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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Oconto County
Location of Oconto County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Oconto County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Oconto County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 26 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Archibald Lake Mound Group
Archibald Lake Mound Group
April 4, 2012
Address Restricted
Townsend Large group of conical and linear mounds on a ridge overlooking Archibald Lake, probably built between 200 and 1500 AD.
2 Arndt's Pensaukee Sawmill Complex
March 22, 2006
Address Restricted
(North of Drolette Rd, 1 mile east of US 41 near Pensaukee)

Oconto Wisconsin’s first water-powered sawmill and lumbering operation operated from 1827 until the 1860s. The only surviving structure is the dam levy on the Pensaukee River.
3 Beyer Home Museum
August 14, 1979
917 Park Ave.
44°53′35″N 87°51′54″W / 44.893056°N 87.865°W / 44.893056; -87.865 (Beyer Home Museum)
Oconto Brick home built in 1868 in Italianate style by Cyrus and Kitty Hart. Remodelled around 1881 to Queen Anne by George Beyer, German immigrant, bookkeeper, and businessman. Now a museum.
4 Boulder Lake Site
Boulder Lake Site
February 19, 2002
Address Restricted
Doty Woodland period archaeological site.
5 John G. Campbell House
January 15, 1980
916 Park Ave.
44°53′36″N 87°51′52″W / 44.893333°N 87.864444°W / 44.893333; -87.864444 (John G. Campbell House)
Oconto 1892 Queen Anne-styled house built for Campbell, a timber cruiser and businessman.
6 Chute Pond Dam
Chute Pond Dam
May 17, 2010
Chute Pond County Park WIS 32/WIS 64
45°07′52″N 88°26′35″W / 45.131069°N 88.443078°W / 45.131069; -88.443078 (Chute Pond Dam)
Mountain The WPA built this concrete dam in 1937 to create a recreational flowage on the Oconto River, and to provide jobs. It is on the site of an earlier log dam.
7 Citizens State Bank of Gillett
December 4, 2008
137 E. Main St.
44°53′26″N 88°18′19″W / 44.89065°N 88.305344°W / 44.89065; -88.305344 (Citizens State Bank of Gillett)
Gillett Neoclassical bank built in 1904 and lasting until 1932. Since then the building has housed a grocery store, a clothes store, a glove factory and now a dentist.
8 First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Church of Christ, Scientist
November 19, 1974
Chicago and Main Sts.
44°53′24″N 87°52′39″W / 44.89003333°N 87.87758889°W / 44.89003333; -87.87758889 (First Church of Christ, Scientist)
Oconto Carpenter Gothic-styled church built in 1886 - the first church built anywhere for the Church of Christ, Scientist.
9 Holt and Balcom Logging Camp No. 1
Holt and Balcom Logging Camp No. 1
December 22, 1978
E of Lakewood
45°17′54″N 88°29′44″W / 45.298333°N 88.495556°W / 45.298333; -88.495556 (Holt and Balcom Logging Camp No. 1)
Lakewood Log building built in 1880, with cookhouse and bunkhouse - possibly the oldest logging camp in the U.S. standing on its original site. Now a museum.
10 Holt-Balcom Lumber Company Office
November 13, 1976
106 Superior Ave.
44°53′13″N 87°52′08″W / 44.886944°N 87.868889°W / 44.886944; -87.868889 (Holt-Balcom Lumber Company Office)
Oconto Sawmill and lumber company office with elements of Greek Revival style, built in 1854.
11 Huff Jones House
December 22, 1978
1345 Main St
44°53′14″N 87°51′46″W / 44.887222°N 87.862778°W / 44.887222; -87.862778 (Huff Jones House)
Oconto Possibly the oldest remaining home in Oconto, built in 1851 in Greek Revival style. Jones and his sons built the first stream sawmill on the Oconto River.
12 Daniel E. Krause Stone Barn
Daniel E. Krause Stone Barn
July 14, 2000
NE corner of Cty. Trunk Hwy S and Schwartz Rd.
44°43′06″N 88°10′43″W / 44.718333°N 88.178611°W / 44.718333; -88.178611 (Daniel E. Krause Stone Barn)
Chase Stone cobble barn built in 1903 - the only remaining barn of this style in the state.
13 Mathey Building
February 18, 1999
126 W. Main St.
44°57′04″N 88°02′52″W / 44.951111°N 88.047778°W / 44.951111; -88.047778 (Mathey Building)
Lena Two-story grocery store built in 1906.
