down the Great Lakes. She sank in a storm in 1885 and lies wrecked under 180 feet of water.
6 Francis Hinton
Francis Hinton
December 16, 1996
Address restricted
Manitowoc 152-foot wooden steambarge built in Manitowoc by Danish immigrants Hanson and Scove in 1889. She was broken up in November 1909, hauling lumber from Manistique to Chicago.
7 Frenchside Fishing Village
Frenchside Fishing Village
January 6, 1987
Twenty-first, Jackson, East, Sixteenth, Harbor, and Rogers Sts.
44°09′01″N 87°33′46″W / 44.150278°N 87.562778°W / 44.150278; -87.562778 (Frenchside Fishing Village)
Two Rivers The part of Two Rivers identified with commercial fishing for 167 years - a longer continuous span than any other city on the Great Lakes. Structures include French-Canadian homes as old as 1855, fish sheds, ice houses, smoke houses, and net-drying racks.
8 Gallinipper
December 28, 2010
9.5 miles northeast of Hika Park in Lake Michigan
Centerville vicinity This early 95-foot wooden schooner was built in 1832 in Ohio for Michael Dousman. She traded goods from out East for furs from Wisconsin, carried passengers, and had various mishaps. Finally sank in a gale in 1851, and now sits largely intact under 210 feet of water.
9 Green Bay Road Bridge
Green Bay Road Bridge
August 3, 1998
Mill St. at Manitowoc R.
44°05′46″N 87°42′06″W / 44.096111°N 87.701667°W / 44.096111; -87.701667 (Green Bay Road Bridge)
Manitowoc Rapids Early, one-lane single-span Pratt through truss iron bridge across the Manitowoc River, 150 feet long by 15 feet wide, built by the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company of Milwaukee in 1887.
10 Carl Gottlieb Heins House
Carl Gottlieb Heins House
May 6, 1998
227 Fremont St.
43°54′44″N 88°01′56″W / 43.912222°N 88.032222°W / 43.912222; -88.032222 (Carl Gottlieb Heins House)
Kiel 1906 brick-clad home in Colonial Revival style, with a gambrel roof shingled with ornamental pressed sheet-metal. Heins was a German immigrant who opened a general store in Kiel in 1861, helped found Kiel Woodenware, Kiel Manufacturing, and the Kiel State Bank, and served in various civic roles.
11 Home (schooner)
December 28, 2010
10 miles southeast of Manitowoc
43°56′50″N 87°33′17″W / 43.947167°N 87.554667°W / 43.947167; -87.554667 (Home (schooner))
Centerville vicinity Small lakeshoring schooner built in Portland, Ohio in 1843. Initially hauled grain and merchandise on Lake Erie; later lumber on Lake Michigan. Sank in 1858 after a collision with another schooner.
12 Island Village Site
Island Village Site
November 21, 1994
Address Restricted
44°03′30″N 88°02′09″W / 44.058333°N 88.035833°W / 44.058333; -88.035833 (Island Village Site)
Eaton Former site of a Potawatomi village, which once had garden beds and a burial ground.
13 Charles and Herriette Klingholz House
Charles and Herriette Klingholz House
August 6, 2013
224 Mill Rd.
44°05′36″N 87°42′21″W / 44.093287°N 87.705835°W / 44.093287; -87.705835 (Charles and Herriette Klingholz House)
Manitowoc Rapids Dignified Italianate farmhouse built in 1868. Klingholz operated a flouring mill on the Manitowoc River and served as a civic leader.
14 Loreto Shrine Chapel
Loreto Shrine Chapel
June 7, 1982
Off WI A
43°59′58″N 87°55′44″W / 43.999444°N 87.928889°W / 43.999444; -87.928889 (Loreto Shrine Chapel)
St. Nazianz Pink stucco chapel built in 1870 to house a statue of Mary brought by immigrants from Baden, Germany.
15 Lutze Housebarn
Lutze Housebarn
June 7, 1984
13634 S. Union Rd.
43°55′59″N 87°46′58″W / 43.933056°N 87.782778°W / 43.933056; -87.782778 (Lutze Housebarn)
Newton "Long" house built by German immigrants in 1850, with the family's home at one end and cattle housing at the other. Framed from hand-hewn timbers in the fachwerk style, it is believed to be one of only three such structures left in the U.S.
16 MAJOR ANDERSON (barkentine) Shipwreck
October 15, 2014
Lake Michigan near mouth of Molash Cr.
44°10′57″N 87°30′40″W / 44.1826°N 87.5111°W / 44.1826; -87.5111 (MAJOR ANDERSON (barkentine) Shipwreck)
Two Rivers 154-foot wooden barkentine schooner built in 1861 in Cleveland. Sank in a gale in 1871 while carrying a load of coal from Erie to Chicago.
17 Manitowoc County Courthouse
Manitowoc County Courthouse
April 16, 1981
8th and Washington Sts.
44°05′17″N 87°39′29″W / 44.088056°N 87.658056°W / 44.088056; -87.658056 (Manitowoc County Courthouse)
Manitowoc 3-story Neoclassical courthouse with Beaux-Arts details, built in 1906. It was designed by Christ Tegen, a local architect who immigrated from Germany.
18 Mirro Aluminum Company Plant No. 3
July 26, 2016
2402 Franklin St.
44°05′27″N 87°40′44″W / 44.090772°N 87.678849°W / 44.090772; -87.678849 (Mirro Aluminum Company Plant No. 3)
Manitowoc 5-story factory built by Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Company in 1929. Mirro built its Mirro-Craft aluminum pleasure boat here from 1958 to 1962. In 2015, the plant was converted to loft apartments for artists.
19 PATHFINDER (schooner) Shipwreck
PATHFINDER (schooner) Shipwreck
October 5, 2015
2.6 mi. N. of Rawley Point Light Station
Two Creeks vicinity 190-foot three-masted wooden schooner with an unusual keelson, built in Detroit in 1869. In November of 1886, carrying a load of iron ore from Marquette, a squall drove her ashore, where she now sits under 12 to 15 feet of water in quicksand, largely intact.
20 Rawley Point Light Station
Rawley Point Light Station
July 19, 1984
Point Beach State Forest
44°12′37″N 87°30′31″W / 44.210278°N 87.508611°W / 44.210278; -87.508611 (Rawley Point Light Station)
Two Rivers Victorian lightkeeper's house built in 1873, with a 111-foot skeletal light-tower built in 1894. Tallest lighthouse on the Great Lakes.
21 Rock Mill
Rock Mill
June 21, 1982
Off U.S. 141 (now County R)
44°17′58″N 87°46′33″W / 44.299444°N 87.775833°W / 44.299444; -87.775833 (Rock Mill)
Maribel 2.5 story wooden mill built on Devil's River in 1847 as a sawmill by Pliny Pierce and Mr. Bruce. Converted to a gristmill in the 1850s, much of the original grinding machinery is still in place.
22 Rouse Simmons
Rouse Simmons
March 21, 2007
6 mi (9.7 km). off Point Beach
44°16′45″N 87°24′52″W / 44.279167°N 87.414444°W / 44.279167; -87.414444 (Rouse Simmons)
Lake Michigan The Christmas Tree Ship. 124-foot 3-masted double-centerboard lumber schooner built in 1868. Later in her career she was used to haul Christmas trees from Thompson, Michigan to Chicago, and sank in November 1912, with all hands lost.
23 S.C. Baldwin Shipwreck (barge)
August 22, 2016
2.3 miles (3.7 km) SSE of Rawley Point Light in Lake Michigan
44°11′35″N 87°27′12″W / 44.193011°N 87.453247°W / 44.193011; -87.453247 (S.C. Baldwin Shipwreck (barge))
Two Rivers vicinity 160-foot wooden steam barge built in 1871 to carry iron ore from Escanaba to Milwaukee and Chicago. Later carried lumber and coal until it sank in Green Bay in 1903. Raised and repurposed for hauling limestone out of Sturgeon Bay until she sank in August of 1908, losing one man.
24 St. Gregory's Church
St. Gregory's Church
June 7, 1982
212 Church St.
44°00′19″N 87°55′35″W / 44.005278°N 87.926389°W / 44.005278; -87.926389 (St. Gregory's Church)
St. Nazianz "Country Church Gothic" church with 148-foot steeple, designed by Rev. Ambrose Oschwald and built in 1864, named for Gregory of Nazianzus. Oschwald founded St. Nazianz as a communal religious community for Catholic immigrants from Baden, Germany.
25 Saint Luke's Church Complex
Saint Luke's Church Complex
February 9, 2001
1800-1816 Jefferson St.
44°09′02″N 87°34′03″W / 44.150556°N 87.5675°W / 44.150556; -87.5675 (Saint Luke's Church Complex)
Two Rivers Tall Gothic Revival Catholic church built in 1891, a 2.5 story Queen Anne-styled rectory designed by Christ Tegen and built in 1895, and a 3-story Classical Revival influenced elementary school.
26 St. Mary's Convent
St. Mary's Convent
April 5, 2001
300 S. Second Ave.
44°00′15″N 87°55′26″W / 44.004167°N 87.923889°W / 44.004167; -87.923889 (St. Mary's Convent)
St. Nazianz The Greek Revival-styled stucco-clad building was constructed as an orphanage and hospital in 1866-67 by Father Oschwald's utopian community, then converted to a convent in 1896 when the Sisters of the Divine Savior took over. Now Maria Haus.
27 Sexton's House
Sexton's House
February 23, 2001
736 Revere Dr.
44°06′04″N 87°40′15″W / 44.101111°N 87.670833°W / 44.101111; -87.670833 (Sexton's House)
Manitowoc Gable-roofed brick Italianate home with porte cochere, built in 1878 at the southeast end of Evergreen Cemetery to house its keeper, the sexton.
28 Two Rivers Post Office
Two Rivers Post Office
October 24, 2000
1516 Eighteenth St.
44°09′00″N 87°34′08″W / 44.15°N 87.568889°W / 44.15; -87.568889 (Two Rivers Post Office)
Two Rivers Georgian Revival-styled post office, designed by Perce Schley of Milwaukee and built in 1933 with help from the New Deal Public Works Administration.
29 USS Cobia
USS Cobia
January 14, 1986
809 S. Eighth St.
44°05′31″N 87°39′29″W / 44.091944°N 87.658056°W / 44.091944; -87.658056 (USS Cobia)
Manitowoc 312-foot Gato-class "thin-skinned" sub, built in 1943, which helped blockade Japan during World War II. Built by the Electric Boat Company of Groton, CT, but similar to subs built by nearby Manitowoc Shipbuilding.
30 Joseph Vilas, Jr. House
Joseph Vilas, Jr. House
April 29, 1977
610-616 N. 8th St.
44°05′57″N 87°39′29″W / 44.099167°N 87.658056°W / 44.099167; -87.658056 (Joseph Vilas, Jr. House)
Manitowoc 2.5-story home designed by Ferry & Clas in Shingle style and built in 1891. In Manitowoc Vilas helped run a general store and shipped grain, served as village president and state senator, and promoted a railroad. He moved west for mining, then returned in 1890 and built this house. Reinhardt Rahr was a local brewer who lived here starting in 1910. Now the Rahr-West Art Museum.
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