14 Mountain Fire Lookout Tower
Mountain Fire Lookout Tower
August 19, 2008
Forest Service Rd. 2335 (Tower Rd.), Lakewood Ranger District, Nicolet National Forest
45°12′49″N 88°27′52″W / 45.213611°N 88.464444°W / 45.213611; -88.464444 (Mountain Fire Lookout Tower)
Riverview Galvanized steel fire tower fabricated by Aermotor Company, moved to this location by CCC in 1935. From this high point, spotters watched this part of the Nicolet National Forest at least until the last fire was reported here in 1970.
15 Mountain School
Mountain School
November 22, 2000
14330 Hwy W West
45°10′56″N 88°28′33″W / 45.182222°N 88.475833°W / 45.182222; -88.475833 (Mountain School)
Mountain Brick high school built in 1905. A.k.a. Union Free High School and Mountain Elementary School.
16 Oconto County Courthouse
March 9, 1982
300 Washington St.
44°53′22″N 87°51′58″W / 44.889444°N 87.866111°W / 44.889444; -87.866111 (Oconto County Courthouse)
Oconto Elegant Romanesque Revival-styled courthouse with domed tower, built in 1891, damaged by fire in 1907, and added to since.
17 Oconto Main Post Office
August 28, 1980
141 Congress St.
44°53′18″N 87°52′05″W / 44.888333°N 87.868056°W / 44.888333; -87.868056 (Oconto Main Post Office)
Oconto Brick building designed by James Wetmore in Georgian Revival style and built in 1922.
18 Oconto Site
Oconto Site
October 15, 1966
Copper Culture State Park
44°53′12″N 87°54′03″W / 44.886667°N 87.900833°W / 44.886667; -87.900833 (Oconto Site)
Oconto Burial site of at least 45 ancient Native Americans from 3000 to 4000 BC. Finds at this site helped archaeologists date the copper tools found in other places and identify a trade network that stretched from the Rockies to the Gulf coast.
19 St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Guild Hall and Vicarage
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Guild Hall and Vicarage
August 1, 1985
408 Park Ave.
44°53′18″N 87°51′51″W / 44.888333°N 87.864167°W / 44.888333; -87.864167 (St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Guild Hall and Vicarage)
Oconto The 1866 Greek Revival Guild Hall (a.k.a. 1866-1867 Methodist Church) now houses a local theater troupe. The 1866 (or 1871?) vicarage is now styled Queen Anne. The Neo-Gothic church was demolished in 1998.
20 St. Peter's and St. Joseph's Catholic Churches
November 10, 1980
516 Brazeau Ave. and 705 Park Ave.
44°53′29″N 87°51′54″W / 44.891389°N 87.865°W / 44.891389; -87.865 (St. Peter's and St. Joseph's Catholic Churches)
Oconto St. Joseph's started as a frame building in 1870 and has developed into a Victorian Gothic church. St. Peter's was built in 1899 in the Romanesque Revival style.
21 Gov. Edward Scofield House
April 11, 1973
610 Main St.
44°53′20″N 87°52′25″W / 44.888889°N 87.873611°W / 44.888889; -87.873611 (Gov. Edward Scofield House)
Oconto Italianate house built in 1868 by lumberman William Brunquest. Later the home of Wisconsin's 19th governor, where he died. Also called the Tellez house.
22 Smyth Road Bridge
Smyth Road Bridge
September 12, 1996
Smyth Rd. over North Branch of the Oconto River
45°18′54″N 88°24′54″W / 45.315°N 88.415°W / 45.315; -88.415 (Smyth Road Bridge)
Lakewood Metal Pratt Truss bridge built in 1928.
23 Weber Lake Picnic Ground Shelter
May 21, 1996
Jct. of WI 32 and NFS 2308
45°09′37″N 88°26′58″W / 45.160278°N 88.449444°W / 45.160278; -88.449444 (Weber Lake Picnic Ground Shelter)
Mountain Rustic-style log picnic shelter built by the CCCs in 1937. A.k.a. Green Lake Picnic Ground Shelter.
24 West Main Street Historic District
May 14, 1979
Main St. from Duncan to Erie Sts.
44°53′23″N 87°52′30″W / 44.889722°N 87.875°W / 44.889722; -87.875 (West Main Street Historic District)
Oconto Residential district with 20 homes in various styles, ranging from the 1857 Smith house to the 1878 Second Empire Hall house to the 1914 O'Kelliher bungalow to the 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival Bond house.
25 White Potato Lake Garden Beds Site
June 1, 2005
White Potato Lake Road
45°07′54″N 88°13′02″W / 45.131667°N 88.217222°W / 45.131667; -88.217222 (White Potato Lake Garden Beds Site)
Brazeau Intact raised garden plots in a geometric pattern, built by Native Americans from 1000 to 1650 AD.
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